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Fund NameISINBase CurrencyDomicilePrimary Prospectus BenchmarkManagement Fee Starting (%)Fund Size EURNo Reported BenchmarkInsufficient DataPotential Active FundsPotential Closet Indexers (166)
Fund NameISINBase CurrencyDomicilePrimary Prospectus BenchmarkManagement Fee Starting (%)Fund Size EURNo Reported BenchmarkInsufficient DataPotential Active FundsPotential Closet Indexers (166)
29 Haussmann Croissance Europe DFR0007057435EuroFranceMSCI EMU Mid NR EUR 50.000% + EURO STOXX 50 NR EUR 50.000%2,4175.113.260NOYES??
29 Haussmann Sélection Europe DFR0007057443EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,4294.189.094NONOYESNO
29 Haussmann Sélection MondeFR0007050570EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR 40.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 40.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Govt 3-5Y TR EUR 20.000%2,4412.591.018NOYES??
3 Banken Global Stock-Mix TAT0000950449EuroAustriaN/A1,5102.260.230YESNO??
3 Banken Nachhaltigkeitsfonds TAT0000701156EuroAustriaN/A1,572.826.931YESNO??
3 Banken Österreich-Fonds R AAT0000662275EuroAustriaN/A1,5128.968.202YESNO??
AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire CFR0010058529EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,79944.633.000NONOYESNO
AB FCP I American Growth AXLU0036498490US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Growth TR USD0,92934.653.524NOYES??
AB FCP I China Opportunity BLU0084234581US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD2120.817.977NONOYESNO
AB FCP I Emerging Markets Growth A USDLU0040709171US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,7565.757.625NONOYESNO
AB FCP I European Equity A EUR AccLU0124675678EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5257.931.878NONOYESNO
AB FCP I Eurozone Equity AX EUR AccLU0095325956EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5140.872.134NONOYESNO
AB FCP I Global Equity Blend ALU0175139822US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,6292.393.103NONOYESNO
AB FCP I Global Value ALU0124673897US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5407.058.119NONOYESNO
AB FCP II Emerging Mkt Val S1LU0145423298US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD0,95171.840.182NONOYESNO
AB SICAV I India Growth BXLU0048215999US DollarLuxembourgS&P BSE DOLLEX 200 PR USD1,55210.699.091NOYES??
AB SICAV I International Technology I $LU0037065595US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,2187.324.919NONOYESNO
AB SICAV I Intl Health Care AX USDLU0037065322US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,3385.173.875NONOYESNO
AB SICAV I Thematic Research AXXLU0034955152US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World Information Technology1,2596.425.924NOYES??
Abante Bolsa FIES0105011037EuroSpainMSCI World NR EUR1,2550.693.664NOYES??
Aberdeen Asia Pacific and Japan Eq A AccGB00B0XWNJ21Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pacific GR USD1,75158.797.844NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity A AccGB00B0XWNF82Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,751.502.700.963NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Capital Trust IncGB0004268008Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIMA Flexible Investment1,51.182.609.075NOYES??
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity I AccGB0033227561Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM GR USD11.897.060.452NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Ethical World Equity I AccGB0006833932Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1178.434.767NOYES??
Aberdeen European Equity AGB00B0LG6N13Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5354.555.102NONOYESNO
Aberdeen European Smlr Coms Eq A AccGB00B0XWN473Pound SterlingUnited KingdomHSBC Smlr Europe Inc UK NR JPY1,5124.951.551NOYES??
Aberdeen Glb Asia Pac Eq A2LU0011963245US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,753.141.239.937NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Glb Em Mkt Eq A2LU0132412106US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,755.482.042.690NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Glb Japanese Sm Cos D2LU0278933410Pound SterlingLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Small Cap TR USD1,5659.201.958NOYES??
Aberdeen Global Australasian Equity A2LU0011963328Australian DollarLuxembourgS&P/ASX All Ordinaries TR1,553.249.732NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Global Emerging Mkts Quant Eq AGB0033309310Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM Large NR USD1191.917.991NONONOYES
Aberdeen Global European Eq (ex-UK) A2LU0231484808EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR EUR1,5113.250.125NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Global European Equity A2LU0094541447EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Europe TR GBP1,5189.433.508NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Global Indian Equity D2LU0231462077Pound SterlingLuxembourgMSCI India NR USD1,752.886.129.042NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Global Japanese Eq A2 JPYLU0011963674Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,52.973.141.590NOYES??
Aberdeen Global North American Eq A2LU0011963831US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,5130.475.096NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Global Technology Eq D2LU0231457747Pound SterlingLuxembourgBofAML Technology 100 PR USD1,75152.962.598NOYES??
Aberdeen Global World Equity A2 USD AccLU0094547139US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5727.715.022NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Japan Equity IGB0004521737Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY0,75845.349.062NOYES??
Aberdeen North American Equity AGB00B0XWN143Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5191.841.342NONOYESNO
Aberdeen Property Share AGB00B0XWNM59Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 350 Real Estate TR GBP1,5375.736.751NOYES??
Aberdeen UK Equity A IncGB00B0LG6G46Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5251.160.115NOYES??
Aberdeen UK Equity Income A AccGB00B0XWN705Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5195.944.374NOYES??
Aberdeen UK Mid-Cap Equity A AccGB00B0XWNR05Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,567.214.862NOYES??
Aberdeen World Equity A IncGB0031682627Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR USD1,5483.166.994NONOYESNO
Aberforth UK Small Companies AccGB0000072727Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP0,75227.195.550NONOYESNO
Absalon Invest RuslandDK0010237809Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Russia 10-40 NR USD330.412.585NONOYESNO
Acatis Aktien Global Fonds UI ADE0009781740EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR0,75271.714.552NONOYESNO
AcomeA America A1IT0000382108EuroItalyFTSE All World Americas Local Ccy TR253.243.329NONOYESNO
AcomeA Europa A1IT0000388535EuroItalyFTSE All World Europe Local Ccy TR287.011.551NONOYESNO
AcomeA Globale A1IT0000390069EuroItalyFTSE All World Local Ccy TR2,2557.528.040NOYES??
Agipi Actions EuropeFR0010606673EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2507.100.000NONOYESNO
Agipi Actions MondeFR0000283749EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR1,2697.451.000NONOYESNO
Akrobat Europa ALU0138526776EuroLuxembourgFSE MDAX PR EUR1,85223.709.149NOYES??
Aktia America AFI0008806310EuroFinlandS&P 500 TR EUR1,8109.804.929NONOYESNO
Aktia Capital AFI0008804976EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,8275.526.851NONONOYES
Aktia Eurooppa AFI0008804836EuroFinlandSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,8127.386.202NOYES??
Aktia Global AFI0008804851EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1,865.768.210NONOYESNO
Aktie-Ansvar EuropaSE0000735797Swedish KronaSwedenSTOXX Europe 50 NR USD1,68.120.855NOYES??
Aktie-Ansvar SverigeSE0000735789Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,6145.971.047NOYES??
AL Trust Aktien DeutschlandDE0008471608EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,5171.325.015NOYES??
Ålandsbanken Europe Value AFI0008805049EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5853.852.211NONOYESNO
Alfred Berg RysslandSE0000709297Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Russia 10-40 NR USD2,5121.933.647NOYES??
Alfred Berg Suomi Fokus BFI0008803564EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,8129.199.354NONONOYES
Alfred Berg Sverige Plus ASE0000709271Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Stockholm Benchmark GR SEK1,75235.915.335NOYES??
All Asia TAT0000721436EuroAustriaMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,5234.281.328NOYES??
All Japan TAT0000719695EuroAustriaMSCI Japan NR EUR1,5140.766.494NOYES??
All World TAT0000801170EuroAustriaMSCI World NR EUR1,5133.109.685NOYES??
Alliance Trust SF Global Gr 2GB0030030067Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR USD0,7569.386.481NONOYESNO
Allianz Actions Aéquitas R A/IFR0000975880EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR1,79266.242.078NOYES??
Allianz Actions EuroFR0010004663EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,8136.252.537NOYES??
Allianz Actions Euro ConvictionsFR0000449431EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,79575.525.634NONOYESNO
Allianz Actions Euro MidcapFR0000449464EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,7980.069.437YESNO??
Allianz Actions France DFR0000945453EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,79127.928.192NOYES??
Allianz Adifonds A EURDE0008471038EuroGermanyDAX (Auction)1,8206.104.694NOYES??
Allianz Adiverba A EURDE0008471061EuroGermanyMSCI World/Financials NR USD1,8394.283.582NONONOYES
Allianz Aktien Europa A EURDE0008471483EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,65190.049.214NONOYESNO
Allianz Azioni AmericaIT0000386562EuroItalyMTS Capitalizzazione Lorda Bot 5.000% + S&P 500 TR USD 95.000%2,25188.913.123NOYES??
Allianz Azioni EuropaIT0000386588EuroItalyMTS Capitalizzazione Lorda Bot 5.000% + MSCI Europe PR EUR 95.000%2,25338.182.808NOYES??
Allianz Azioni PacificoIT0000386604EuroItalyMTS Capitalizzazione Lorda Bot 5.000% + MSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD 95.000%2,2577.198.456NOYES??
Allianz Azioni Paesi EmergentiIT0001187423EuroItalyMTS Capitalizzazione Lorda Bot 5.000% + MSCI EM NR EUR 95.000%2,25169.071.426NOYES??
Allianz Biotechnologie A EURDE0008481862EuroGermanyNASDAQ Biotechnology PR USD2,05254.924.525NOYES??
Allianz China A USDIE0002817751US DollarIrelandMSCI China NR USD2,2586.926.196NONOYESNO
Allianz Continental European A AccGB0031382988Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P Eur Ex UK LargeMid TR USD1,5130.495.227NOYES??
Allianz Emerging Europe A EURLU0081500794EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR EUR2,25126.477.341NONOYESNO
Allianz EuropaVision PDE0009769679EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,65162.080.432NONOYESNO
Allianz Foncier A/IFR0000945503EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Euro Zone Capped NR EUR1,2376.584.958NOYES??
Allianz Fonds Schweiz A EURDE0008476011EuroGermanySIX SPI TR CHF1,881.543.400NONOYESNO
Allianz Global Equity AT EURLU0101257581EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,8121.319.802NONOYESNO
Allianz Global Equity Dividend A EURDE0008471467EuroGermanyMSCI ACWI PR EUR1,8187.706.680NONOYESNO
Allianz Global Insights A EURIE0008479408EuroIrelandMSCI ACWI NR EUR2,05103.543.199NONOYESNO
Allianz Global Sustainability A EURLU0158827195EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,887.176.462YESNO??
Allianz Hong Kong Equity ALU0348735423US DollarLuxembourgHang Seng HSI PR HKD2,05545.419.957NOYES??
Allianz Immo CFR0000011959EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe NR EUR1,290.964.477NOYES??
Allianz Industria A EURDE0008475021EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,651.268.135.329NONOYESNO
Allianz Informationstechnologie A EURDE0008475120EuroGermanyMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,8156.635.850NOYES??
Allianz Interglobal A EURDE0008475070EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD2,051.061.482.694NONOYESNO
Allianz Invest Aktienfonds AAT0000823299EuroAustriaN/A1,559.235.983YESNO??
Allianz Japan A EURDE0008475112EuroGermanyTopix TR JPY1,893.491.078NOYES??
Allianz Nebenwerte Deutschland A EURDE0008481763EuroGermanyMDAX Auction1,8661.017.940NOYES??
Allianz Rohstofffonds A EURDE0008475096EuroGermanyEuromoney Global Mining TR USD1,8489.806.625NOYES??
Allianz Secteur Euro Immobilier A/IFR0000449340EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Euro Zone Capped NR EUR1,67115.017.775NOYES??
Allianz Strategie Wachstum Plus A EURDE0009797274EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,81.026.841.675NONOYESNO
Allianz Thesaurus AT EURDE0008475013EuroGermanyDAX (Auction)1,8156.071.911NOYES??
Allianz UK Equity Income A IncGB0031383952Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,2575.920.168NOYES??
Allianz US Equity C2 USDIE0002495467US DollarIrelandS&P 500 Total Return1,8321.352.487NOYES??
Allianz US Large Cap Growth A EURDE0008475039EuroGermanyS&P 500 Growth TR USD1,6568.777.964NONOYESNO
Allianz Valeurs Durables RCFR0000017329EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,79537.240.303NONOYESNO
Allianz Vermögensbildung DE ADE0008475062EuroGermanyS&P Germany BMI Value TR EUR1,8687.603.916NONOYESNO
Allianz Vermögensbildung Europa ADE0008481813EuroGermanyS&P Europe LargeMid Value TR USD1,65368.728.383NONOYESNO
Allianz Wachstum Euroland A EURDE0009789842EuroGermanyS&P Eurozone LargeMid Growth TR USD1,8328.973.943NONOYESNO
Allianz Wachstum Europa A EURDE0008481821EuroGermanyS&P Europe Large Cap Growth Net1,8985.739.020NOYES??
ALL-IN-ONEDE0009789727EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR2,5195.246.461NOYES??
Alm. Brand Invest Europæiske AktierDK0010244854Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2,549.310.672NONOYESNO
Alm. Brand Invest Globale AktierDK0010270693Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2,589.975.172NONOYESNO
Alm. Brand Invest Nordiske AktierDK0010237569Danish KroneDenmarkVINX Benchmark Cap TR EUR2,517.969.826NOYES??
ALPHA Blue Chips Greek EquityEuroGreeceASE Total2,5138.594.651NOYES??
Améri-Gan IDFR0000099939EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR1,1231.743.827NONOYESNO
Amonis Equity Emerging Markets ClassicalBE0058033276EuroBelgiumMSCI EM PR USD0,7564.947.378NONOYESNO
Amonis Equity Europe Alpha ClassicalBE0058028227EuroBelgiumMSCI World Value PR USD0,857.986.958NOYES??
Amonis Equity US SMid Cap ClassicalBE0058031254EuroBelgiumRussell Mid Cap Growth TR USD0,854.429.498NOYES??
Ampega Global AktienfondsDE0009847301EuroGermanyFSE TecDAX TR EUR 10.000% + DJ Titans Global 50 TR EUR 55.000% + NASDAQ 100 TR USD 35.000%182.292.134NOYES??
Amundi Actions Asie PCFR0010176891EuroFranceMSCI Pacific NR EUR1,558.641.030NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Emergents PFR0010188383EuroFranceMSCI EM NR EUR2452.111.516NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Euro IDFR0010315424EuroFranceMSCI Euro NR EUR0,9120.421.664NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Euro ISR PFR0010458745EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,1212.808.848NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Europe ISR P A/IFR0000991432EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,186.199.984NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Europe PDFR0000289902EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,79243.900.220NONOYESNO
Amundi Actions Foncier PDFR0000972655EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe NR EUR1,5321.460.000NOYES??
Amundi Actions France PCFR0000944696EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,
Amundi Actions Internationales CFR0007070594EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR1413.255.574NONONOYES
Amundi Actions Restructurations PFR0010165944EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5195.397.994NONOYESNO
Amundi Actions USA ISR PFR0010153320EuroFranceS&P 500 NR USD1,5293.820.150NONONOYES
Amundi Europe Monde DFR0010093682EuroFranceMSCI World Ex Europe NR EUR 25.000% + MSCI Europe Ex Switzerland NR EUR 75.000%1,5277.042.475NOYES??
Amundi Fds Eq Asia ex Japan AU-CLU0119085271US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,7137.936.506NONOYESNO
Amundi Fds Eq Greater China AU-CLU0165623512US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,7207.145.142NONONOYES
Amundi Fds Eq Latin America AU-CLU0201575346US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,7178.283.148NONONOYES
Amundi Fds Eq Thailand AU-CLU0158078906US DollarLuxembourgSET TR THB1,647.444.548NOYES??
Amundi Small Cap Europe ICFR0010158089EuroFranceMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,4171.945.582NOYES??
Amundi Valeurs Durables P A/IFR0000991424EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,2190.862.546NOYES??
Ancoria/Carnegie RysslandSwedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked1,5362.029.494YESNO??
Anima America AIT0001040093EuroItalyMSCI USA NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000%2395.383.885NOYES??
ANIMA Asia/Pacific Equity PrestigeIE0032477071EuroIrelandMSCI Pacific EUR1,969.880.749NOYES??
Anima Emergenti AIT0001415873EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Emerging Markets NR EUR 95.000%2285.997.670NOYES??
Anima Europa AIT0001415287EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 95.000%2541.203.487NOYES??
ANIMA Europe Equity PrestigeIE0007999117EuroIrelandMSCI Europe EUR1,9557.669.485NOYES??
Anima Geo America AIT0001095428EuroItalyMSCI USA NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000%2,35414.659.289NOYES??
Anima Geo Asia AIT0001095444EuroItalyMSCI AC Asia Pacific GR EUR 95.000% + BofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000%2,35268.135.972NOYES??
Anima Geo Europa AIT0001095469EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 95.000%2,351.035.489.229NOYES??
Anima Geo Europa PMI AIT0000388162EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR 95.000%2,35174.972.298NOYES??
Anima Geo Globale AIT0001036257EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI World NR EUR 95.000%2,35801.219.128NOYES??
Anima Geo Italia AIT0001036315EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + Comit Performance R GR EUR 95.000%2,35411.759.678NOYES??
Anima Geo Paesi Emergenti AIT0001095485EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Emerging Markets NR EUR 95.000%2,35176.498.669NOYES??
Anima Iniziativa Europa AIT0003098149EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR 95.000%2142.343.081NOYES??
Anima Italia AIT0001040051EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + Comit Performance R GR EUR 95.000%2192.560.050NOYES??
Anima Pacifico AIT0001040119EuroItalyMSCI AC Asia Pac NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000%2153.811.916NOYES??
ANIMA US Equity PrestigeIE0032476776EuroIrelandMSCI USA1,9207.779.889NOYES??
Anima Valore Globale AIT0000386026EuroItalyBofAML Euro Trsy Bill GR EUR 5.000% + MSCI World NR EUR 95.000%2422.191.538NOYES??
Aphilion Q² EquitiesBE0058285850EuroBelgiumMSCI World PR EUR1,5107.005.374NONOYESNO
APO Forte INKADE0005324313EuroGermanyMSCI AC World Daily TR Net 45.000% + MSCI Daily TR Net Europe EUR 45.000% + iBoxx Eurozone Sovereigns TR TR EUR 10.000%1,7356.244.633NOYES??
Apollo European Equity AAT0000856695EuroAustriaMSCI PanEuro NR USD2105.240.157NONOYESNO
Apollo Styrian Global Equity AAT0000765326EuroAustriaMSCI World PR EUR1,5244.858.190NONONOYES
Arca Azioni AmericaIT0001033502EuroItalyBofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI North America NR USD 95.000%1,8398.268.869NOYES??
Arca Azioni EuropaIT0001033486EuroItalyMSCI Daily TRN Europe USD 95.000% + BofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000%1,8770.724.137NOYES??
Arca Azioni Far EastIT0001033528EuroItalyMSCI Pacific AC Net Pacific large 95.000% + BofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000%1,8196.715.605NOYES??
Arca Azioni InternazionaliIT0000382264EuroItalyMSCI AC World Daily TR Net USD 95.000% + BofAML Euro Government Bill 5.000%1,8532.038.210NOYES??
Arca Azioni ItaliaIT0000388907EuroItalyFTSE Italia All Share Capped TR 95.000% + BofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000%1,8558.790.171NOYES??
Arca Azioni Paesi EmergentiIT0003021992EuroItalyBofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Frontier Emerging Market NR USD 95.000%1,8237.510.872NOYES??
Architas MM UK Equity R AccGB0031041816Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies1,3154.605.652NOYES??
Argos Funds Argonaut E EURLU0428315906EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK PR EUR1,5258.622.347NOYES??
AriDeka CFDE0008474511EuroGermanyMSCI Europe Large NR EUR1,252.334.736.691NONONOYES
ARIQON Wachstum TAT0000810650EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD2,1561.396.797NOYES??
Arka BZ WBK Akcji Polskich FIOPLARBZW00019ZlotyPolandWSE WIG4208.614.525NOYES??
Artemis Capital R AccGB0006795529Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5350.545.855NOYES??
Artemis European Growth RGB0006600844Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5216.901.194NONOYESNO
Artemis Global Growth R AccGB0006795743Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR GBP1,5688.917.432NOYES??
Artemis Income R IncGB0006572464Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,57.110.762.252NOYES??
Artemis UK Select R AccGB0002583267Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5553.575.714NOYES??
Artemis UK Smaller Companies R AccGB0002583598Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,5390.021.958NONOYESNO
Artemis UK Special Situations R AccGB0002192267Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.234.563.031NOYES??
Atlantas SICAV American DynamicLU0026598325US DollarLuxembourg1,25139.743.161YESNO??
Atlantas SICAV American OneLU0026597608US DollarLuxembourg2136.325.714YESNO??
Atlantas SICAV Euro-CroissanceLU0026599307EuroLuxembourg1,2584.914.586YESNO??
Atlantas SICAV Far EastLU0026598911US DollarLuxembourg2128.491.007YESNO??
Atlantis ChinaIE0031603545US DollarIrelandMSCI China NR USD1,7570.560.654NONOYESNO
Atout Euroland DFR0010106880EuroFranceMSCI Euro NR EUR1,21.360.793.599NONONOYES
Atout Europe CFR0010101972EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,48422.655.322NOYES??
Atout France CFR0010093716EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,21.983.214.535NOYES??
Aviva Actions Euro A/IFR0007022108EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5264.498.519NOYES??
Aviva Amérique A/IFR0007017488EuroFranceS&P 500 TR USD1721.279.345NONOYESNO
Aviva France OpportunitésFR0007385000EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR1,5131.460.787NOYES??
Aviva Investors Asian Eq Inc B USD AccLU0010019817US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,558.198.903NONOYESNO
Aviva Investors Em Mkts Eq Inc B $ AccLU0047882062US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,71.037.538.471NONOYESNO
Aviva Investors European Eq 1 GBP AccGB0004457973Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE® Europe ex UK1192.093.656NOYES??
Aviva Investors Eurp Eq Inc B EUR AccLU0157818666EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR1,571.763.506NONOYESNO
Aviva Investors UK Equity 1 GBP IncGB0004456892Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1216.892.531NOYES??
Aviva Investors UK Equity Income 1 £ IncGB0004457197Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP11.075.097.966NOYES??
Aviva Investors UK Growth 1 GBP AccGB0004456900Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1199.614.284NOYES??
Aviva Investors UK Opportunities 2 £ AccGB0030944648Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,7225.932.264NOYES??
Aviva Valeurs FrançaisesFR0000014268EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1,79167.925.675NOYES??
Aviva Valeurs Immobilières A/IFR0000095465EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eurozone NR EUR1,19212.725.224NOYES??
Aviva/Newton MA Grth inet PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5111.287.668NOYES??
Aviva/Newton MA Grth S2 PenGB00B02GBW47Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5111.287.668NOYES??
Aviva/Newton MA Grth S3 PenGB00B02GCK99Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5111.287.668NOYES??
Aviva/Newton MA Grth S5 PenGB00B02GD401Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5111.287.668NOYES??
Aviva/Schroder UK Alpha Plus inet PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,570.476.487NOYES??
Aviva/Schroder UK Alpha Plus S2 PenGB00B02GC213Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,570.476.487NOYES??
Aviva/Schroder UK Alpha Plus S3 PenGB00B02GCR68Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,570.476.487NOYES??
Aviva/Schroder UK Alpha Plus S5 PenGB00B02GDB73Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,570.476.487NOYES??
AXA Aedificandi ADFR0000170193EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed NR EUR 10.000% + FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Euro Zone Capped NR EUR 90.000%2,39542.597.000NOYES??
AXA Amérique Actions ADFR0000447815EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR284.417.001NONOYESNO
AXA Euro Valeurs Responsables DFR0000982779EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5190.640.000NOYES??
AXA Europe Actions ACFR0000170243EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,79666.104.000NOYES??
AXA Europe Small Cap ACFR0000170516EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR2,39317.708.001NOYES??
AXA Framlington American Growth AccGB0003509212Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 1000 Growth TR USD1,5668.863.077NOYES??
AXA Framlington Biotech R IncGB0031007148Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD1,75635.647.026NOYES??
AXA Framlington Emerg Markets AccGB0003509436Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR GBP1,5158.811.422NOYES??
AXA Framlington European R AccGB0003499851Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,576.761.150NONOYESNO
AXA Framlington Global Opps R IncGB0003501920Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP1,576.975.637NOYES??
AXA Framlington Global Technology R IncGB0006745243Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World/Information Tech GR USD1,5395.047.142NONOYESNO
AXA Framlington Health R IncGB0005753719Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World/Health Care GR USD1,5612.939.144NONOYESNO
AXA Framlington Japan R AccGB0003500179Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Japan TR GBP1,5179.863.054NONOYESNO
AXA Framlington Monthly Income R GBP AccGB0003490595Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5263.165.943NOYES??
AXA Framlington UK Growth R GBP AccGB0003509873Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5275.572.693NOYES??
AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies AccGB0030310857Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5320.769.199NOYES??
AXA France Actions ACFR0000172215EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,79440.460.000NOYES??
AXA France Opportunités CFR0000447864EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2109.220.000YESNO??
AXA France Small Cap CFR0000170391EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR2,3993.971.000NOYES??
AXA Indice Euro CFR0000990756EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,5206.736.524NOYES??
AXA International Actions CFR0000172025EuroFranceMSCI France NR EUR 20.000% + MSCI World NR EUR 80.000%1,79150.045.000NOYES??
AXA Rosenberg American ZGB0007460149Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 Composite TR USD0,75231.668.940NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Asia Pacific ex Japan ZGB0007704330Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Pacific Ex Japan NR USD0,75226.995.885NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg EuroblocFR0010074666EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR2482.760.000NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Eurobloc Eq Alpha AIE0008366365EuroIrelandMSCI EMU NR USD0,7128.678.005NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Glbl Sm Cp Alpha A USDIE0008366928US DollarIrelandS&P Developed Small NR USD0,8532.272.298NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Global Eq Alpha A USDIE0008366811US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR USD0,7338.530.038NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Global ZGB0007717159Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP0,75359.635.621NOYES??
AXA Rosenberg InternationalFR0010074682EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR2192.269.000NOYES??
AXA Rosenberg Japan Equity Alp A JPYIE0008366589Japanese YenIrelandTopix TR JPY0,7155.652.586NOYES??
AXA Rosenberg Japan Sm Cp Alpha A JPYIE0008366696Japanese YenIrelandS&P Japan Small TR JPY0,8136.050.993NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Japan ZGB0007371593Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY0,7577.727.005NOYES??
AXA Rosenberg Pac Ex-Jap Eq Alpha A $IE0008366704US DollarIrelandMSCI Pacific Ex Japan NR USD0,7125.042.582NONONOYES
AXA Rosenberg Pac Ex-Jap Sm Cp Alp A $IE0008367009US DollarIrelandS&P Asia Pacific Ex JPN Small TR USD0,8211.815.612NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg Pan-Eurp Eq Alp A EURIE0008365730EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR0,775.115.283NONOYESNO
AXA Rosenberg US Equity Alpha A USDIE0008365516US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD0,7710.065.572NONOYESNO
AXA Valeurs Euro ACFR0000170292EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,79318.729.000NOYES??
AXA WF Frm Euro Relative Value F-C EURLU0073680620EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX NR EUR0,75442.915.846NOYES??
AXA WF Frm Europe Opportunities F-C EURLU0125727940EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,75445.645.798NONOYESNO
AXA WF Frm Europe Small Cap F-C EURLU0125743475EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR0,9604.546.846NOYES??
AXA WF Frm Italy F-C EURLU0087656855EuroLuxembourgFTSE Italia AllShare PR EUR0,75322.235.729NOYES??
AXA WF Frm Switzerland F-C CHFLU0087657408Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI Large Cap TR CHF 40.000% + SIX SPI Mid Cap TR CHF 60.000%0,7598.708.794NOYES??
AXA WF Frm Talents Global A-C EURLU0189847683EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5133.244.023NONOYESNO
AXA WF II European Opportunities Eqs ADLU0011972741EuroLuxembourgFTSE Euromid Ex UK TR EUR1,5136.601.629NOYES??
AXA WF II Far East Equities AD JPYLU0011972311Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD1,58.184.309NOYES??
AXA WF II North American Equities AD USDLU0011972238US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,5157.137.190NOYES??
AZ Fd1 American Trend A-AZ Fd AccLU0107998642EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,8322.247.583YESNO??
AZ Fd1 Emg Mkt Asia A-AZ Fd AccLU0107999889EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,8308.318.170YESNO??
AZ Fd1 European Trend A-AZ Fd AccLU0107996786EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,8330.620.166YESNO??
AZ Fd1 Italian Trend A-AZ Fd AccLU0107991985EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,8406.492.388YESNO??
AZ Fd1 Long Term Value A-AZ Fd AccLU0194809413EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,8197.262.684YESNO??
Baillie Gifford Developed Asia Pac AGB0030491418Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Pacific NR USD1,5131.995.144NONOYESNO
Baillie Gifford Emerg Mkts Gr B AccGB0006020647Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR GBP0,75606.104.815NOYES??
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery B IncGB0006059223Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P Global Small TR USD0,75261.128.020NONOYESNO
Bancoposta Azionario InternazionaleIT0003110860EuroItalyMSCI World NR EUR1,7326.814.492NONOYESNO
Bankia Bolsa Española FIES0113002036EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35252.942.065NOYES??
Bankia Dividendo España FIES0159076035EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR251.821.151NOYES??
Bankia Dividendo Europa FIES0138840030EuroSpainSTOXX Europe 50 PR EUR2115.010.193NOYES??
Bankinter Bolsa España FIES0125621039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR1,6221.249.193NOYES??
Bankinter Dividendo Europa FIES0114802038EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR 50.000% + EURO STOXX 50 EUR 50.000%1,6377.960.140NOYES??
Bankinter Sostenibilidad FIES0115157036EuroSpainDow Jones Sustainability World Euro 50.000% + FTSE4Good Global index 50.000%1,672.369.486NOYES??
BankInvest Asiatiske Aktier KLDK0015939359Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD2120.567.926NONOYESNO
BankInvest Basis Globale Aktier Akk. KLDK0010296227Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2698.750.002NONOYESNO
BankInvest Basis Globale Aktier KLDK0015773873Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2988.822.309NONOYESNO
BankInvest Danske Aktier KLDK0016060346Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2,5418.386.695NOYES??
BankInvest Globalt Forbrug KLDK0010266741Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World/Consumer Disc NR USD 50.000% + MSCI World/Consumer Staples NR USD 50.000%2357.183.782NOYES??
Barclays Equity Euro A EUR AccLU0093032786EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5186.047.317NOYES??
Baring Asia Growth A USD IncIE0000830129US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan GR USD1,2586.092.220NONOYESNO
Baring Australia A USD IncIE0000829451US DollarIrelandMSCI Australia 10-40 GR USD1,2577.316.219NOYES??
Baring Eastern Europe A USD IncIE0000805634US DollarIrelandMSCI EM Eastern Europe 10/40 NR USD1,5908.216.156NONOYESNO
Baring Eastern GBP AccGB0000799923Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan GR USD1,559.700.680NONOYESNO
Baring Europa A USD IncIE0000829121US DollarIrelandMSCI Europe GR EUR1,2571.241.460NONOYESNO
Baring Europe Select GBP IncGB0000796242Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Smlr Europe Ex UK TR EUR1,51.920.912.049NOYES??
Baring European GrowthGB0000804335Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,589.189.518NONOYESNO
Baring German Growth GBP AccGB0000822576Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFSE HDAX TR EUR1,5475.869.988NOYES??
Baring Global Emerging Markets A USD IncIE0000838304US DollarIrelandMSCI EM GR USD1,5335.425.361NONOYESNO
Baring Global Resources A USD IncIE0000931182US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI/Energy GR USD 60.000% + MSCI ACWI/Materials GR USD 40.000%1,5371.620.732NOYES??
Baring Hong Kong China A USD IncIE0000829238US DollarIrelandMSCI China GR USD1,251.621.296.973NONOYESNO
Baring Korea GBP AccGB0000840719Pound SterlingUnited KingdomKorea SE Composite1,5142.965.105NOYES??
Baring Latin America A USD IncIE0000828933US DollarIrelandMSCI EM Latin America 10/40 GR USD1,25249.867.998NONONOYES
Basler-Aktienfonds DWSDE0008474057EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,45428.913.111NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa Euro FIES0110101039EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,2582.444.373NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa Europa FIES0114371034EuroSpainFTSE Eurotop 100 TR EUR2,25244.964.698NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa FIES0138861036EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,25137.025.832NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa Tecn. y Telecom. FIES0147711032EuroSpainFTSE AW Tech TR USD2,25164.781.977NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa USA (Cubierto) FIES0134599036EuroSpainS&P 500 ($)2,25316.785.061NOYES??
BBVA Bolsa USA FIES0110122035EuroSpainS&P 500 (€)2,25215.870.236NOYES??
BCC Investimento AzionarioIT0001249116EuroItalyNot Benchmarked1,8238.388.567YESNO??
Best Emerging Markets Concept OPLU0173001560EuroLuxembourgN/A1,697.033.326YESNO??
Best Europe Concept OPLU0173001487EuroLuxembourgN/A1,2440.307.588YESNO??
Best Global Concept OPLU0173001644EuroLuxembourgN/A1,22.252.640.829YESNO??
Best Opportunity Concept OPLU0173002295EuroLuxembourgN/A1,61.341.168.694YESNO??
Bestinfond FIES0114673033EuroSpainPSI 20 20.000% + Spain IGBM 80.000%1,751.360.433.990NOYES??
Bestinver Bolsa FIES0147622031EuroSpainIGBM 80.000% + PSI 20 20.000%1,75278.657.500NOYES??
Bestinver Internacional FIES0114638036EuroSpainMSCI World Index TR1,751.224.873.520NOYES??
BFI (Lux) InterStock CHF RLU0127038486Swiss FrancLuxembourgN/A1,549.079.113YESNO??
BFT France Futur ECFR0010340612EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,8193.037.362NOYES??
BG Long Term Value ZFR0010137646EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 GR EUR284.152.504NOYES??
BGF Asian Dragon A2LU0072462343US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,53.082.357.547NONOYESNO
BGF Continental European Flex A2RF EURLU0224105477EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR EUR1,52.881.685.283NONOYESNO
BGF Emerging Europe A2LU0011850392EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR EUR1,75920.292.797NONONOYES
BGF Emerging Markets A2LU0047713382US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,5398.878.789NONOYESNO
BGF Euro-Markets A2LU0093502762EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,52.943.661.388NONOYESNO
BGF European A2LU0011846440EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,53.339.008.652NONOYESNO
BGF European Special Situations A2LU0154234636EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.385.056.533NONOYESNO
BGF European Value A2LU0072462186EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Value NR EUR1,53.856.223.109NONOYESNO
BGF Global Opportunities A2LU0011850046US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5221.025.991NONOYESNO
BGF Global SmallCap A2LU0054578231US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World Small Cap NR USD1,5335.871.139NONOYESNO
BGF Japan Small & MidCap Opps A2 USDLU0006061252US DollarLuxembourgS&P Japan MidSmall NR JPY1,
BGF Latin American A2LU0072463663US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,751.211.320.383NONOYESNO
BGF New Energy A2LU0124384867US DollarLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,75820.963.433YESNO??
BGF Pacific Equity A2LU0035112944US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pacific GR USD1,5141.579.632NONOYESNO
BGF United Kingdom A2LU0011847091Pound SterlingLuxembourgFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5224.078.542NOYES??
BGF US Basic Value A2LU0072461881US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Value TR USD1,51.266.826.360NOYES??
BGF US Flexible Equity A2LU0154236417US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 TR USD1,5627.382.188NONOYESNO
BGF US Growth A2LU0097036916US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Growth TR USD1,5246.675.865NOYES??
BGF US Small & MidCap Opps A2LU0006061336US DollarLuxembourgS&P US MidSmall TR USD1,5358.747.905NOYES??
BGF World Energy A2LU0122376428US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Energy NR USD1,752.037.181.609NONOYESNO
BGF World Financials A2RFLU0106831901US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI World Financials1,5369.903.206NOYES??
BGF World Gold A2RFLU0055631609US DollarLuxembourgFTSE Gold Mines PR USD1,753.998.695.916NONOYESNO
BGF World Healthscience A2LU0122379950US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,52.806.130.412NONOYESNO
BGF World Mining A2LU0075056555US DollarLuxembourgEuromoney Global Mining Const Weights1,754.791.687.708NOYES??
BGF World Technology A2LU0056508442US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD1,5157.102.721NONOYESNO
BIL Danmark Danske Small Cap AktierDK0015762249Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen ex OMXC20 GR DKK2,571.988.100NOYES??
BlackRock Continental Euro A IncGB0005804504Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5716.300.283NONOYESNO
BlackRock Emerging Markets A AccGB0005860944Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR GBP1,5197.323.742NOYES??
BlackRock European Dynamic A AccGB0000495209Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,52.307.904.787NONOYESNO
BlackRock Global Equity A AccGB0000646421Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5135.764.196NONOYESNO
BlackRock Gold and General A IncGB0001732584Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Gold Mines TR USD1,751.487.966.223NONOYESNO
BlackRock UK A AccGB0005773774Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5597.516.951NOYES??
BlackRock UK Income A AccGB0005804942Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5395.460.344NOYES??
BlackRock UK Smaller Companies A IncGB0005811301Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Plus AIM Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,5428.837.447NONOYESNO
BlackRock UK Special Situations A AccGB0005805022Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies Sector1,5801.388.680NOYES??
BlackRock US Dynamic A IncGB0005803191Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 1000 TR USD1,583.253.677NONOYESNO
BlackRock US Opportunities A AccGB0005811855Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P US MidSmall TR USD1,590.611.164NOYES??
BL-Equities America BLU0093570256US DollarLuxembourgLipper Gbl Eq North America Media1505.317.821NOYES??
BL-Equities Europe BLU0093570330EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1695.771.293NONOYESNO
BL-Equities Horizon BLU0093570173EuroLuxembourgLipper Equity Gbl(EUR)153.677.785NOYES??
BL-Fund Selection Equities BLU0135980968EuroLuxembourgN/A1,2588.138.679YESNO??
BL-Global Equities BLU0117287580EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR EUR 8.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 52.000% + MSCI Pacific Ex Japan NR USD 8.000% + MSCI USA NR USD 32.000%1388.492.800NOYES??
BNL Azioni AmericaIT0000388808EuroItalyRussell 1000 Growth TR USD2,252.165.686NOYES??
BNL Azioni EmergentiIT0001374302EuroItalyMSCI Dly Ttl Ret Net EM $ conv. €2,267.652.276NOYES??
BNL Azioni Europa DividendoIT0001468047EuroItalyMSCI Europe NR USD2,2138.942.463NOYES??
BNL Azioni ItaliaIT0000382561EuroItalyFTSE MIB TR EUR2,256.807.339NOYES??
BNP B Fd I Equity Belgium Classic AccBE0127752039EuroBelgiumEuronext BEL Mid PR EUR 30.000% + Euronext BEL Small PR EUR 10.000% + Euronext BEL 20 PR EUR 60.000%1,25283.262.441NOYES??
BNP B Fd I Equity Blue Chips Europe AccBE0935064817EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe NR USD1,25255.951.882NONOYESNO
BNP Paribas Actions Euroland Classic CFR0010115410EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,41.085.383.366NOYES??
BNP Paribas Actions Monde ClassicFR0010108977EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5106.834.438NONOYESNO
BNP Paribas B Fd I Eq Japan IncBE0164035082Japanese YenBelgiumTopix TR JPY1,2519.032.084NOYES??
BNP Paribas Bolsa Española FIES0125471039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,3554.832.072NOYES??
BNP Paribas Développement Humain CFR0010077412EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.035.974.910NONOYESNO
BNP Paribas Euro Valeurs Durables C DFR0010137174EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5186.379.374NONONOYES
BNP Paribas Global High Inc Eq ClassicNL0006294167EuroNetherlandsMSCI ACWI NR EUR0,75344.067.406NONOYESNO
BNP Paribas Global Prpty Secs ClassicNL0006294092EuroNetherlandsFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Dev(Dutch tax) NR EUR0,75101.481.382NOYES??
BNP Paribas High Income Prpty ClassicNL0006294159EuroNetherlandsFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Gbl Div EUR Hdg0,75123.182.978NOYES??
BNP Paribas Midcap Europe ClassicFR0010077172EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Mid 200 NR EUR1,29568.976.284NOYES??
BNP Paribas Netherlands ClassicNL0006294084EuroNetherlandsAEX All Tradable Alter Weighting0,75124.787.782NOYES??
BNP Paribas Smallcap Euroland CCFR0010128587EuroFranceHSBC Smaller Euro block1,5687.925.411NOYES??
BNP Paribas Valeurs Françaises Classic CFR0010028902EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,5225.796.873NOYES??
BNPP L1 Equity Euro C DLU0087045117EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5396.175.132NONOYESNO
BNPP L1 Equity Europe C CLU0010012721EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.021.851.544NONOYESNO
BNPP L1 Equity Netherlands C CLU0043962355EuroLuxembourgAEX All Tradable Alter Weighting1,5389.547.033NOYES??
BNPP L1 Equity USA Core C DLU0116160549US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,51.195.551.671NONOYESNO
BNY Mellon Asian Equity USD B AccIE0003851619US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,571.413.512NONOYESNO
BNY Mellon Global Equity USD AIE0004004283US DollarIrelandMSCI AC World NR EUR2238.847.999NOYES??
BNY Mellon Global Opps USD B AccIE0004091025US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5100.949.111NONOYESNO
BNY Mellon US Dynamic Value USD AIE0031687670US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Value TR USD2113.674.520NOYES??
Boston Company US Opps GBP IncGB0006778350Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5139.856.807NONOYESNO
Brandes European Value I USDIE0031574860US DollarIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR0,7673.604.330NONOYESNO
Brandes Global Value I USD AccIE0031574191US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR USD0,7243.740.777NONOYESNO
Brandes US Value A EuroIE0031575271EuroIrelandS&P 500 TR USD0,798.728.119NONOYESNO
Brongniart Rendement CFR0010135434EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,4149.306.543NOYES??
BSI-Multinvest Asian Stocks ALU0117786821US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD2120.772.670NONOYESNO
BSI-Multinvest Swiss Stocks ALU0153576656Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SLI Swiss Leaders TR CHF247.260.031NOYES??
BSO Bio SantéFR0007005764EuroFranceMSCI World/Health Care NR EUR2119.891.877NONOYESNO
BSO EuropeFR0007472659EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR277.126.012NOYES??
BSO France PFR0007478557EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2150.692.163NOYES??
C&P Funds ClassixLU0113798341EuroLuxembourg1183.493.584YESNO??
Caixabank Bolsa All Caps España FIES0114180039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR 50.000% + IBEX Medium Cap NR EUR 50.000%2,2596.620.562NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Gestión España Estánd FIES0105182036EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,2155.184.430NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Gestión Euro Estándar FIES0170738035EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,267.773.781NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Gestión Suiza Estánd FIES0177031038EuroSpainSwiss Performance 95.000% + EONIA EUR 5.000%298.698.857NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Sel. Europa Estándar FIES0138181039EuroSpainMSCI Europe NR USD2,2198.344.461NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Sel. Global Estándar FIES0138172038EuroSpainMorgan Stanley Cap Intl All Ctry world2,2178.705.087NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Sel. USA Estándar FIES0138189032EuroSpainS&P 5002,250.001.428NOYES??
Caixabank Bolsa Small Caps Euro Están FIES0106193032EuroSpainEURO STOXX Mid2,277.512.205NOYES??
Caixabank Comunicaciones FIES0113693032EuroSpainMSCI World Information Technology1,6592.423.195NOYES??
Caixabank Multisalud Estandar FIES0110057033EuroSpainDJ Health Care Titans 301,68439.583.895NOYES??
Caixagest Acções EUA FIMAAPTYCYBLM0000EuroPortugalNot Benchmarked2,286.385.897YESNO??
Caja Ingenieros Global FIES0114988035EuroSpainMSCI World PR EUR1,3565.349.557NONOYESNO
Caja Laboral Bolsas Europeas FIES0114812037EuroSpainMSCI Europe EUR2,2550.536.242NOYES??
CamGestion Actions Euro RFR0007074232EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,79335.450.260NOYES??
CamGestion Actions FranceFR0010155226EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2,3962.859.410NOYES??
CamGestion Actions Rendement A/IFR0007074208EuroFranceEURO STOXX GR EUR2,3954.322.696NOYES??
CamGestion Génération Avenir RFR0010715334EuroFranceMSCI USA NR EUR 30.000% + MSCI Japan NR EUR 10.000% + JPM GBI-EM 10.000% + MSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR EUR 10.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 30.000% + MSCI EM NR EUR 10.000%1,285.155.190NOYES??
CamGestion Rendactis A/IFR0010102095EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR2,39200.236.338NOYES??
Candriam Eqs B Belgium CBE0942851115EuroBelgiumEuronext BEL 20 (Obsolete)1,5198.941.124NOYES??
Candriam Eqs B China C AccBE0945530716EuroBelgiumMSCI China 10/40 PR USD1,660.322.766NONOYESNO
Candriam Eqs B Europe S&M Caps C EUR AccBE0948878245EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD1,6246.525.933NONOYESNO
Candriam Eqs B Global Finance C AccBE0174812181EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe/Financials NR USD1,562.892.335NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs B Global Health Care C AccBE0163900674US DollarBelgiumMSCI World/Health Care PR USD1,5259.606.805NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs B Global Property C IncBE0940607956EuroBelgiumGPR 250 EUR TR USD173.028.288NOYES??
Candriam Eqs B Leading Brands C AccBE0170209713EuroBelgiumMSCI World Consumer Disc/Staples1,593.085.104NOYES??
Candriam Eqs B Robotics &Innt Tech C AccBE0176735018US DollarBelgiumMSCI World/Information Tech PR USD1,583.779.663NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs L Asia C USD AccLU0181786301US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Asia Ex Japan1,672.363.352NOYES??
Candriam Eqs L Biotechnology C USD AccLU0108459040US DollarLuxembourgNasdaq Biotech1,5522.817.169NOYES??
Candriam Eqs L Emerging Markets C EURIncLU0056053001EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR1,6552.017.141NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs L Euro 50 C EUR AccLU0012091087EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX 50 PR EUR1,556.048.771NOYES??
Candriam Eqs L Europe C EUR AccLU0027144939EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5617.188.606NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs L Germany C EUR IncLU0093601580EuroLuxembourgMSCI Germany PR USD1,5111.511.814NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs L Japan C JPY AccLU0064109019Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR JPY1,5141.430.308NONOYESNO
Candriam Eqs L Sustainable Wld C EUR AccLU0113400328EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5372.211.840NONOYESNO
Candriam Eqs L Switzerland C CHF AccLU0082273227Swiss FrancLuxembourgMSCI Switzerland NR CHF1,558.463.606NONONOYES
Candriam Eqs L United Kingdom C GBP AccLU0093582269Pound SterlingLuxembourgMSCI United Kingdom NR LCL1,560.225.102NONONOYES
Candriam Fund Sustainable Eqs Eurp C AccLU0102766671EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5117.195.293NONOYESNO
Candriam Quant Eqs Europe C AccLU0149700378EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5892.578.145NONONOYES
Candriam Sust Europe C AccBE0173540072EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5145.991.719NONOYESNO
Candriam Sust North America C AccBE0173901779US DollarBelgiumMSCI North America NR USD1,5265.112.115NONOYESNO
Candriam Sust Pacific C AccBE0174191768Japanese YenBelgiumMSCI Pacific NR USD1,5326.511.681NONOYESNO
Capital Group Eurp Gr & Inc (LUX) XLU0157028696EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1360.336.917NONOYESNO
Capital International Em Mkts ILU0026873132US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM IMI NR USD0,791.045.349.403NONOYESNO
CapitalAtWork Amer Eq at Work DLU0078275632US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1177.984.533NONOYESNO
CapitalAtWork Contrarian Eq at Work CLU0090697987EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1534.052.969NONOYESNO
CapitalAtWork European Eq at Work DLU0078275392EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1367.461.859NOYES??
Carmignac Emergents A EUR AccFR0010149302EuroFranceMSCI EM NR USD1,51.140.589.724NONOYESNO
Carmignac Euro-Entrepreneurs A EUR AccFR0010149112EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR1,5294.579.935NOYES??
Carmignac Investissement A EUR AccFR0010148981EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR USD1,
Carmignac Pf Commodities A EUR AccLU0164455502EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Energy Equip&Services NR USD 5.000% + MSCI ACWI/Food Products NR USD 5.000% + MSCI ACWI/Oil&Gas NR USD 45.000% + MSCI ACWI/Paper&Forest NR USD 5.000% + MSCI ACWI/Metals&Mining NR USD 40.000%1,5671.495.166NOYES??
Carmignac Pf Grande Europe A EUR AccLU0099161993EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,5226.151.506NOYES??
Carnegie AsiaSE0001172263Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked1,963.695.617YESNO??
Carnegie Emerging MarketsSE0000429755Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked1,758.997.857YESNO??
Carnegie Global Healthcare 1ALU0091821107EuroLuxembourgRussell 2000 Health Care290.491.636NOYES??
Carnegie IndienfondSE0001209834Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked2,2208.578.522YESNO??
Carnegie Medical 1ALU0090908194EuroLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,6541.458.340NONOYESNO
Carnegie Nordic Markets 1ALU0086738027US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Nordic 10/40 NR EUR1,664.208.212NOYES??
Carnegie SverigefondSE0000429789Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,41.731.575.310NOYES??
Carnegie Worldwide 1ALU0086737722US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,61.651.288.760NONOYESNO
Carnegie WorldWide/Danske AktierDK0010249655Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2150.971.349NOYES??
Carnegie WorldWide/Globale AktierDK0010157965Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2618.547.259NONOYESNO
Carnegie WorldWide/Globale Aktier EtikDK0060287217Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD358.944.230NONOYESNO
Cartera Optima Dinámica B FIES0133664039EuroSpainMSCI World PR EUR2,25220.782.563NOYES??
Catella ReavinstfondSE0000577322Swedish KronaSwedenSIXRX GR SEK1,5384.290.921NOYES??
Catella SmåbolagSE0000577330Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,5408.811.637NOYES??
Cavendish Opportunities A IncGB0032212283Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5154.205.318NOYES??
Cavendish Worldwide A IncGB0032222100Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,5144.452.620NOYES??
CB European Quality Fund ALU0112589485EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,564.092.511NONOYESNO
CB-Accent Lux Far East Equity BLU0125515337US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Far East Free NR USD1,7558.770.648NONOYESNO
CD Europe Expertise CFR0010250068EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR2,1566.758.178NOYES??
Centifolia CFR0007076930EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2,391.613.430.659NOYES??
CF Morant Wright Japan A AccGB0033010017Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1,5537.159.013NOYES??
CF Odey Continental European R AccGB0031831570Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,39166.973.069NONOYESNO
CF Odey Opus R IncGB00B1JMNF99Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP1,39375.259.721NOYES??
CF Ruffer Gold OGB0033628156Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Gold Mines TR USD1,5833.454.938NONOYESNO
CF Ruffer Pacific OGB0034035328Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pacific GR USD1,5384.941.358NONOYESNO
CF Westchester USD AccGB0031018251US DollarUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR USD1,345.714.595NONOYESNO
CFIC Oriel UK A IncGB0030613276Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,558.126.087NOYES??
CG Nouvelle AsieFR0007450002EuroFranceMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR EUR2,5253.929.505NONOYESNO
Cler Med/Newton Managed PenGB0031816340Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5119.486.714NOYES??
CM-CIC Entrepreneurs CFR0010018192EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2,37355.015.901YESNO??
CM-CIC Euro Actions CFR0010359331EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 GR EUR2,39287.150.517NOYES??
CM-CIC Euro Equities CFR0000986655EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,43366.158.000NOYES??
CM-CIC EuropeFR0000437162EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR278.016.695NOYES??
CM-CIC Europe Growth CFR0010037341EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,5543.359.272YESNO??
CM-CIC Global Gold CFR0007390174EuroFranceFTSE Gold Mines PR USD299.195.408NONOYESNO
CM-CIC USA CFR0000986614EuroFranceEONIA Capitalisé Jour TR EUR 20.000% + S&P 500 TR USD 30.000% + S&P 500 TR EUR 50.000%259.397.351NOYES??
CMI Glbl Network Pacific Basin Enh Eq 1DLU0129303995US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,7584.714.848NONONOYES
CMI Japan Enhanced EquityLU0129302831Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL0,7594.608.200NONONOYES
CMI US Enhanced EquityLU0129306311US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD0,75140.194.845NONOYESNO
CNP Assur Pierre A A/IFR0010345769EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Euro Zone Capped NR EUR1,250.498.382NOYES??
CNP Assur-Univers A A/IFR0010345843EuroFranceMSCI ACWI 100% Hdg NR EUR1,2127.225.538NOYES??
CNP Assur-Valeurs A A/IFR0010345793EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,255.322.001NONONOYES
Cogefi Prospective PFR0010762518EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR2,481.733.604NOYES??
Comgest Growth America USD AccIE0004791160US DollarIrelandS&P 500 NR USD1,589.192.589NONOYESNO
Comgest Growth Emerging Mkts USD AccIE0033535182US DollarIrelandMSCI EM NR USD1,54.214.915.119NONOYESNO
Comgest Growth Europe EUR AccIE0004766675EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,52.014.432.642NONOYESNO
Comgest Growth Greater China EUR AccIE0030351732EuroIrelandMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,5189.196.071NONOYESNO
Comgest Growth Japan JPY AccIE0004767087Japanese YenIrelandTopix TR JPY1,5128.897.613NOYES??
Comgest Growth Mid-Caps Europe EUR AccIE0004766014EuroIrelandMSCI Europe Mid Cap NR USD1,5120.321.891NONOYESNO
Comgest Growth World USD AccIE0033535075US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5144.970.197NONOYESNO
Comgest Japan CFR0000281495EuroFranceTopix PR JPY1,7100.348.543NOYES??
Comgest Monde CFR0000284689EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2430.572.205YESNO??
Concentra A EURDE0008475005EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,82.003.716.193NOYES??
Conseq Invest Equity Fund BIE0031283520Czech KorunaIrelandBUX 28.000% + PX 28.000% + SBI20 6.000% + WIG20 38.000%0,7576.035.786NOYES??
Conservateur Unisic CFR0010038257EuroFranceFTSEuroF 300 EuroZ TR EUR1,2195.066.844NOYES??
Consultinvest Azione CIT0001076626EuroItalyBloomberg European 5003,6556.663.664NOYES??
Consultinvest Global CIT0003018006EuroItalyBloomberg World in Euro3,6551.175.109NOYES??
CONVEST 21 VL EURDE0009769638EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD1,8234.122.504NONOYESNO
Cortal Consors Open Croissance ClassicFR0010629147EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,8560.030.000NOYES??
Coutts Global Japan Equity Ser 3GB0008253667Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Japan TR JPY2119.167.743NOYES??
Coutts Pacific Basin Equity Ser 3GB0008253881Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Pacific Ex Japan GR USD282.470.689NOYES??
Covéa Actions Amérique AFR0000934937EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR1,7422.156.256NONOYESNO
Covéa Actions AsieFR0000441677EuroFranceMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR EUR2226.261.484NONOYESNO
Covéa Actions Croissance CFR0007022157EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR 5.000% + EURO STOXX NR EUR 95.000%1,676.632.873NOYES??
Covéa Actions Euro AFR0000441636EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,6362.556.153NOYES??
Covéa Actions Europe DFR0000425027EuroFranceMSCI PanEuro NR EUR1,55274.778.458NONONOYES
Covéa Actions Europe Hors EuroFR0000441628EuroFranceDJ Stoxx ex Euro1,6201.110.635NOYES??
Covéa Actions Europe Opportunités AFR0000441685EuroFranceMSCI PanEuro NR EUR1,6158.283.805NONOYESNO
Covéa Actions France CFR0000289381EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,6228.085.595NOYES??
Covéa Actions InvestissementFR0007497789EuroFranceMSCI PanEuro NR EUR 40.000% + S&P 500 TR EUR 60.000%1342.293.053NOYES??
Covéa Actions Japon CFR0000289431EuroFranceNikkei 3001,9171.099.082NOYES??
Covéa Actions Monde AFR0000939845EuroFranceMSCI PanEuro NR EUR 30.000% + MSCI AC Asia NR USD 15.000% + S&P 500 TR EUR 55.000%1,7247.735.421NOYES??
Covéa Actions Rendement CFR0007483474EuroFranceMSCI PanEuro NR EUR1,6552.038.913NONOYESNO
Covéa Multi Europe AFR0000939852EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 GR EUR1,3326.521.955NOYES??
Covéa Multi Immobilier AFR0000939860EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe NR EUR 30.000% + FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eurozone NR EUR 70.000%1,389.126.671NOYES??
Covéa Multi Monde AFR0000970550EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,3433.579.441NOYES??
Covéa Multi Small Cap Europe AFR0000445074EuroFranceEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK TR USD1,3162.716.145NOYES??
Covéa Perspectives Entreprises AFR0000939886EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,688.662.498NOYES??
CPR Actions France PFR0011354646EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,2177.973.611NOYES??
CPR Euroland PFR0010744532EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,1467.649.847NONONOYES
CPR Europe PFR0010619916EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5113.321.321NONONOYES
CPR Global Equity All Regime P A/IFR0007079975EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5159.955.102NONOYESNO
CPR Japon PFR0010469312EuroFranceMSCI Japan NR EUR1,5226.397.999NONONOYES
CPR Middle-Cap France DFR0010565366EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR1,5235.575.733NOYES??
CPR USA PFR0010501858EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR1,5475.282.999NONONOYES
C-QUADRAT ARTS Best Momentum EUR TAT0000825393EuroAustriaNot Benchmarked2,1162.266.360YESNO??
Crediinvest SICAV Intl Val ALU0299048719EuroLuxembourgN/A3360.458.255YESNO??
CS (Lux) Glb Biotech Innovtr Eq IB USDLU0130191181US DollarLuxembourgNASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD0,9149.808.536NOYES??
CS (Lux) Global Value Equity B EURLU0129338272EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,92176.872.187NONOYESNO
CS (Lux) Italy Equity B EURLU0055733355EuroLuxembourgMSCI Italy 10/40 NR EUR1,9256.436.529NOYES??
CS (Lux) Small&Mid Cap Europe Eq B EURLU0048365026EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,9283.202.792NONOYESNO
CS (Lux) Small&Mid Cap Germany Eq B EURLU0052265898EuroLuxembourgMid Market1,92311.053.599NOYES??
CS (Lux) USA Growth Opp EF B USDLU0055732977US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD5360.247.031NONOYESNO
CS (Lux) USA Value Equity B USDLU0187731129US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,9263.237.847NONOYESNO
Danske FoF Navigera Proselection L/T CLU0166197102Swedish KronaLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,75201.899.789NOYES??
Danske FoF Pensionssparfonden CLU0151526489Swedish KronaLuxembourgNot Benchmarked0,828.741.298YESNO??
Danske Invest DanmarkDK0010252873Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK1,5274.870.579NOYES??
Danske Invest Danmark AkkDK0016208515Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK1,5314.381.186NOYES??
Danske Invest Danmark FokusDK0060244325Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2445.410.814NOYES??
Danske Invest Denmark Focus ALU0012195615Danish KroneLuxembourgNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK1,552.528.407NOYES??
Danske Invest Emerging Asia KFI0008803978EuroFinlandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,961.062.809NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Engros Emerging Markets KLDK0016057474Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD2892.203.760NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Engros GlobalDK0060244408Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2274.256.838NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Eurooppa Osake KFI0008802988EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,35539.203.766NONOYESNO
Danske Invest EuropaDK0010252956Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2127.477.174NONOYESNO
Danske Invest EuropaSE0000569667Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe NR USD2127.477.174NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europa Akk KL DKK hDK0016290265Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2107.200.099NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europa FokusDK0010245901Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD255.871.194NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europa Højt UdbytteDK0016253651Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2225.822.217NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europa Small CapDK0060046019Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD298.638.404NOYES??
Danske Invest Europe Focus ALU0088125512EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,653.786.538NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europe High Dividend ALU0123484957EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,6140.324.718NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Europe Small Cap ALU0123485178EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,6102.464.890NONOYESNO
Danske Invest FjernøstenDK0015966758Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD248.071.041NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global Emerging Markets ALU0085580271US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,7590.882.701NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global PlusDK0010270503Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD216.048.332NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global StockPickingDK0010264530Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2293.971.291NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global StockPicking 2DK0010253095Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2112.955.681NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global Stockpicking ALU0117088970EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,6260.016.429NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global StockPicking KL DKKDK0016208788Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2474.702.975NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Global Tech KFI0008803143EuroFinlandGoldman Sachs Technology1,7141.705.555NOYES??
Danske Invest Horisont AktieSE0000916991Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK 40.000% + MSCI ACWI NR USD 60.000%1,5424.207.084NOYES??
Danske Invest JapanDK0015971675Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Japan NR USD2244.096.713NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Japan ALU0193802039Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,559.179.179NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Japani Osake KFI0008802905EuroFinlandTopix TR JPY1,551.723.279NOYES??
Danske Invest Kestävä Arvo Osake KFI0008802921EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1,6187.429.599NONOYESNO
Danske Invest KinaDK0010295336Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI China NR USD241.851.217NONOYESNO
Danske Invest LatinamerikaDK0010257831Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,731.415.893NONOYESNO
Danske Invest MediLife KFI0008802947EuroFinlandMSCI Health Care1,95140.826.892NOYES??
Danske Invest Nye MarkederDK0015710602Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD2335.096.189NONOYESNO
Danske Invest ØsteuropaDK0010257914Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR USD252.360.180NOYES??
Danske Invest Østeuropa ex Rusland KLDK0016275464Danish KroneDenmarkSTOXX EU Enlarged TMI NR USD210.473.817NOYES??
Danske Invest Pohjois-Amerikka Osake KFI0008803127EuroFinlandMSCI North America NR USD1,5191.009.969NONOYESNO
Danske Invest Suomen Pienyhtiöt KFI0008803044EuroFinlandCarnegie SmallFinland1,370.516.857NOYES??
Danske Invest Suomi Osake KFI0008803101EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,9159.343.645NONONOYES
Danske Invest Suomi Yhteisöosake KFI0008803226EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR0,95315.079.958NONONOYES
Danske Invest SverigeSE0000569691Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,33344.288.709NOYES??
Danske Invest Sverige/EuropaSE0000569675Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK 50.000% + MSCI Europe NR USD 50.000%1,5499.531.141NOYES??
Danske Invest Sweden ALU0074604223Swedish KronaLuxembourgSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,521.684.438NOYES??
Danske Invest TeknologiDK0016023229Danish KroneDenmarkS&P North American Technology TR2101.776.488NOYES??
Danske Invest USADK0010257757Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD2572.666.991NONOYESNO
Danske Invest USA KL DKK hDK0016290349Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD1,31524.212.488NONOYESNO
Davis Value ALU0067888072US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,5327.217.637NONOYESNO
DB Platinum IV CROCI Euro R1CLU0194163050EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX 50 GR EUR1256.289.162NOYES??
DB Platinum IV CROCI Japan R1CLU0194163647Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix 100 TR EUR132.541.202NOYES??
DB Platinum IV CROCI US R1CLU0194164702US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1501.922.923NONOYESNO
Découvertes D A/IFR0007430806EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR1,5130.011.811NOYES??
Deka-bAV FondsDE0009786228EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,08221.069.305NONONOYES
Deka-BR 100DE0005424519EuroGermanyN/A11.451.270.234YESNO??
Deka-ConvergenceAktien CFLU0133666676EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR EUR1,5198.328.311NONOYESNO
Deka-EuropaPotential CFDE0009786277EuroGermanyMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,569.584.480NONOYESNO
Deka-EuropaPotential TFDE0009786285EuroGermanyMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR2,22125.157.603NONOYESNO
Deka-EuropaSelectDE0009786186EuroGermanySTOXX Europe TMI Large Growth NR EUR1,25359.259.647NOYES??
Deka-EuropaValue CFLU0100187060EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,2583.626.253NONONOYES
Deka-EuroStocks CFLU0097655574EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Large NR EUR1,25508.095.219NONOYESNO
DekaFonds CFDE0008474503EuroGermanyFSE HDAX TR EUR1,
DekaLux-Deutschland TF (A)LU0062624902EuroLuxembourgFSE HDAX TR EUR1,25540.055.520NOYES??
DekaLux-Europa TF (A)LU0062625115EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Large NR EUR1,25448.663.295NONONOYES
DekaLux-Japan CFLU0048313653EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR USD1,2568.292.421NONONOYES
DekaLux-MidCap TF (A)LU0075131606EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX TMI Mid Growth PR EUR1,5117.724.451NOYES??
DekaLuxTeam-Aktien Asien CFLU0052859252EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR EUR1,25140.349.637NONOYESNO
DekaLux-USA TFLU0064405334EuroLuxembourgS&P 500 TR EUR1,25370.270.436NONONOYES
Deka-MegaTrends CFDE0005152706EuroGermanyMSCI World/Consumer Disc PR USD1,25176.532.177NONOYESNO
Deka-SchweizDE0009762864EuroGermanyMSCI Switzerland NR USD1,25146.597.295NONOYESNO
DekaSpezial CFDE0008474669EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,25420.657.790NONONOYES
Deka-Technologie CFDE0005152623EuroGermanyMSCI World/Information Tech PR USD2147.650.968NONOYESNO
Deka-Technologie TFDE0005152631EuroGermanyMSCI World/Information Tech PR USD3,5219.018.625NONOYESNO
Deka-TeleMedien TFDE0009771923EuroGermanyMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,97423.448.451NONOYESNO
DELOS Blue Chips - Domestic Equity Fd AGRF000037009EuroGreeceAthens Exchange Athex Composite PR253.181.829NOYES??
Delta Lloyd Investment FundNL0000286318EuroNetherlandsMSCI World NR EUR0,95853.381.213NONOYESNO
Denim BFR0007077052EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR191.353.131NOYES??
Deutsche Invest I Top Asia FCLU0145649181EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD 50.000% + MSCI AC Far East NR USD 50.000%0,75273.702.696NOYES??
Deutsche Invest I Top Euroland FCLU0145647722EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX 50 NR USD0,75869.715.352NOYES??
Deutsche Invest I Top Europe FCLU0145635479EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,75119.004.756NONOYESNO
Deutsche Nomura Japan Growth LCDE0008490954EuroGermanyTopix TR JPY1,688.532.139NOYES??
Deutsche Postbank Europafonds AktienDE0009797720EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,25102.709.422NOYES??
Deutsche Postbank Global PlayerDE0009797753EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD1,565.130.779NONOYESNO
Deutsche Quant Eq Low Volatil Europe NCDE0008490822EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked1,7360.857.490YESNO??
Deutschland-INVESTDE0008479288EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked1,558.123.407YESNO??
Didner & Gerge AktiefondSE0000428336Swedish KronaSwedenSIXRX GR SEK1,223.823.085.952NOYES??
Digital Stars Europe AccLU0090784017EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD1,5302.087.383NONOYESNO
DJE - Dividende & Substanz I (EUR)LU0159551042EuroLuxembourgMSCI World PR EUR1,071.217.357.927NONOYESNO
DJE - Europa I (EUR)LU0159550408EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,07132.328.464NONOYESNO
DJE - Gold & Ressourcen I (EUR)LU0159550820EuroLuxembourgPHLX Gold & Silver PR USD 60.000% + TReuters/CoreCommodity CRB TR USD 20.000% + MSCI World/Materials NR USD 20.000%1,0760.766.670NOYES??
DNB Asian Small Cap retail ALU0067059799EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,75191.764.413NONOYESNO
DNB Global Emerging Markets SRI retail ALU0090738252US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,7549.703.724NONOYESNO
DNB Scandinavia retail ALU0083425479EuroLuxembourgNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,2567.675.168NOYES??
DNCA Value Europe CFR0010058008EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR2,39778.204.238NOYES??
DPAM CAPITAL B Eq Belgium BBE0944426346EuroBelgiumEuronext BAS All Share TR EUR1,5112.825.560NOYES??
DPAM CAPITAL B Eq EMU Bv Val BBE0948777207EuroBelgiumMSCI EMU NR USD1722.896.828NOYES??
DPAM CAPITAL B Eq US Bv Val BBE6278396716EuroBelgiumMSCI USA NR USD1573.362.101NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Equities Belgium ABE0943878687EuroBelgiumEuronext BEL 20 (Obsolete)1,5103.760.506NOYES??
DPAM INVEST B Equities Eur Div ABE0057450265EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5566.519.999NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Equities Eur SmC ABE0058183808EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,5142.172.626NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland ABE0058181786EuroBelgiumMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5647.150.940NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Equities Europe ABE0058178758EuroBelgiumMSCI Europe NR EUR1,599.723.185NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Equities World Sust ABE0058651630EuroBelgiumMSCI World NR EUR1,5373.065.620NONOYESNO
DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe BBE0058187841EuroBelgiumPEPS1,5443.119.268NOYES??
DWS Akkumula LCDE0008474024EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,454.141.787.693NONOYESNO
DWS Aktien Strategie Deutschland LCDE0009769869EuroGermanyFSE HDAX TR EUR1,452.680.715.178NOYES??
DWS BiotechDE0009769976EuroGermanyNASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD1,5489.941.289NOYES??
DWS Deutschland LCDE0008490962EuroGermanyFSE CDAX TR EUR1,45.558.970.343NOYES??
DWS Emerging Markets Typ ODE0009773010EuroGermanyMSCI EM NR EUR1,7119.194.622NONOYESNO
DWS European OpportunitiesDE0008474156EuroGermanySTOXX Europe Mid 200 NR USD 70.000% + STOXX Europe Small 200 NR USD 30.000%1,4846.976.999NOYES??
DWS EurovestaDE0008490848EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,4578.753.514NONOYESNO
DWS Financials Typ ODE0009769919EuroGermanyMSCI World/Financials NR USD1,767.397.987NONOYESNO
DWS German Equities Typ ODE0008474289EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,45343.881.991NOYES??
DWS Global Natural Resources Eq. Typ ODE0008474123EuroGermanyMSCI World/Energy NR LCL 50.000% + MSCI World/Materials NR LCL 50.000%1,765.367.730NOYES??
DWS Global Value LDLU0133414606EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Value NR USD1,45669.256.858NONOYESNO
DWS Health Care Typ O NCDE0009769851EuroGermanyMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,7430.567.882NONONOYES
DWS IndiaLU0068770873EuroLuxembourgMSCI India 10/40 NR EUR2145.120.245NONONOYES
DWS InvestaDE0008474008EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,43.444.316.535NOYES??
DWS Merkur Fonds 1DE0008493370EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR 45.000% + FSE DAX TR EUR 45.000% + S&P 500 TR USD 10.000%1,266.814.373NOYES??
DWS OsteuropaLU0062756647EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 PR USD1,7127.705.304NONOYESNO
DWS RussiaLU0146864797EuroLuxembourgMSCI Russia NR USD2187.356.189NONOYESNO
DWS Technology Typ ODE0008474149EuroGermanyMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,7258.727.682NONOYESNO
DWS Telemedia Typ ODE0008474214EuroGermanyMSCI World/Media GR USD 15.000% + MSCI World/Information Tech NR USD 15.000% + MSCI World/Telecom Services NR USD 70.000%1,7344.340.154NOYES??
DWS Top AsienDE0009769760EuroGermanyMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD 50.000% + MSCI AC Far East NR USD 50.000%1,451.509.117.812NOYES??
DWS Top Dividende LDDE0009848119EuroGermanyMSCI World High Dividend Yield NR USD1,4517.759.473.027NONOYESNO
DWS Top EuropeDE0009769729EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,
DWS Top WorldDE0009769794EuroGermanyMSCI AC World NR1,451.672.520.210NOYES??
DWS US EquitiesTyp ODE0008490814EuroGermanyS&P 500 TR USD1,761.302.479NONOYESNO
DWS US GrowthDE0008490897EuroGermanyMSCI USA Growth NR USD1,45264.481.311NONOYESNO
DWS Vermögensbildungsfonds I LDDE0008476524EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD1,457.039.053.565NONOYESNO
DWS Zürich Invest Aktien SchweizDE0008490145EuroGermanySIX SPI TR CHF1,3162.719.114NONOYESNO
East Capital BalkanfondenSE0001244328Swedish KronaSwedenSTOXX Balkan TMI NR USD252.395.902NOYES??
East Capital BaltikumfondenSE0000777724Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Baltic Benchmark Cap PR EUR250.454.986NOYES??
East Capital Östeuropa InsuranceSwedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Europe 10-40 NR USD2161.336.437NOYES??
East Capital RysslandsfondenSE0000777708Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Russia 10-40 NR USD2483.387.310NOYES??
Eastern European A Dis USDIE0009751193US DollarIrelandMSCI EM Europe NR USD1,375.275.992NONOYESNO
Eastspring Inv Asian Equity CLU0163747099US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD0,75283.376.291NONOYESNO
Eastspring Inv Global Technology CLU0127658861Singapore DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD0,8886.369.322NOYES??
Eastspring Inv Greater China Eq CLU0135627338US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD0,75118.993.606NOYES??
Eastspring Inv Pan European CLU0127657467Singapore DollarLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD0,7536.169.010NONOYESNO
Eastspring Inv World Val Eq ALU0170899867US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5341.418.228NONOYESNO
Eaton Vance Intl(IRL) US Value M2 $IE0031923687US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Value TR USD0,955.662.225NOYES??
Echiquier AgenorFR0010321810EuroFranceMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR2,39381.392.287NONOYESNO
Echiquier AgressorFR0010321802EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,391.270.952.251NONOYESNO
Echiquier Agressor PEAFR0010330902EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,39219.850.335NONOYESNO
Echiquier ExcelsiorFR0010106500EuroFranceMSCI Europe Micro Cap NR EUR2,3967.978.029NONOYESNO
Echiquier Value GFR0007070883EuroFranceMSCI EMU Mid Value NR EUR1,5424.441.824NONOYESNO
Ecureuil Actions Européennes CFR0010075804EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,298.364.000NOYES??
Ecureuil Bénéfices Responsable DFR0010091116EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR0,8293.989.000NOYES??
Ecureuil Investissements DFR0010091132EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1,21.677.134.000NOYES??
EdenTree Amity European BGB0008448333Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP0,7580.141.796NONOYESNO
EdenTree Amity International BGB0008449075Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP0,75243.438.699NOYES??
EdenTree Amity UK BGB0009371757Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75157.322.922NOYES??
EdenTree UK Equity Growth AGB0008445982Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5186.039.259NOYES??
Edgewood L Sel US Select Growth A USDLU0073868852US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,82.284.589.586NONOYESNO
Edinburgh Partners Europe Opp I EURIE0034142889EuroIrelandMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD0,75111.593.236NONOYESNO
Edinburgh Partners Glbl Opps USD IIE0034142442US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI NR USD0,75275.909.233NONOYESNO
EDM Intern. SICAV American Growth A $LU0095539242US DollarLuxembourgNot Benchmarked2,5112.390.676YESNO??
EDM Intern. SICAV Strategy RLU0028445327EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe GR EUR2,5231.391.477NONOYESNO
EDM-Inversión R FIES0168674036EuroSpainIGBM2,25411.529.431NOYES??
EdR Euro Leaders CFR0010176487EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR2186.381.438NONOYESNO
EdR Europe Midcaps AFR0010177998EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR2185.298.406NOYES??
EdR Tricolore Rendement DFR0010588350EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR21.387.658.941NOYES??
Emerging World InstIE0002930596US DollarIrelandS&P EM Fronti Super Composite BMI TR USD1100.245.471NOYES??
Emerise Asia Equity Fund I/A USDLU0095830419US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex JPN IMI NR USD1,35115.801.700NONOYESNO
Emerise Emerging Europe Eq Fd I/A USDLU0095830922US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe IMI NR EUR1,250.872.868NONONOYES
Emerise Pacific Rim Equity Fd I/A USDLU0103015219US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Pacific Free Ex Japan GR USD1,2159.849.179NONOYESNO
Enter SverigeSE0000813917Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,7118.839.024NOYES??
EntrepreneursFR0010007542EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Mid 200 GR EUR1,8176.258.629NOYES??
ERSTE Responsible Stock Global TAT0000646799EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD1,8194.944.608NONOYESNO
ERSTE WWF Stock Environment TCAT0000705686EuroAustriaN/A1,8101.880.150YESNO??
ESPA Best of World AAT0000707674EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD1,4458.475.828NOYES??
ESPA Stock Biotec AAT0000746748EuroAustriaNasdaq Biotech (NBI)1,8206.134.035NOYES??
ESPA Stock Europe Emerging AAT0000858428EuroAustriaNomura Central&Eastern Eur Ex RUS PR USD1,863.892.527NOYES??
ESPA Stock Europe Property AAT0000708334EuroAustriaFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe NR EUR1,852.219.229NOYES??
ESPA Stock Europe TAT0000626825EuroAustriaN/A1,44185.077.250YESNO??
ESPA Stock Global AAT0000989645EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD2,16215.635.154NONOYESNO
ESPA Stock Global Emerging Mkts AAT0000680962EuroAustriaMSCI World PR EUR1,8142.421.978NONOYESNO
ESPA Stock Vienna AAT0000858147EuroAustriaWiener Börse ATX Prime PR EUR1,866.051.696NOYES??
Esperia Fds SICAV Duemme Euro Eqs C AccLU0134651263EuroLuxembourgEurostoxx 95.000% + BofAML Euro Governments Bill TR EUR 5.000%1,570.157.182NOYES??
Essor EmergentFR0000284150EuroFranceMSCI EM NR EUR1,75141.688.432NOYES??
Essor Japon OpportunitésFR0000011355EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,6556.468.607YESNO??
Essor USA Opportunités PFR0000931362EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,85119.653.118YESNO??
Etoile Actions France CFR0010361279EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1,75334.925.742NOYES??
Etoile Actions Opportunités A/IFR0010501684EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR1,7584.775.289NOYES??
Etoile Actions Rendement DFR0010501676EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2166.005.668YESNO??
Etoile Actions StylesFR0010194464EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR294.406.327NOYES??
Etoile Multi Gestion Etats-Unis CFR0010541425EuroFranceMSCI USA Hdg PR EUR2127.804.362NOYES??
Etoile Multi Gestion Europe CFR0010540856EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,75288.915.945NOYES??
Etoile Santé EuropeFR0010541284EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 Health Care NR EUR2142.982.353NOYES??
Eurizon Azionario Intl EticoIT0001083424EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + ECPI Ethical Gbl in euro 95.000%1,995.477.385NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni AmericaIT0001050126EuroItalyMSCI USA NR EUR 95.000% + BBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000%1,9242.470.014NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Area EuroIT0001050225EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI EMU EUR 95.000%1,9275.957.340NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Energia E Mat PrimeIT0001260618EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI World Materials EUR 50.000% + MSCI World Energy EUR 45.000%1,9117.509.611NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni EuropaIT0001050167EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 95.000%1,9542.900.287NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni InternazionaliIT0001080446EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI World PR EUR 95.000%1,9747.259.671NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni ItaliaIT0001021192EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + FTSE Italia All Share Capped TR 95.000%1,9250.917.125NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Paesi EmergentiIT0001031928EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI EM PR EUR 95.000%1,9276.643.940NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Pmi AmericaIT0001007274EuroItalyRussell 2000 TR EUR 95.000% + BBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000%1,9170.648.184NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni PMI EuropaIT0001389722EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Europe Mid Cap NR EUR 95.000%1,9142.579.080NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Pmi ItaliaIT0001470183EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + FTSE Italia MidCap TR EUR 95.000%1,9173.183.952NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni SaluteIT0000386208EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI Health Care 95.000%1,9135.889.653NOYES??
Eurizon Azioni Tecnologie AvanzateIT0001080669EuroItalyBBgBarc Euro Treasury Bills TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI World Infor Techy 10/40 95.000%1,9208.358.941NOYES??
Eurizon EasyFund Eq China LTE RLU0090980383EuroLuxembourgMSCI China 10/40 NR EUR1,868.207.654NOYES??
Eurizon EasyFund Eq Emg Mkts Asia LTE RLU0090981274EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Asia 10/40 GR USD1,881.098.989NOYES??
Eurizon EasyFund Eq Europe LTE RLU0130322117EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8530.719.941NOYES??
Eurizon EasyFund Eq Japan LTE RLU0130322620EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,8441.162.916NOYES??
Eurizon EasyFund Eq SC Europe RLU0012157102EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR1,878.736.047NOYES??
Euro Capital Durable IFR0010013987EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5153.708.417NONONOYES
Euromobiliare Azioni InternazionaliIT0001049755EuroItalyNot Benchmarked2,1299.541.801YESNO??
Euromobiliare Azioni ItalianeIT0001013520EuroItalyFTSE Italia All Share2,1154.393.330NOYES??
Euromobiliare IF - Euro Equity BLU0134134286EuroLuxembourgDJ EURO STOXX 50®2140.968.358NOYES??
Eurovalor Bolsa Española FIES0133524035EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR1,9105.809.364NOYES??
Eurovalor Bolsa Europea FIES0133661035EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,2557.321.854NOYES??
Eurovalor Bolsa FIES0133871030EuroSpainSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR2,2587.403.711NOYES??
Eurovalor Estados Unidos FIES0133525032EuroSpainS&P 500 TR USD1,3565.167.676NOYES??
Evli Europe AFI0008802038EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,6685.265.036NONOYESNO
Evli Finland Select AFI0008801220EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,8109.087.927NONOYESNO
Evli Finnish Small Cap BFI0008804422EuroFinlandCarnegie Small CSX Return Finland1,6162.273.362NOYES??
Evli Global AFI0008800131EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1,6147.430.941NOYES??
F&C Pacific Growth 1GB0033143115Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,565.220.708NONOYESNO
F&C Responsible Global Equity 1 IncGB0030833767Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR EUR1,5312.196.286NONOYESNO
F&C Responsible UK Equity Growth 1 IncGB0030834518Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5413.630.050NOYES??
F&C Responsible UK Income 1 AccGB0030835580Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5342.607.496NOYES??
F&C UK Equity Income 1 IncGB0033146019Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,568.607.833NOYES??
F&C US Smaller Companies 1GB00B06PF580Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 TR USD1,588.749.869NOYES??
FCP OP MEDICAL BioHealth-Trds EURLU0119891520EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,998.283.797YESNO??
Federal Actions Ethiques P A/IFR0000442949EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,599.051.772NOYES??
Federal Apal P A/IFR0000987950EuroFranceMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD 85.000% + MSCI EM Latin America NR USD 15.000%1,575.584.528NOYES??
Federal Conviction ISR Euro P A/IFR0000994378EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,2284.998.196NOYES??
Federal Conviction ISR France P A/IFR0000447609EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR2,2199.243.937NOYES??
Federal Indiciel US P A/IFR0000988057EuroFranceS&P 500 NR USD1,586.366.889NONOYESNO
Federated Europa Aktien LVMIE0000663926EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5109.041.502NONOYESNO
Federated Inter Aktien LVMIE0000664338EuroIrelandMSCI World Ex Europe GR USD1,598.347.156NONOYESNO
Fédéris ISR Euro M A/IFR0007045950EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1392.564.752NOYES??
Fédéris ISR France M A/IFR0007021936EuroFranceMSCI France NR EUR1146.671.856NONONOYES
Fidelity America A-USDLU0048573561US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,58.607.840.523NONOYESNO
Fidelity AmericanGB0003865176Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,51.111.640.722NONOYESNO
Fidelity American Diversified A-USDLU0187121727US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,5105.495.151NONONOYES
Fidelity American Growth ULPound SterlingLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,5664.508.948NONOYESNO
Fidelity American Special SituationsGB0003865390Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,51.505.257.414NONOYESNO
Fidelity ASEAN A-USDLU0048573645US DollarLuxembourgMSCI South East Asia NR USD1,5827.621.484NONONOYES
Fidelity Asia A AccGB0003879185Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,52.516.425.854NONOYESNO
Fidelity Asia Focus A-USDLU0048597586US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,51.739.078.962NONOYESNO
Fidelity Asia Pacific Dividend A-USDLU0205439572US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan1,5295.946.348NOYES??
Fidelity Asian Special Sits A-USDLU0054237671US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,51.599.297.618NONOYESNO
Fidelity Australia A-AUDLU0048574536Australian DollarLuxembourgS&P/ASX 200 TR AUD1,5379.759.779NONONOYES
Fidelity China Focus A-USDLU0173614495US DollarLuxembourgMSCI CHINA 10% CAPPED1,53.469.553.453NOYES??
Fidelity Emerging Markets A-USDLU0048575426US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,53.815.901.812NONOYESNO
Fidelity Euro Blue Chip A-EURLU0088814487EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5898.713.818NONOYESNO
Fidelity EuropeFR0000008674EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,91.136.453.270NONOYESNO
Fidelity European AccGB0003874798Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,52.666.534.730NONOYESNO
Fidelity European Dynamic Grth A-EURLU0119124781EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.156.544.594NONOYESNO
Fidelity European Growth A-EURLU0048578792EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Europe TR EUR1,56.867.738.231NONOYESNO
Fidelity European Larger Cos A-EURLU0119124278EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5749.065.582NONOYESNO
Fidelity European OpportunitiesGB0003874913Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5454.616.606NONOYESNO
Fidelity European Sm Cos E-Acc-EURLU0115764358EuroLuxembourgHSBC Smlr Europe Incl UK TR EUR1,5897.657.666NOYES??
Fidelity FAST Europe A Acc EuroLU0202403266EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.432.220.382NONOYESNO
Fidelity France A-EURLU0048579410EuroLuxembourgEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR1,5216.568.552NOYES??
Fidelity Germany A-EURLU0048580004EuroLuxembourgFSE HDAX TR EUR1,5893.325.781NOYES??
Fidelity Gl Consmr Industries A-EURLU0114721508EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Consumer Staples NR USD1,5535.894.026NONOYESNO
Fidelity Gl Financial Servs A-EURLU0114722498EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Finas & MSCI ACWI/Real Estate1,5939.305.416NOYES??
Fidelity Global FocusGB0003860789Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5464.330.420NONOYESNO
Fidelity Global Focus A-EURLU0157922724EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5300.839.993NONOYESNO
Fidelity Global Health Care A-EURLU0114720955EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Health Care NR USD1,5753.553.028NONONOYES
Fidelity Global Industrials A EURLU0114722902EuroLuxembourgMSCI World/Energy NR USD 33.330% + MSCI World/Industrials NR USD 33.340% + MSCI World/Materials NR USD 33.330%1,5133.550.414NOYES??
Fidelity Global Technology A-EURLU0099574567EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD1,
Fidelity Global TeleComms A EUR IncLU0099575291EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Telecom Services NR USD1,5141.890.447NONONOYES
Fidelity Greater China A-USDLU0048580855US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,5430.477.428NONONOYES
Fidelity Iberia E-Acc-EURLU0115765678EuroLuxembourgMSCI Spain NR USD 80.000% + MSCI Portugal NR USD 20.000%1,5641.951.388NOYES??
Fidelity India Focus A-EURLU0197230542EuroLuxembourgMSCI India 8% Capped1,51.340.571.940NOYES??
Fidelity Indonesia A-USDLU0055114457US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Indonesia IMI Capped at 8%1,5398.620.224NOYES??
Fidelity Inst Euro Blue Chip I-Acc-EURLU0195659551EuroLuxembourg0,886.695.794YESNO??
Fidelity Inst Europn Larger Co I-Acc-EURLU0195661375EuroLuxembourg0,859.410.297YESNO??
Fidelity Inst Japan I-Acc-JPYLU0195660641Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY0,8156.586.827NOYES??
Fidelity Instl AmericaGB0003367504Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 Composite TR USD0,8306.420.872NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl Emerg MktsGB0003368577Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR USD11.857.696.545NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl Europe ex UKGB0003368353Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD0,8549.146.799NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl Glbl FocGB0034204569Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD0,8143.095.237NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl JapanGB0003371399Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY0,8448.753.475NOYES??
Fidelity Instl Pacific ex JapanGB0009505479Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Pacific Ex Japan NR USD0,8103.005.714NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl Pan EuropeanGB0031059792Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe NR EUR0,8302.671.682NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl Sel Glbl EqGB0031406241Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World PR USD0,8512.146.136NONONOYES
Fidelity Instl South East AsiaGB0003371407Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,8259.260.131NONOYESNO
Fidelity Instl UKGB0003373668Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,8506.261.530NOYES??
Fidelity International A-USDLU0048584097US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,51.686.054.280NONONOYES
Fidelity Italy A-EURLU0048584766EuroLuxembourgMSCI Italy 10/40 NR EUR1,5830.207.318NOYES??
Fidelity Japan AccGB0003877817Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1,5119.434.119NOYES??
Fidelity Japan Advantage A-JPYLU0161332480Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,5247.170.145NOYES??
Fidelity Japan A-JPYLU0048585144Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,5307.634.879NOYES??
Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies A AccGB0003860565Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell/Nomura Mid Small TR USD1,5126.835.830NOYES??
Fidelity Japan Smaller Cos A-JPYLU0048587603Japanese YenLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Mid Small TR USD1,5172.669.290NOYES??
Fidelity Korea ALU0061324488US DollarLuxembourgKRX KOSPI (Capped 8%) Korea PR KRW1,5116.749.985NOYES??
Fidelity Latin America A-USDLU0050427557US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,5648.327.912NONOYESNO
Fidelity Malaysia A-USDLU0048587868US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Malaysia IMI NR USD1,561.428.157NONONOYES
Fidelity MondeFR0000172363EuroFranceMSCI World Ex Europe NR EUR 50.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 50.000%186.896.260NOYES??
Fidelity MoneyBuilder DividendGB0003860904Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP11.255.593.048NOYES??
Fidelity MoneyBuilder GrowthGB0003863353Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1716.275.047NOYES??
Fidelity Nordic A-SEKLU0048588080Swedish KronaLuxembourgFTSE World Nordic TR EUR1,5368.239.792NONOYESNO
Fidelity Pacific A USDLU0049112450US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Pacific NR USD1,52.012.338.791NONOYESNO
Fidelity Selection Internationale A-EURLU0103193743EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD 40.000% + MSCI World NR USD 60.000%0,75156.495.515NOYES??
Fidelity Singapore A-USDLU0048588163US DollarLuxembourgFTSE ST All Share TR USD1,571.780.377NOYES??
Fidelity Special SituationsGB0003875100Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,53.372.762.994NOYES??
Fidelity Switzerland A-CHFLU0054754816Swiss FrancLuxembourgMSCI Switzerland NR LCL1,5252.938.964NONOYESNO
Fidelity Taiwan A-USDLU0075458603US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Taiwan 8% Capped1,5126.812.710NOYES??
Fidelity Thailand A-USDLU0048621477US DollarLuxembourgSET TR THB1,5339.586.963NOYES??
Fidelity UK SelectGB0003864542Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5624.975.167NOYES??
Fidelity United Kingdom A-GBPLU0048621717Pound SterlingLuxembourgFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,595.376.089NOYES??
Fidelity World A-EURLU0069449576EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,51.228.533.681NONOYESNO
Fides EuropaLU0147480593EuroLuxembourgN/A2,1952.164.413YESNO??
Fideuram Fd Equity EuropeLU0096628044EuroLuxembourgMSCI PanEuro NR USD1,8148.114.875NONONOYES
Fideuram Fd Equity Glb Emerging MarketsLU0096650485EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR2,15117.282.300NONONOYES
Fideuram Fd Equity JapanLU0096650055EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,861.825.184NONOYESNO
Fideuram Fd Equity USALU0096628390EuroLuxembourgMSCI USA Hdg PR EUR1,8395.384.261NONOYESNO
FIM EuropeFI0008801402EuroFinlandEURO STOXX NR EUR1,8103.295.900NOYES??
FIM FennoFI0008800339EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Benchmark GR EUR1,565.783.363NOYES??
FIM Global C AccFI0008802517EuroFinlandMSCI ACWI NR EUR159.751.493NONOYESNO
FIM USAFI0008800644EuroFinlandMSCI USA NR USD1,5117.149.461NONOYESNO
Findlay Park American USDIE0002458671US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Net 30% TR USD19.850.428.820NOYES??
Finovaleur A1FR0010413989EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR0,9144.446.049NOYES??
First Private Euro Dividenden STAUFER ADE0009779611EuroGermanyEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,5227.414.723NOYES??
First Private Europa Aktien ULM ADE0009795831EuroGermanyMSCI Europe PR EUR1,5402.288.246NONOYESNO
First State Asian Eq Plus I IncIE0032834883US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,52.490.163.744NONOYESNO
First State Asian Growth IIIE0004811117US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5522.068.687NONOYESNO
First State China Growth II AccIE0004811224US DollarIrelandMSCI China NR USD1,53.502.753.041NONOYESNO
First State Global Resources B AccGB0033737767Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Global Mining TR USD 75.000% + MSCI World/Energy NR USD 25.000%0,75606.967.251NOYES??
First State Greater China Gr IIE0031814852US DollarIrelandMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,5508.548.099NONOYESNO
First State Greater China Growth BGB0033874321Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1515.117.296NONOYESNO
First State Hong Kong Growth IIIIE0008375762US DollarIrelandMSCI Hong Kong NR USD1149.165.180NONOYESNO
First State Indian Subcontinent IIIE0004811448US DollarIrelandMSCI India NR USD3323.593.682NONOYESNO
First State Singapore and Malaysia Gr IIE0031814969US DollarIrelandMSCI Singapore NR USD 50.000% + MSCI Malaysia NR USD 50.000%1,548.692.356NOYES??
FL/Newton Global Equity EP PenGB0030002561Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,587.434.580NONOYESNO
FL/Newton Global Equity EP S2 PenGB0033644245Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,587.434.580NOYES??
FL/Newton Global Equity Inet PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,581.667.769NOYES??
FL/Newton Global Equity PenGB00B012G957Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,581.667.769NONOYESNO
FL/Newton Global Equity S3 EP PenGB00B0Z1MX48Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,587.434.580NONOYESNO
Fonbilbao Acciones FIES0126906033EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,45162.467.429NOYES??
Foncier Investissement RDFR0010026310EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe NR EUR0,9104.302.000NOYES??
Fondak A EURDE0008471012EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,71.851.370.300NOYES??
Fondersel EuropaIT0001012498EuroItalyMSCI Europe NR USD1,7558.954.647NONONOYES
Fondersel P.M.I.IT0000386489EuroItalyFTSE MIB TR EUR 50.000% + FTSE Italia MidCap TR EUR 50.000%1,7598.777.397NOYES??
Fondis EURDE0008471020EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD1,65236.592.385NONOYESNO
Fondita 2000+ AFI0008802889EuroFinlandNot Benchmarked276.434.625YESNO??
Fondita Nordic Small Cap AFI0008802863EuroFinlandCarnegie Small CSX Return Nordic GR EUR2195.796.234NOYES??
Fonditalia Equity EuropeLU0058495945EuroLuxembourgMSCI PanEuro NR USD1,9742.553.182NONOYESNO
Fonditalia Equity Global Emerg MktsLU0109666981EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD2,15440.016.794NONONOYES
Fonditalia Equity Global High Dividend RLU0109666478EuroLuxembourgMSCI World High Dividend Yield NR USD2,5929.879.781NONOYESNO
Fonditalia Equity ItalyLU0058495788EuroLuxembourgComit Gbl R, Italian Stock Exch1,9703.294.101NOYES??
Fonditalia Equity JapanLU0058496752EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,9198.433.105NONOYESNO
Fonditalia Equity Pacific ex JapanLU0058496836EuroLuxembourgMSCI Paci Free ex JP (EUR)1,9202.922.272NOYES??
Fonditalia Equity USA Blue ChipLU0058496679EuroLuxembourgMSCI USA NR EUR1,9477.666.965NONONOYES
Fondmapfre Bolsa América FIES0138658036EuroSpainS&P 500 NR EUR2,25170.070.145NONONOYES
Fondmapfre Bolsa Asia FIES0138298031EuroSpainN/A1,7551.021.001YESNO??
Fondmapfre Dividendo FIES0178520039EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,2564.788.529NOYES??
Fondmapfre Estrategia 35 FIES0165198039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,2553.836.729NOYES??
Fondmapfre Multiselección FIES0138445038EuroSpainNot Benchmarked1,7559.387.208YESNO??
Fondo Alto America AzionarioIT0001338414EuroItalyS&P 500 Composite NR EUR 85.000% + JPM GBI US Traded TR USD 15.000%1,9127.927.087NOYES??
Fondo Alto AzionarioIT0001051991EuroItalyMTS tasso fisso B/T 15.000% + DJ EURO STOXX 85.000%1,959.877.177NOYES??
Fondo Alto Internazionale AzionarioIT0001338489EuroItalyJPM GBI Global TR EUR 15.000% + Morgan Stanley World 85.000%1,964.879.533NOYES??
Fondo Alto Pacifico AzionarioIT0001338521EuroItalyMorgan Stanley CI Pacific 85.000% + JPM GBI Japan Traded TR USD 15.000%1,967.386.748NOYES??
Fondonorte Eurobolsa FIES0138494036EuroSpainMSCI Euro NR EUR1,2584.821.917NOYES??
Fourpoints America RH EURFR0007028287EuroFranceS&P 500 NR USD2,257.176.429NONOYESNO
FPM Fds Stockp Germany All Cap CLU0124167924EuroLuxembourgHDAX TR EUR0,986.992.581NOYES??
FPM Fds Stockp Germany Small/Mid Cap CLU0207947044EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,2550.042.105YESNO??
France Epargne Actions DFR0007468764EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR0,7577.125.000NOYES??
Frankfurter-Sparinvest DekaDE0008480732EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,2568.552.359NOYES??
Franklin Biotechnology Discv A Acc $LU0109394709US DollarLuxembourgNASDAQ Biotechnology PR USD11.855.813.663NOYES??
Franklin European Growth A Acc EURLU0122612848EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1645.457.971NONOYESNO
Franklin European Sm-Md Cap Gr A Acc EURLU0138075311EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe SMID NR EUR1527.851.705NONOYESNO
Franklin Global Growth A Acc USDLU0122613069US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD164.172.837NONOYESNO
Franklin Global Small-Mid Cap Gr A Acc $LU0144644332US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World Small Cap NR USD1158.838.914NONOYESNO
Franklin Japan A Acc JPYLU0116920520Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1230.128.903NOYES??
Franklin Mutual Beacon A Acc USDLU0070302665US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1592.687.982NONOYESNO
Franklin Mutual European A Acc USDLU0109981661US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR11.682.016.777NONOYESNO
Franklin Technology A Acc USDLU0109392836US DollarLuxembourgBofAML Technology 100 PR USD1863.755.298NOYES??
Franklin US Equity A Acc USDLU0098860363US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1415.501.265NONONOYES
Franklin US Opportunities A Acc USDLU0109391861US DollarLuxembourgRussell 3000 Growth TR USD12.931.129.393NOYES??
Franklin US Small-Mid Cap Growth A Acc $LU0122613226US DollarLuxembourgRussell Mid Cap Growth TR USD1142.373.255NOYES??
Fructi Actions Européennes CFR0000976292EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,45242.441.760NOYES??
Fructi Actions France CFR0000437774EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR2,04772.767.000NOYES??
Fructi France Small et Mid Cap CFR0000437741EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,566.657.000NOYES??
Fructifonds Valeurs du Japon RFR0000437824EuroFranceMSCI Japan NR EUR2,39135.111.001NONONOYES
Fructifrance Euro CFR0000029563EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR0,9261.384.001NOYES??
FT EuropaDynamik (P)DE0008478181EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,5223.684.110NOYES??
FT Frankfurt-Effekten-FondsDE0008478058EuroGermanyMSCI Germany NR EUR1,51.922.740.558NONONOYES
FT InterSpezialDE0008478009EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,5207.981.134NONOYESNO
Fundamental Invest Stock PickDK0016272602Danish KroneDenmarkNot Benchmarked3,5155.019.874YESNO??
Fundquest Europe Opportunities ClassicFR0010376848EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8196.119.013NOYES??
Fürst Fugger Privatbank Wachstum OPDE0009799452EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked2301.889.460YESNO??
FvS Global Quality FLU0097333701EuroLuxembourgN/A1,1282.923.041YESNO??
Gallica CFR0010031195EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR2,39135.022.999NOYES??
GAM Global Diversified AccGB0002426640Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World GR GBP1,5629.764.607NOYES??
GAM North American Growth AccGB0002423852Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5308.804.904NONOYESNO
GAM Star (Lux) - European MomentumLU0129523923EuroLuxembourgFTSE Eurotop 100 TR EUR1,7554.920.000NOYES??
GAM Star European Equity CHF AccIE0008505517Swiss FrancIrelandMSCI Europe NR USD1,7189.609.227NONOYESNO
GAM Star Japan Equity EUR B AccIE0003010158EuroIrelandTopix TR JPY1,7133.915.787NOYES??
GAM UK Diversified AccGB0002426426Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5322.043.270NOYES??
Gamax Asia Pacific ALU0039296719EuroLuxembourgMSCI Australia PR USD 10.000% + MSCI Japan PR USD 70.000% + MSCI China PR LCL 10.000% + MSCI India PR USD 10.000%1,583.613.779NOYES??
Gamax Funds Junior ALU0073103748EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Growth NR USD1,5156.055.826NONOYESNO
GEFIP DynamiqueFR0000974685EuroFranceMSCI World GR EUR1,79102.907.030NONOYESNO
Generali Audace EuropeFR0007475959EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,95123.729.203NOYES??
Generali Euro Stock Selection AAT0000810528EuroAustriaEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1105.479.136NOYES??
Generali Euro-Actions DFR0010075341EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,299.833.602NOYES??
Generali Europe Mid-CapsFR0007064357EuroFranceSTOXX Europe TMI Mid NR EUR1,95111.018.587NOYES??
Generali France Small Caps CFR0007064324EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,8144.263.876NOYES??
Generali Japon PFR0007064449EuroFranceMSCI Japan NR EUR1,9557.309.481NOYES??
Generali Komfort Dynamik EuropaLU0100847093EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,51.046.572.253YESNO??
Generali Komfort Dynamik GlobalLU0100847929EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Free PR USD1,5785.940.746NOYES??
Generali Pacifique PFR0007064431EuroFranceMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR EUR1,95119.639.756NOYES??
Generali Séquence 100FR0007057070EuroFranceMSCI USA NR EUR 40.000% + MSCI Japan NR EUR 10.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 50.000%1,861.747.969NOYES??
Generalpart DisLU0006371784EuroLuxembourgLUXX 30.000% + BBgBarc Euro Agg 500MM TR EUR 50.000% + MSCI World PR USD 20.000%1,569.334.546NOYES??
Global Advantage Emerging Mkts Hi Val ALU0047906267EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR1,5117.010.402NONOYESNO
Global Advantage Major Mkts Hi Val ALU0044747169EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,25172.255.634NONOYESNO
GlobalAccess Europe ex-UK Alpha M€ IncIE00B01VBV94EuroIrelandMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD0,9407.542.071NONOYESNO
GlobalAccess Pacific Rim ex-Jap M$ IncIE00B01VBZ33US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,9105.465.833NONOYESNO
GlobalAccess UK Alpha M £ IncIE00B01VB752Pound SterlingIrelandFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,987.320.022NOYES??
GlobalAccess UK Opportunities M £ IncIE00B01VBC06Pound SterlingIrelandFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,9182.540.592NOYES??
Globersel EquityLU0012092564EuroLuxembourgBofAML Euro Government Bill 5.000% + MSCI World Developed Market 95.000%1,75229.431.808NOYES??
GMO Emerging Markets EqIE0031841160US DollarIrelandS&P/IFCI Composite TR USD0,96335.009.518NOYES??
GOLDEN ROOF Welt TAT0000817945EuroAustriaMSCI Japan Hdg PR EUR 7.000% + MSCI North America Hdg PR EUR 35.000% + MSCI Europe NR EUR 45.000% + MSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD 13.000%1,4585.137.857NOYES??
Green Effects NAI-Werte FondsIE0005895655EuroIrelandISEQ Overall PR EUR0,7555.429.367NOYES??
Groupama Avenir Euro IFR0000990038EuroFranceMSCI EMU Small Cap NR EUR1,6933.001.055NONOYESNO
Groupama Croissance IFR0000029837EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR0,95114.040.057NOYES??
Groupama France Stock ICFR0000989782EuroFranceMSCI France NR EUR2107.432.251NONONOYES
Groupama US Equities IFR0007067970US DollarFranceS&P 500 NR USD1,1147.490.458NONOYESNO
GS Asia Equity Base IncLU0050126431US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,594.415.154NOYES??
GS Emerging Mkts Eq Base IncLU0083344555US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,751.309.075.424NONOYESNO
GS Europe CORE Equity Base IncLU0102219945EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,25185.956.945NONOYESNO
GS Europe Eq Ptnrs Port Base €LU0068894848EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5390.917.071NOYES??
GS Japan Equity Base IncLU0065003666Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,51.332.207.101NOYES??
GS US CORE Equity Base Snap IncLU0065004045US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,25397.872.298NONONOYES
GS&P Fonds Family Business RLU0179106983EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,3119.021.446NOYES??
Gudme Raaschou ClassicsDK0010235431Danish KroneDenmarkSTOXX Europe 50 NR USD222.966.494NOYES??
Gudme Raaschou Nordic AlphaDK0010310317Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Nordic Countries NR USD215.051.212NONOYESNO
Gudme Raaschou SelectionDK0010274760Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD238.890.709NONOYESNO
Gustavia Balkan SEKSE0001091000Swedish KronaSwedenSTOXX Balkan TMI NR USD2,515.052.035NOYES??
Gustavia Sverige SEKSE0001091018Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,535.846.465NOYES??
GVQ UK Focus IIE0033377494Pound SterlingIrelandFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75390.371.412NOYES??
H&A Aktien Small Cap EMU BLU0100177426EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,551.801.927YESNO??
HAIG MB Max ValueLU0121803570EuroLuxembourgFSE DAX TR EUR1,980.994.500NOYES??
Halifax Ethical CGB0031811622Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,5183.046.023NOYES??
Halifax European CGB0031810764Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5428.386.919NONONOYES
Halifax Far East CGB0031810988Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW AP Ex JPN TR GBP1,5245.261.692NONONOYES
Halifax Fd of Inv Tr CGB0031811739Pound SterlingUnited KingdomComposite1,5419.524.584NOYES??
Halifax Intl Growth CGB0031811408Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,
Halifax Japanese CGB0031811390Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Japan TR GBP1,5114.924.715NONONOYES
Halifax North American CGB0031810871Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5544.285.888NONONOYES
Halifax Smaller Companies CGB0031811846Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE All Small Ex Invt Trust TR GBP1,5165.557.324NOYES??
Halifax Special Situations CGB0031811952Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5156.338.376NOYES??
Halifax UK Equity Income CGB0031810541Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,52.805.241.014NOYES??
Handelsbanken America Small CapLU0011843421US DollarLuxembourgMSCI US Small Cap Growth NR USD1,5576.042.265NONOYESNO
Handelsbanken Amerika TemaSE0000355828Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI USA Select Gbl Norms & Criteria NR1,6860.961.948NOYES??
Handelsbanken AsienfondSE0000356073Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5585.787.035NONOYESNO
Handelsbanken BostadsrätternaSE0000355968Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,5104.399.703NOYES??
Handelsbanken Europa TemaSE0000396574Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Eur Select Gbl Norms & Criteria NR1,6337.124.936NOYES??
Handelsbanken Global Tema (A1 SEK)SE0000356263Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI ACWI Select Gbl Norms & Criteria NR1,41.994.741.815NOYES??
Handelsbanken JapanfondSE0000356099Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Japan NR USD1,6153.861.042NONOYESNO
Handelsbanken LäkemedelSE0000735375Swedish KronaSwedenHMNI SWE All Mortgage Dur 2.5Y 30.000% + HMNI Sweden All Gov Dur Const 6y 70.000%1,5190.749.857NOYES??
Handelsbanken LatinamerikafondSE0000356107Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Latin America 10-40 NR USD1,6383.582.257NOYES??
Handelsbanken NordenfondSE0000356230Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,51.831.605.487NOYES??
Handelsbanken Nordiska SmåbolagSE0000522724Swedish KronaSwedenSIX NORDIX Small Port Nordic Net1,61.441.162.703NOYES??
Handelsbanken Offensiv 100SE0001192600Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK 50.000% + MSCI ACWI NR USD 50.000%1,6834.394.166NOYES??
Handelsbanken ÖsteuropafondSE0000356271Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Europe 10-40 NR USD1,6119.252.628NOYES??
Handelsbanken Svenska SmåbolagSE0000356065Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,51.833.349.987NOYES??
Handelsbanken SverigefondSE0000582033Swedish KronaSwedenSIX SRI Sweden Index GI11.039.713.750NOYES??
Handelsbanken Tillväxtmarknad TemaSE0000429748Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Select Gbl Norms & Criteria NR1,61.200.759.413NOYES??
Handelsinvest DanmarkDK0010232768Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK3150.238.105NOYES??
Handelsinvest EuropaDK0015809065Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD373.620.384NONOYESNO
Handelsinvest FjernøstenDK0015994453Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD388.434.012NONONOYES
Handelsinvest VerdenDK0010157296Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD3218.866.182NONOYESNO
HANSAeuropaDE0008479155EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 PR EUR1,582.709.000NOYES??
Harris Associates Glbl Eq Fd I/A USDLU0130103749US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,41.608.063.123NONOYESNO
Harris Associates US Equity Fd I/A USDLU0130102931US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,2341.636.073NONOYESNO
Henderson Asia Pac Capital Gr I AccGB0007681603Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN GR USD0,75207.295.079NONOYESNO
Henderson Asian Dividend Income IncGB0003243465Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN GR USD1,25157.566.866NONOYESNO
Henderson China Opportunities A GBP AccGB0031860934Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Zhong Hua GR USD1,5600.212.969NONOYESNO
Henderson EMs Opportunities A GBP AccGB0031861015Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM GR USD1,5308.514.497NONOYESNO
Henderson European Focus A AccGB0031860595Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5563.457.982NONOYESNO
Henderson Eurp Growth I GBP Acc InstGB0030617699Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP0,751.077.747.001NONOYESNO
Henderson Eurp Selected Opps A AccGB0032437948Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,52.346.304.379NONOYESNO
Henderson Eurp Smaller Coms I AccGB0007476426Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Smlr Europe Ex UK TR USD0,7591.254.646NOYES??
Henderson Gartmore Cont Eurp I AccLU0113993397EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR14.043.365.650NONONOYES
Henderson Gartmore EMs R EUR AccLU0113993801EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR1,591.997.434NONOYESNO
Henderson Gartmore Glbl Gr R EUR AccLU0200076213EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD251.173.719NONOYESNO
Henderson Gartmore Latin Am R EUR AccLU0200080918EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,557.030.102NONONOYES
Henderson Gartmore PanEur Smr Cms B AccLU0135928611EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK NR USD1,5117.522.827NOYES??
Henderson Global Care Growth I IncGB0005030043Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP0,75616.861.573NOYES??
Henderson Global Care UK Income I IncGB0005030373Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75191.369.238NOYES??
Henderson Global Equity Income A GBP IncGB0031250524Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World GR USD1,5944.556.729NONOYESNO
Henderson Global Financials A GBP AccGB0031919342Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Financials TR GBP1,570.730.924NOYES??
Henderson Global Growth AccGB0007018194Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI GR USD1,5500.759.156NONOYESNO
Henderson Global Technology I AccGB0007716078Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI/Information Technology GR USD0,75643.977.566NONOYESNO
Henderson Horizon Euroland A2 EUR AccLU0011889846EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,51.452.814.434NONOYESNO
Henderson Horizon Glb Tech A2 USD AccLU0070992663US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD1,21.891.505.013NONONOYES
Henderson Horizon GlbPty Eqs I2 USD AccLU0209137628US DollarLuxembourgFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed NR USD1376.562.100NOYES??
Henderson Horizon Japan Opps A2 USD AccLU0011889929US DollarLuxembourgTSE1 TR Tokyo1,250.249.685NOYES??
Henderson Horizon Jpns Smr Cms A2$AccLU0011890265US DollarLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Small Cap TR USD1,2385.650.612NOYES??
Henderson Horizon PanEur Smr Cms A2€AccLU0046217351EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK TR USD1,2444.149.755NOYES??
Henderson Horizon PanEurpEq A2 EUR AccLU0138821268EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Europe TR EUR1,23.603.520.743NONOYESNO
Henderson Horizon PanEurPtyEqs A2€AccLU0088927925EuroLuxembourgFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Dv Eur Capped NR EUR1,2307.396.141NOYES??
Henderson UK & Irish Smaller Coms A AccGB0032442252Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis & AIM Index1,5187.800.081NOYES??
Henderson UK Alpha I GBP AccGB0030956832Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75470.852.773NOYES??
Henderson UK Eq Inc & Gr I IncGB0007493470Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75557.514.397NOYES??
Henderson UK Smaller Companies A AccGB0007447286Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,5146.915.076NONOYESNO
Henderson US Growth AccGB0032438466Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5339.973.009NONOYESNO
Henderson World Select I AccGB0007692485Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World GR USD0,75181.763.381NONOYESNO
Hermes Linder Fund AMT0000078387EuroMalta1231.798.767YESNO??
Horizon Actions Monde CFR0010091173EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR1112.214.736NOYES??
HSBC Actions Europe ACFR0000427809EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,6442.417.696NONOYESNO
HSBC Actions France ACFR0000439226EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,6392.233.992NOYES??
HSBC Actions Internationales GFR0000438905EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR1,5151.658.177NONOYESNO
HSBC Actions Monde CFR0000421109EuroFranceMSCI World Hdg PR EUR1,5138.520.313NONOYESNO
HSBC Actions Patrimoine ADFR0010143552EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR1,6299.916.807NOYES??
HSBC Asian Growth Retail IncGB0000199769Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD1,567.633.945NONOYESNO
HSBC Euro Actions ACFR0000971319EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,6353.265.087NONONOYES
HSBC Euro PME ACFR0000442329EuroFranceMSCI EMU Small Cap NR EUR2,363.913.978NOYES??
HSBC Europe Equity Income ACFR0010043216EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8288.428.212NONOYESNO
HSBC Europe Small & Mid Cap ACFR0000990665EuroFranceMSCI Europe SMID NR EUR1,877.978.924NONOYESNO
HSBC European Growth Retail IncomeGB0000194935Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5253.663.199NONOYESNO
HSBC GIF Asia ex Japan Equity ADLU0043850808US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5274.154.480NONOYESNO
HSBC GIF Asia ex Jpn Eq Smlr Coms ACLU0164939612US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex JPN Small NR USD1,5750.344.563NONOYESNO
HSBC GIF Asia Pac ex Jpn Eq HiDiv ACLU0197773160US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,5130.306.684NONOYESNO
HSBC GIF BRIC Equity M1CLU0205170342US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Brazil NR USD 25.000% + MSCI China NR USD 25.000% + MSCI India NR USD 25.000% + MSCI Russia NR USD 25.000%1378.064.642NOYES??
HSBC GIF Chinese Equity ADLU0039217434US DollarLuxembourgMSCI China 10/40 NR USD1,51.326.848.757NONONOYES
HSBC GIF Euroland Eq SmallerCompanies ACLU0165073775EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU SMID NR USD1,5246.038.283NOYES??
HSBC GIF Euroland Equity ACLU0165074666EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5678.831.964NOYES??
HSBC GIF European Equity PDLU0047473722EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1155.645.847NOYES??
HSBC GIF Global Em Mkts Equity ADLU0054450605US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,5163.088.785NOYES??
HSBC GIF Hong Kong Equity PDLU0011817854US DollarLuxembourgFTSE MPF Hong Kong TR HKD1195.911.580NOYES??
HSBC GIF Indian Equity ADLU0066902890US DollarLuxembourgS&P/IFCI India TR USD1,51.513.039.671NONOYESNO
HSBC Income Retail IncomeGB0000154913Pound SterlingUnited KingdomOffshore RMB Overnight Deposit1,5233.628.849NOYES??
HSBC Sustainable Euroland Equity A A/IFR0000437113EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,6208.095.571NONONOYES
HSBC UK Growth & Income Retail AccGB0000189950Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.044.681.766NOYES??
HYPO Weltportfolio Aktien AAT0000708318EuroAustriaMSCI World PR USD0,75173.665.488NOYES??
Ibercaja Bolsa A FIES0147186037EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,595.181.492NOYES??
Ibercaja Bolsa Europa A FIES0130705033EuroSpainRepo mes sobre Deuda Pública 5.000% + FTSE Eurotop 100 TR USD 95.000%1,5154.255.982NOYES??
Ibercaja Nuevas Oportunidades A FIES0147076030EuroSpainRepo 1 día 5.000% + Morgan Stanley World 95.000%1,961.250.911NOYES??
Ibercaja Sanidad A FIES0147195038EuroSpainMXCI Europe Health Care 35.000% + MSCI New Gbl Ind Wld Health 60.000% + Repo 1M 5.000%1,997.400.581NOYES??
Ibercaja Selección Bolsa A FIES0147077038EuroSpainRepo 1 día 5.000% + Morgan Stanley World 95.000%2,25113.887.089NOYES??
Ibercaja Small Caps A FIES0130708037EuroSpainRepo Mes 5.000% + MSCI Capital Intl European SC 95.000%2120.238.440NOYES??
Ibercaja Tecnológico A FIES0147644035EuroSpainMSCI World Telecomunication 40.000% + MSCI Europe Information Tech 20.000% + MSCI World Infor Tech 35.000% + Repo 1M 5.000%1,964.071.004NOYES??
IFDC Japan Dynamic A JPYLU0011809679Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY3,5182.185.595NOYES??
Impax Environmental Mkts Ire A GBP AccIE00B04R3307Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI World Small Cap NR USD1160.105.893NONOYESNO
Independance et Expansion Small Cap X(C)LU0104337620EuroLuxembourgEuronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR1,95202.904.642NOYES??
Independent GlobalDK0060549277Danish KroneDenmarkNot Benchmarked2,545.576.528YESNO??
Indosuez Europe Expansion PCFR0007371703EuroFranceMSCI Europe Growth NR EUR1,6142.559.938NOYES??
Indosuez Europe Patrimoine PD A/IFR0007076641EuroFranceMSCI Europe Value NR EUR2194.261.808NOYES??
INTECH US Core I USD AccIE0032747168US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR EUR0,95113.482.069NONONOYES
Interfund Eq Global Emerging MktsLU0109669738EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Free USD conv. EUR1,25579.715.793NOYES??
Interfund Eq Pacific ex JapanLU0074299750EuroLuxembourgMSCI Pacific Free Ex JPUSD conv. EUR1,25231.923.524NOYES??
Interfund Equity EuropeLU0074299321EuroLuxembourgMSCI PanEuro NR USD1,25539.842.267NONOYESNO
Interfund Equity ItalyLU0074298604EuroLuxembourgComit Gbl R Italian Stock Exch1,25335.606.896NOYES??
Interfund Equity JapanLU0074299248EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan PR LCL1,25335.941.780NONOYESNO
Interfund Equity USALU0074298943EuroLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,55898.684.271NONONOYES
Interfund Equity USA AdvantageLU0006040116EuroLuxembourgComit Gbl R Italian Stock Exch 10.000% + MSCI World NR EUR 60.000% + Citi EMU GBI 1-5 Yr EUR 30.000%1,9516.867.265NOYES??
InterStock AAT0000859855EuroAustriaN/A1,286.551.863YESNO??
Invesco ASEAN Equity CIE0003702424US DollarIrelandMSCI South East Asia NR USD1141.792.684NONONOYES
Invesco Asia Opportunities Equity C USDLU0100597474US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD182.674.043NONOYESNO
Invesco Asian Equity CIE0030382026US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD11.275.083.736NONOYESNO
Invesco Cont European Equity CIE0030382240EuroIrelandMstar GIF OS Eur ex-UK Large Eqt173.310.075NOYES??
Invesco Cont European Sm Cp Eq CIE0003708223US DollarIrelandEuromoney Smlr Europe Ex UK TR USD1,5381.014.582NOYES??
Invesco Emerging Mkts Equity AIE0003600727US DollarIrelandMSCI EM NR USD259.393.143NONOYESNO
Invesco Energy C CapLU0123358144US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Energy NR USD1173.711.896NONOYESNO
Invesco Europa Core AktienfondsDE0008470337EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR180.489.477NONOYESNO
Invesco Global Health Care CIE0003824301US DollarIrelandMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,5460.695.913NONOYESNO
Invesco Global Leisure ALU0052864419US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Consumer Disc NR USD1,5259.737.119NONOYESNO
Invesco Global Small Cap Eq CIE0003594904US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI Small NR USD1371.500.310NONOYESNO
Invesco Global Technology CIE0003708009US DollarIrelandNASDAQ Composite TR USD1111.819.379NOYES??
Invesco Greater China Equity ALU0048816135US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,5879.238.514NONOYESNO
Invesco Japanese Equity Core CIE0030382687US DollarIrelandTopix TR JPY1380.100.757NOYES??
Invesco Korean Equity CIE0003713199US DollarIrelandKRX KOSPI Korea PR KRW1,5117.941.553NOYES??
Invesco Nippon Small/Mid Cap Eq A AccLU0028119526Japanese YenLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Small Cap TR JPY1,588.029.646NOYES??
Invesco Pacific Equity CIE0003600503US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Pacific NR USD1114.223.271NONOYESNO
Invesco Pan European Equity A AccLU0028118809EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,52.945.675.718NONOYESNO
Invesco Pan European Sm Cap Eq ALU0028119013EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK TR USD1,5130.094.552NOYES??
Invesco Pan Eurp Structured Eq CLU0119753134EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,85.978.114.533NONOYESNO
Invesco PRC Equity A-AD USDIE0003583568US DollarIrelandMSCI China 10/40 NR USD1,75629.426.571NONONOYES
Invesco UK Equity A IncIE0030382794Pound SterlingIrelandMstar GIF OS UK Large Blend Eq1,5193.117.655NOYES??
Invesco US Structured Equity ELU0149505165EuroLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,591.928.615NONOYESNO
Invest EurolandDE0009757914EuroGermanyEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5149.493.963NOYES??
Invest GlobalDE0009757922EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,5118.300.828NONOYESNO
Investec American A Acc Net GBPGB0032033341Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 NR GBP1,5136.646.403NONOYESNO
Investec Asia ex Japan A Acc NetGB0031141913Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5201.763.946NONOYESNO
Investec Global Dynamic A Acc Net USDGB00B01NJ778US DollarUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5657.020.335NONOYESNO
Investec Global Energy I Acc Net GBPGB00B049PC91Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI/Energy NR USD0,75101.698.039NONOYESNO
Investec Global Strat Eq A Acc Net GBPGB0031141806Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5757.686.805NONOYESNO
Investec GSF Asian Eq A Inc USDLU0345776255US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,51.878.163.191NONOYESNO
Investec GSF European Eq A USD IncLU0345777659US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Europe 100% Hdg NR USD1,
Investec GSF Glbl Dyn A Acc USDLU0345772692US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5512.451.044NONOYESNO
Investec GSF Glbl Energy A Inc USDLU0345779515US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Energy NR USD1,5735.953.945NONOYESNO
Investec GSF Glbl Eq A Inc USDLU0345769631US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5590.906.102NONOYESNO
Investec GSF Glbl Gold A Inc USDLU0345780521US DollarLuxembourgEuromoney Global Gold TR1,5286.253.208NOYES??
Investec GSF Glbl Str Eq A Inc USDLU0345770993US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,51.299.842.575NONOYESNO
Investec GSF UK Alpha A Inc GBPLU0345775364Pound SterlingLuxembourgFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5176.010.784NOYES??
Investec UK Alpha A Acc NetGB0031075228Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.389.811.702NOYES??
Investec UK Smaller Companies A Acc NetGB0031075558Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC plus AIM, Ex IT1,5416.664.507NOYES??
Investec UK Special Situations B Inc NetGB0033063412Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP11.231.723.720NOYES??
Investitori AmericaIT0003160204EuroItalyMTS Capitalizzazione Lorda Bot 15.000% + S&P 500 NR EUR 85.000%161.686.288NOYES??
Janus Global Life Sciences I USDIE0002141913US DollarIrelandMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,51.433.113.524NONOYESNO
Janus Global Real Estate I USD IncIE0033534888US DollarIrelandFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global TR USD1105.920.581NOYES??
Janus Global Tech I USDIE0002175093US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD1,554.159.163NONOYESNO
Janus US Research I USDIE0031139383US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 TR USD0,95180.176.075NONOYESNO
Janus US Twenty A USDIE0004445239US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Growth TR USD1,25255.790.465NOYES??
Janus US Venture I USDIE0009534508US DollarIrelandRussell 2000 Growth TR USD1,5189.210.809NOYES??
JB EF Europe Focus-EUR BLU0026740844EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,2128.508.283NONOYESNO
JB EF Europe S&Mid Cap-EUR ALU0091371061EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,671.192.995NONOYESNO
JB EF Global Equity Income-EUR ALU0026742113EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,257.683.556NONOYESNO
JB EF Japan Stock-JPY ALU0044849833Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,22.137.439.931NONONOYES
JB EF Swiss S&Mid Cap-CHF ALU0038279252Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI Small&Mid Cap TR CHF1,677.469.291NONONOYES
JB EF Swiss-CHF ALU0026741578Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI TR CHF1,2153.760.068NONONOYES
JB EF US Leading-USD BLU0026741222US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,258.834.778NONOYESNO
JB Multistock German Focus Stock A EURLU0048167570EuroLuxembourgFSE CDAX TR EUR1,2132.763.499NOYES??
JOHCM Continental European B GBPIE0031005436Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR1,251.770.457.942NONOYESNO
JOHCM European Select Val A EURIE0032904330EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR0,752.653.304.569NONOYESNO
JOHCM Japan B GBPIE0034388466Pound SterlingIrelandTopix TR JPY1,25511.290.988NOYES??
JOHCM UK Equity Income A GBP AccGB00B03KR500Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,753.233.905.998NOYES??
JOHCM UK Growth B GBPIE0031005543Pound SterlingIrelandFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,25368.403.609NOYES??
JPM America Equity A (dist) USDLU0053666078US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500(TR Net of 30% withh tax)1,
JPM Asia A AccGB0030879695Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5128.244.386NONOYESNO
JPM China A (dist) USDLU0051755006US DollarLuxembourgMSCI China 10/40 NR USD1,51.091.518.904NONONOYES
JPM Em Eurp Mid East&Afr Eq A (dist) USDLU0074838565US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM EMEA NR USD1,5295.587.520NONOYESNO
JPM Emerging Europe Equity A (dist) EURLU0051759099EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe NR EUR1,5519.514.649NONOYESNO
JPM Emerging Europe Equity A Net AccGB0001655124Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM Europe NR EUR1,591.043.167NONOYESNO
JPM Emerging Markets Eq A (dist) USDLU0053685615US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,53.810.279.769NONOYESNO
JPM Emerging Markets I AccGB0030881774Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR USD11.290.778.645NONOYESNO
JPM Emerging Middle East Eq A (dist) USDLU0083573666US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Middle East NR1,593.025.588NOYES??
JPM Emerging Mkts Opps A (acc) USDLU0431992006US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,51.608.624.984NONOYESNO
JPM Euroland Equity A (dist) EURLU0089640097EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5290.744.337NONONOYES
JPM Europe A AccGB0030879141Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW Dv Europe Ex UK TR USD1,5198.910.290NONOYESNO
JPM Europe Dynamic (ex-UK) A AccGB00B02L5M76Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW Dv Europe Ex UK TR GBP1,5707.341.703NONOYESNO
JPM Europe Dynamic A (dist) EURLU0119062650EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.186.680.799NONOYESNO
JPM Europe Equity A (dist) EURLU0053685029EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1395.743.171NONONOYES
JPM Europe Select Equity A (acc) EURLU0079556006EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.100.852.341NONONOYES
JPM Europe Small Cap A (dist) EURLU0053687074EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK NR USD1,5414.655.268NOYES??
JPM Europe Smaller Companies A AccGB0030881006Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Smaller Eur ex UK1,5194.379.652NOYES??
JPM Europe Strategic Growth A (dist) EURLU0107398538EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Growth NR EUR1,5583.147.348NONOYESNO
JPM Europe Strategic Value A (dist) EURLU0107398884EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Value NR EUR1,51.379.654.563NONONOYES
JPM Europe Technology A (dist) EURLU0104030142EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe IMI IT 10/401,5143.186.228NOYES??
JPM Germany Equity A (dist) EURLU0111753843EuroLuxembourgFSE HDAX TR EUR1,5181.656.164NOYES??
JPM Gl Socially Responsible A (dist)-USDLU0111753769US DollarLuxembourgEthical Global EUR TR1,579.015.745NOYES??
JPM Glbl Natural Resources A (acc) EURLU0208853274EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Global Mining&Energy NR1,5824.064.940NOYES??
JPM Global Dynamic A (dist) GBPLU0119090438Pound SterlingLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5344.890.969NONOYESNO
JPM Global Financials A (acc) USDLU0115528548US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Financials NR USD1,5142.702.729NONOYESNO
JPM Global Financials A AccGB0030877103Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI/Financials NR USD1,5150.993.269NONOYESNO
JPM Global Focus A (dist) EURLU0168341575EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,51.623.416.011NONOYESNO
JPM Global Select Equity A (acc)-USDLU0070217475US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5176.665.523NONOYESNO
JPM Global Uncons Eq A (dist) USDLU0089639750US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5400.961.124NONOYESNO
JPM Global Unconstrained Eq A AccGB0030877871Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5320.210.052NONOYESNO
JPM Greater China A (dist) USDLU0117841782US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,5489.296.370NONONOYES
JPM Hong Kong A (dist) USDLU0117842087US DollarLuxembourgFTSE MPF Hong Kong TR HKD1,5106.617.577NOYES??
JPM India A (dist) USDLU0058908533US DollarLuxembourgMSCI India 10/40 NR USD1,5930.977.804NONONOYES
JPM Institutional Asia I AccGB0031835555Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AW AP ex Japan(Net)0,770.164.076NOYES??
JPM Japan A AccGB0030879471Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1,5315.979.526NOYES??
JPM Japan Equity A (dist) USDLU0053696224US DollarLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,52.092.314.962NOYES??
JPM Japan Select Equity A (acc) JPYLU0070214613Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,5148.326.166NOYES??
JPM Latin America Eq A (dist) USDLU0053687314US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,5769.779.737NONOYESNO
JPM Multi-Manager Growth A AccGB0030876352Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh Equity Invest Instr TR GBP1,25423.967.948NOYES??
JPM Natural Resources A AccGB0031835118Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Global Mining Gold & En NR USD1,5932.703.905NOYES??
JPM Pacific Equity A (dist) USDLU0052474979US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD1,5495.749.516NONOYESNO
JPM Singapore A (dist) USDLU0117842756US DollarLuxembourgFTSE ST All Share TR SGD1,549.337.910NOYES??
JPM Taiwan A (dist) USDLU0117843481US DollarLuxembourgTaiwan Stock Exchange1,5156.647.909NOYES??
JPM UK Dynamic A AccGB0009698001Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5194.385.570NOYES??
JPM UK Higher Inc A AccGB0030878408Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5318.437.527NOYES??
JPM UK Smaller Companies A AccGB0030880255Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5134.544.046NOYES??
JPM UK Strategic Equity Inc A AccGB0004124904Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5141.931.191NOYES??
JPM US A AccGB0030878846Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 (Net of 15% withh tax)1,5627.644.392NOYES??
JPM US Growth A (dist) GBPLU0119089182Pound SterlingLuxembourgRussell 1000 Gr(TR Net of 30% withh tax)1,5287.101.583NOYES??
JPM US Select Equity A (acc) USDLU0070214290US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500(TR Net of 30% withh tax)1,51.842.707.985NOYES??
JPM US Small Cap Growth A (dist) USDLU0053671581US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2000 Gr Net 30% Withh Tax TR1,579.762.761NOYES??
JPM US Smaller Companies A (dist) USDLU0053697206US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2000 Net of 30% withh tax1,5615.318.518NOYES??
JPM US Smaller Companies I AccGB0030880149Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 Growth Net of 15% withh tax189.145.896NOYES??
JPM US Technology A (dist) USDLU0082616367US DollarLuxembourgBofAML Technology 100 PR USD1,5211.387.632NOYES??
JPM US Value A (dist) GBPLU0119089935Pound SterlingLuxembourgRussell 1000 Val(TR Net of30% withh tax)1,52.505.059.740NOYES??
JSS EmergingSar Global P USD distLU0068337053US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,75111.757.651NONOYESNO
JSS EquiSar Global P EUR distLU0088812606EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,5187.902.600NONOYESNO
JSS EquiSar IIID EUR P EUR accLU0215909168EuroLuxembourgLIBOR EUR 3 M + 300 BP1,5108.313.378NOYES??
JSS Real Estate Equity Glbl P EUR accLU0198389784EuroLuxembourgS&P Developed Property TR EUR1,564.288.097NONONOYES
JSS Sustainable Equity Eurp P EUR distLU0058891119EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,7552.338.988NONOYESNO
JSS Sustainable Equity Glbl P EUR distLU0097427784EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,7555.816.645NONOYESNO
Jupiter Asian IncGB0006662208Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Asia Ex Japan1,561.388.348NOYES??
Jupiter EcologyGB0005812150Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,5590.470.544NOYES??
Jupiter Emerging European OppsGB0031862534Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR USD1,5116.849.067NONOYESNO
Jupiter EuropeanGB0006664683Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,54.290.333.685NONOYESNO
Jupiter European Growth L EUR AccLU0260085492EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Europe TR EUR1,
Jupiter European Opps L EUR AccLU0260086623EuroLuxembourgFTSE World Europe TR EUR1,5398.419.145NONOYESNO
Jupiter European Special SituationsGB0004911540Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,51.110.937.002NONOYESNO
Jupiter Financial Opportunities IncGB0004790191Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI/Financials NR USD1,5507.113.497NONOYESNO
Jupiter Fund of Investment TrustsGB0004795034Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh Equity Invest Instr TR GBP1,5115.878.788NOYES??
Jupiter Global Managed IncGB0002440245Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,5345.336.003NOYES??
Jupiter Growth & IncomeGB0001577351Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,592.585.625NOYES??
Jupiter Income TrustGB0004791389Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,52.517.955.823NOYES??
Jupiter North American Income IncGB0003840617Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR USD1,5411.799.324NONOYESNO
Jupiter Responsible Income AccGB0008337569Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE4Good UK Benchmark TR GBP1,576.724.375NOYES??
Jupiter UK Growth fundGB0004792130Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.617.614.929NOYES??
Jupiter UK Smaller CompaniesGB0004911870Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Plus AIM Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,582.329.461NONOYESNO
Jupiter UK Special SituationsGB0004777347Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.603.233.622NOYES??
Jyske Invest Danish Equities CLDK0016260789Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK27.872.457NOYES??
Jyske Invest Danske AktierDK0010267715Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK239.559.858NOYES??
Jyske Invest Europæiske AktierDK0010243104Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD292.737.096NONONOYES
Jyske Invest Favorit AktierDK0010277862Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2155.268.710NONOYESNO
Jyske Invest Favourite EquitiesDK0060005924EuroDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD275.109.590NONOYESNO
Jyske Invest FjernøstenDK0010240431Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD243.250.102NONOYESNO
Jyske Invest Globale AktierDK0010264027Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD2624.024.800NONOYESNO
Jyske Invest Indiske AktierDK0010303296Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI India 10/40 NR USD270.336.821NOYES??
Jyske Invest Kinesiske AktierDK0010293554Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI China 10/40 NR USD235.901.264NONONOYES
Jyske Invest Nye AktiemarkederDK0010149863Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD289.263.624NONOYESNO
Jyske Invest USA AktierDK0010251396Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD2126.444.925NONOYESNO
Kames Ethical Equity B AccGB0007450884Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75630.296.826NOYES??
Kames Global Equity B AccGB0007274516Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR EUR0,7573.586.943NONOYESNO
Kames UK Equity E AccGB0031539454EuroUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies1,5261.610.136NOYES??
Kathrein US Equity EUR R AAT0000779665EuroAustriaNot Benchmarked1,3958.944.567YESNO??
Katla Fund Global ValueLU0144717666EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR2,585.688.979NONOYESNO
KEPLER Ethik Aktienfonds R AAT0000675657EuroAustriaN/A1,8173.987.221YESNO??
KEPLER Global Aktienfonds AAT0000799820EuroAustriaN/A1,556.766.013YESNO??
KEPLER Small Cap Aktienfonds AAT0000653662EuroAustriaN/A1,857.347.167YESNO??
Klassik Aktien AAT0000961024EuroAustriaMSCI World PR EUR1,5104.634.658NONOYESNO
Klassik Invest Aktien R TAT0000820097EuroAustriaN/A259.112.349YESNO??
Köln-Aktienfonds DekaDE0008480674EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1169.891.095NOYES??
KONZEPT : ERTRAG Aktien Welt AAT0000811336EuroAustriaMSCI World PR EUR159.243.397NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa EEUU FIES0113191037EuroSpainDow Jones Industrial Average1,9411.182.097NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa Emergentes FIES0114233036EuroSpainMSCI Emerging Markets Free1,9131.203.036NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa Eurozona FIES0114221031EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,9353.134.699NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa FIES0114388038EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,982.435.237NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa Internacional FIES0113987038EuroSpainMSCI World PR EUR1,9212.655.033NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa Japón FIES0114232038EuroSpainNikkei 225 Avg TR1,9161.346.122NOYES??
Kutxabank Bolsa Sectorial FIES0114237037EuroSpainMSCI World EUR1,9274.732.429NOYES??
L&G/Pen IP Newton UK Income SH G17GB0030521271Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5157.312.906NOYES??
L&G/Pen Newton Global Equity G17GB0030521503Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,5105.830.211NONOYESNO
La Française Inflect Point Act Eur IFR0010306225EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,25278.132.135NOYES??
LähiTapiola Eurooppa AFI0008804760EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5111.437.318NONOYESNO
LähiTapiola Hyvinvointi AFI0008804745EuroFinlandMSCI World NR USD1,5211.017.664NONOYESNO
LähiTapiola Kasvu AFI0008804752EuroFinlandMSCI World NR USD1,567.046.660NONOYESNO
LähiTapiola Kehittyvät Markkinat AFI0008805924EuroFinlandMSCI EM NR USD1,7138.158.558NOYES??
LähiTapiola Kuluttaja AFI0008804737EuroFinlandMSCI World NR USD1,584.675.611NONOYESNO
LähiTapiola USA AFI0008805932EuroFinlandMSCI USA NR USD1,6176.620.320NONOYESNO
Lån & Spar Invest - DanmarkDK0010136886Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2,555.325.940NOYES??
Lån & Spar Invest - EuropaDK0010246206Danish KroneDenmarkSTOXX Europe 50 NR USD2,510.492.382NOYES??
Lån & Spar Invest - NordamerikaDK0016201502Danish KroneDenmarkSTOXX North America 50 NR USD2,511.621.395NOYES??
Lån & Spar Invest - VerdenDK0010084474Danish KroneDenmarkSTOXX Global 150 NR USD2,577.762.724NOYES??
Lannebo SmåbolagSE0000740698Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,62.088.900.543NOYES??
Lannebo SverigeSE0000740680Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,6416.070.565NOYES??
Lannebo VisionSE0000740672Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ Composite TR USD1,6180.663.217NOYES??
Länsförsäkringar Asienfond ASE0000837056Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,6255.096.496NONOYESNO
Länsförsäkringar Europa Aktiv ASE0000837353Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe NR EUR1,55282.244.135NONOYESNO
Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsfond ASE0000837338Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Real Estate1,41.326.839.516NOYES??
Länsförsäkringar Global Aktiv ASE0000837320Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI ACWI NR USD1,55285.232.506NONOYESNO
Länsförsäkringar Global Hållbar ASE0000837205Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD1,5792.354.478NONOYESNO
Länsförsäkringar Japanfond ASE0000837296Swedish KronaSwedenTopix TR JPY1,55111.739.617NOYES??
Länsförsäkringar Småbolag Sverige ASE0000837239Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,6363.201.739NOYES??
Länsförsäkringar Sverige Aktiv ASE0000837221Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Stockholm Benchmark GR SEK1,3836.454.398NOYES??
Länsförsäkringar Tillväxtmarknad Aktiv ASE0000837213Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM NR USD1,8637.376.293NONOYESNO
Länsförsäkringar USA Aktiv ASE0000837262Swedish KronaSwedenS&P 500 TR USD1,55146.443.623NONOYESNO
Lazard Emerging Markets Instl IncGB0008467101Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR USD11.152.441.133NONOYESNO
Lazard European Alpha InstlGB0008468950Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP165.615.079NONOYESNO
Lazard Managed Equity InstlGB0032009606Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Ex UK TR GBP 50.000% + FTSE AllSh TR GBP 50.000%191.271.555NOYES??
Lazard Multicap UK Income Instl IncGB0008470253Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75108.433.143NOYES??
Lazard UK Smlr Coms InstlGB0008468737Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNSCI ex-Investment Companies165.787.285NOYES??
LBBW Aktien DeutschlandDE0008484650EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,590.392.803NOYES??
LBBW Aktien EuropaDE0009780221EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR1,5101.883.714NOYES??
LBBW Dividenden Strategie Euroland RDE0009780411EuroGermanyEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5812.796.802NOYES??
LBBW Exportstrategie DeutschlandDE0009771964EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,5147.966.529NOYES??
LBPAM Actions Euro Large Cap M A/IFR0007078480EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1568.860.070NOYES??
LBPAM Actions Ex-Euro M A/IFR0007022793EuroFranceMSCI Europe Ex EMU NR EUR1243.209.495NOYES??
LBPAM Actions Midcap CFR0000934325EuroFranceMSCI EMU Small Cap NR EUR1,8203.364.256NONOYESNO
LBPAM Actions North AmericaFR0007057674EuroFranceMSCI USA Large NR EUR1331.020.356NOYES??
LBPAM Responsable Actions Euro CFR0000008963EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5282.758.767NOYES??
LCL Actions Euro DFR0000018954EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5789.711.831NONONOYES
LCL Actions Europe CFR0000985079EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5184.526.439NONONOYES
LCL Actions France DFR0000018947EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,9532.594.914NOYES??
LCL Actions Midvaleurs Europe CFR0000985145EuroFranceMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR282.547.557NOYES??
LCL Actions Monde hors Europe DFR0000018756EuroFranceMSCI World Ex Europe NR EUR1,79118.257.590NONOYESNO
Le Livret Portefeuille A/IFR0000096695EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,188.163.000NOYES??
Legg Mason CB US Agrsv Gr B USD Inc AIE00B19Z9V67US DollarIrelandRussell 3000 Growth TR USD1,82.327.824.349NOYES??
Legg Mason CB US Appreciation B Inc (A)$IE00B19ZB763US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD1,75241.451.121NONONOYES
Legg Mason CB US Lg Cp Gr B (A) USD IncIE00B19Z9166US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Growth TR USD1,75353.090.636NOYES??
Legg Mason ClearBridge Value GllnInc(A)$IE0001026271US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD0,85283.666.260NONOYESNO
Legg Mason IF Japan Equity A AccGB0033507467Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1635.665.052NOYES??
Legg Mason IF Royce US Smlr Coms B AccGB0034101013Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 TR GBP1254.260.740NOYES??
Legg Mason QS MV EurpEq Gr&Inc A Inc A€IE0031619152EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,3585.850.882NONOYESNO
Legg Mason RY US Sm Cp Opp A USD Inc AIE0031619046US DollarIrelandRussell 2000 TR USD1,5741.135.254NOYES??
Legg Mason RY US Smlr Coms C Inc (A) $IE0034390652US DollarIrelandRussell 2000 TR USD2190.072.048NOYES??
Lemanik SICAV Asian Opp C Ret EURLU0054300461EuroLuxembourgMSCI Combined Far East Free1,8568.914.757NOYES??
Lierde SICAVES0158457038EuroSpainNot Benchmarked1,47207.801.105YESNO??
Lindsell Train Japanese Eq A YenIE0004384180Japanese YenIrelandTopix TR JPY1,15125.722.731NOYES??
LINGOHR-EUROPA-SYSTEMATIC-LBB-INVESTDE0005320097EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked2113.295.570YESNO??
Liontrust Global Income R IncGB0007010795Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Global Equity Income1,5214.447.939NOYES??
Liontrust Macro Equity Income R AccGB0033726984Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5412.572.097NOYES??
Liontrust UK Growth R IncGB0007014557Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5282.829.155NOYES??
Liontrust UK Smaller Companies R IncGB0007420788Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5644.601.158NOYES??
Livret Bourse Investissements A/IFR0000287955EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 PR EUR1,2417.679.000NOYES??
LO Funds - Europe High Conv I DLU0210001755EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,751.061.176.167NONOYESNO
LO Funds - Eurozone Small & Mid Caps I ALU0256787887EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Ex UK Small NR EUR0,9364.091.086NOYES??
LO Funds - Golden Age (EUR) P ALU0161986921EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD0,75545.845.927NONOYESNO
Loomis Sayles U.S. Research Fd I/A USDLU0130099459US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1390.960.028NONOYESNO
LOYS Sicav - LOYS Global PLU0107944042EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Total Return Net EUR0,8407.335.524NOYES??
LSF Xantos ALU0178215710Swiss FrancLuxembourgN/A1,550.843.459YESNO??
LTIF Classic EURLU0244071956EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,5145.513.662NONOYESNO
Lupus alpha Smaller German Champs ALU0129233093EuroLuxembourgFSE MDAX TR EUR 50.000% + FSE SDAX TR EUR 50.000%1,5542.504.071NOYES??
Lux-Equity Global EUR CapLU0047355440EuroLuxembourgN/A3134.227.837YESNO??
LuxTopic - Aktien Europa ALU0165251116EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,2109.265.093NOYES??
M&G Asian Euro C AccGB0030939994EuroUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,75626.854.874NONOYESNO
M&G Dividend GBP A AccGB0031286197Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5659.888.294NOYES??
M&G European Select Euro C AccGB0030929078EuroUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP0,75239.066.938NONOYESNO
M&G European Smaller Coms GBP A IncGB0030929524Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK PR EUR1,5139.907.551NOYES??
M&G Global Leaders GBP X AccGB0031953895Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI GR USD1,5615.366.025NONOYESNO
M&G Global Select GBP A AccGB0030938038Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR USD1,5742.855.398NONOYESNO
M&G Japan GBP A AccGB0030938475Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Japan GR USD1,5346.690.824NONOYESNO
M&G Japan Smaller Companies Euro C AccGB0030939226EuroUnited KingdomRussell Nomura Mid-Small0,75174.483.250NOYES??
M&G North American Dividend GBP A AccGB0030926843Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 Composite TR USD1,5635.880.779NONOYESNO
M&G Pan European Select GBP A AccGB0030927817Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe GR USD1,5187.432.592NONOYESNO
M&G Recovery GBP A AccGB0031289217Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,53.898.714.941NOYES??
M&G Smaller Companies GBP A AccGB0031289431Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,5262.561.832NONOYESNO
M&G UK Select GBP A IncGB0031111700Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5647.992.875NOYES??
M&GPP North AmericaGB0031675480Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 Composite TR USD1,5366.605.498NONOYESNO
Macquarie MS Equities Emerging Markets TAT0000789797EuroAustriaMSCI EM NR EUR1,574.461.378NONOYESNO
Macquarie MS Equities North America TAT0000819800EuroAustriaMSCI North America NR EUR1,5223.271.575NONOYESNO
Macquarie MS Equities Pacific Rim TAT0000819818EuroAustriaMSCI Japan NR EUR 15.000% + MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan EUR 85.000%1,551.759.964NOYES??
Macquarie MS Equities Western Europe TAT0000819792EuroAustriaMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5121.110.101NONOYESNO
Magellan CFR0000292278EuroFranceMSCI EM NR EUR1,753.151.812.948NONOYESNO
MAM America CFR0000448896EuroFranceDJ Industrial Average TR USD1,953.111.063NONOYESNO
MAM Entreprises Familiales CFR0000988933EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR2,3970.306.163NOYES??
MAM Europa Select CFR0000978090EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR267.044.625NOYES??
Man GLG European Equity I C USD AccIE00B3XRQ335US DollarIrelandMSCI Europe Hdg NR EUR0,75293.749.490NOYES??
Man GLG UK Income Retail Inc BGB00B0117B11Pound SterlingUnited KingdomICB Supersector (Dynamic)1,5145.948.808NOYES??
Manulife GF American Growth ALU0011868840US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,5274.804.736NONOYESNO
Manulife GF Asian Equity ALU0056975062US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5119.413.956NONOYESNO
Manulife GF China Value ALU0085394640US DollarLuxembourgFTSE AW Greater China TR USD1,5763.283.373NONOYESNO
Manulife GF Dragon Growth ALU0085394210US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Zhong Hua NR USD1,5195.485.822NONOYESNO
Manulife GF Emerg Eastern Europe ALU0085394566US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 GR USD1,593.142.731NONOYESNO
Manulife GF European Growth ALU0011869731US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1,595.377.369NONOYESNO
Manulife GF Global Equity ALU0011868337US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5111.897.633NONOYESNO
Manulife GF Japanese Growth ALU0011869814US DollarLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,547.925.765NOYES??
Marks & Spencer UK Selection AccGB0005652200Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5138.158.960NOYES??
Marlborough European Multi-Cap A IncGB0001719730Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMstar (IMA) Europe Excluding UK1,566.064.093NOYES??
Marlborough Special Situations A AccGB00B659XQ05Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMstar (IMA) Uk Smaller Cos1,51.198.695.266NOYES??
Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth A AccGB00B02TPH60Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5712.095.737NOYES??
Marlborough UK Multi-Cap Growth A IncGB0005662787Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMstar (IMA) UK All Companies1,5135.744.884NOYES??
Martin Maurel Euromix Actions PFR0007085063EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,5100.942.000NOYES??
Martin Maurel Pierre Capitalisation DFR0007474028EuroFranceIEIF Eurozone TR EUR1,5288.042.000NOYES??
Matignon Actions Monde AFI A/IFR0007472972EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1341.213.315YESNO??
McInroy & Wood Smaller CompaniesGB0030274152Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked1,591.221.293YESNO??
MEAG EuroInvest ADE0009754333EuroGermanySTOXX Europe TMI NR USD2717.406.160NOYES??
MEAG GlobalChance DFDE0009782789EuroGermanycustomized2410.235.333NOYES??
MEAG Nachhaltigkeit ADE0001619997EuroGermanyN/A294.550.159YESNO??
MEAG ProInvestDE0009754119EuroGermanyFSE CDAX TR EUR2126.238.003NOYES??
Médi-Actions DFR0000284648EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 GR EUR 50.000% + EURO STOXX 50 GR EUR 50.000%1,2554.161.000NOYES??
Mediolanum BB Emerging Mkts Collect L AIE0005380518EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked2,15442.901.265YESNO??
Mediolanum Bb Equity Pwr Cpn Cllctn SCAIE0030609048EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked2,65777.177.786YESNO??
Mediolanum BB European Collection L AIE0005372291EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,9535.789.547YESNO??
Mediolanum BB Global Tech Collect L AIE0009623046EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked2,15112.287.890YESNO??
Mediolanum BB Pacific Collection L AIE0005372309EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,9144.477.465YESNO??
Mediolanum BB US Collection L AIE0005372184EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,9264.834.483YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Counter Cyclical Eq L AIE0004479642EuroIreland1,65692.294.674YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Cyclical Equity L AIE0004462408EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,65670.016.751YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Emerg Mark Equity L AIE0004878744EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,85641.091.295YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Energy Equity L AIE0004460683EuroIreland1,65363.100.613YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch European Equity L AIE0004878967EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,6812.969.182YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Financial Equity L AIE0004488262EuroIreland1,65580.646.994YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Germany Equity L AIE0004457085EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,6269.712.727YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch International Equity S AIE0030608636EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked2,351.052.822.052YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Italian Equity L AIE0004905604EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,6307.180.066YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch North American Eq L AIE0004878413EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,61.576.063.776YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Pacific Equity L AIE0004878520EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,65579.166.695YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Spain Equity L AIE0030608297EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,6161.484.092YESNO??
Mediolanum Ch Tech Equity L AIE0004621052EuroIreland1,65435.719.209YESNO??
Mediolanum Flessibile Globale LAIT0000380185EuroItalyNot Benchmarked2,25365.550.589YESNO??
Mediolanum Flessibile Italia LAIT0001019329EuroItalyNot Benchmarked2,25636.658.800YESNO??
Merchfondo FIES0162332037EuroSpainNot Benchmarked1,3570.962.515YESNO??
Mesina-Aktienfonds-UBS (D)DE0009797118EuroGermanyN/A0,983.050.745YESNO??
Metropole Avenir Europe AFR0007078829EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR1,5203.314.914NOYES??
Metropole Euro AFR0007078753EuroFranceEURO STOXX Large NR EUR1,5147.174.601NOYES??
Metropole Sélection AFR0007078811EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Large 200 NR EUR1,51.703.137.575NOYES??
Metzler Aktien Deutschland ARDE0009752238EuroGermanyMSCI Germany NR EUR1,5132.524.173NONONOYES
Metzler Aktien Europa ARDE0009752220EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,598.350.281NOYES??
Metzler Eastern Europe AIE0000111876EuroIrelandNomura Central&Eastern Eur PR USD262.452.764NOYES??
Metzler European Growth AIE0002921868EuroIrelandMSCI Europe Growth NR EUR2376.954.341NONOYESNO
Metzler European Smaller Companies AIE0002921975EuroIrelandSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR2469.921.870NOYES??
Metzler Wachstum InternationalDE0009752253EuroGermanyMSCI World Growth NR USD1,5470.233.774NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian Asia Pacific ex-Jap A1 USDLU0219441226US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,0567.728.483NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian Europ Sm Cos A1 EURLU0125944966EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Mid Index (EUR)1,05896.571.676NOYES??
MFS Meridian Europ Value A1 EURLU0125951151EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,055.505.551.576NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian European Research A1 EURLU0094557526EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,051.873.761.544NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian Global Equity A1 EURLU0094560744EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,054.666.015.649NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian US Concentrated Gr A1 USDLU0094555157US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,15335.842.188NONOYESNO
MFS Meridian US Value B1 USDLU0125979327US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Value TR USD1,051.435.226.283NOYES??
MFS® Investment Global Equity Euro H QILU0194193636EuroLuxembourgFTSE Developed (Hdg 75% to euro)0,8169.796.807NOYES??
MI Thornbridge Global Opps A AccGB0034116870Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP1,567.424.355NOYES??
Mi-Fonds (Lux) SwissStock ALU0261663909Swiss FrancLuxembourgcustomized266.567.953NOYES??
Mirabaud Eq Swiss Small & Mid A CHFLU0636969866Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI Extra TR CHF1,5750.613.400NONONOYES
Mirabaud Equities Asia ex Japan I USDLU0230807371US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,75134.998.674NONOYESNO
Mirabaud Equities Spain A EURLU0787970960EuroLuxembourgSpain IBEX 35 NR EUR1,570.625.428NOYES??
Mirabaud Equities US A USDLU0187025845US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 PR1,669.503.861NONOYESNO
Mobilinvest BLU0159348910EuroLuxembourgN/A1,557.377.730YESNO??
Monde Gan IDFR0000097156EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR1,1207.021.630NONOYESNO
Monega ChanceDE0005321079EuroGermanyMSCI AC Asia Pacific PR USD1,5109.678.751NOYES??
Monega EurolandDE0005321053EuroGermanyEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR0,8140.144.519NOYES??
Monega GermanyDE0005321038EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR0,8128.784.015NOYES??
Moneta Micro Entreprises CFR0000994980EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR 50.000% + Euronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR 50.000%1,8281.669.536NOYES??
Montanaro European Smlr Comp £IE0001195316Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,51.002.531.950NONOYESNO
Monyx Svenska AktierLU0094517140Swedish KronaLuxembourgSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK0,7135.687.826NOYES??
Morgan Stanley UK Global Brands I GBPGB0032482498Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP0,75999.979.116NOYES??
Mori Eastern European A EURIE0002787442EuroIrelandMSCI EM Europe 10/40 GR USD1,6580.615.942NONOYESNO
MS INVF Asian Equity ILU0034260769US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD0,75237.720.296NONOYESNO
MS INVF Asian Property ALU0078112413US DollarLuxembourgFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Dv Asia REITs TR USD1,4155.979.511NOYES??
MS INVF EMEA Eq ALU0118140002EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM EMEA NR USD1,6145.537.726NONOYESNO
MS INVF Emerging Markets Equity ILU0054793475US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,11.754.644.436NONOYESNO
MS INVF European Equity Alpha ILU0034265305EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,7605.782.056NONOYESNO
MS INVF European Property ILU0078115192EuroLuxembourgGPR General Quoted Europe Net0,75243.409.317NOYES??
MS INVF Eurozone Equity Alpha ILU0109967595EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR0,75658.259.601NONOYESNO
MS INVF Global Brands ALU0119620416US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,46.317.502.295NONOYESNO
MS INVF Latin American Equity ILU0052627634US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1346.107.471NONOYESNO
MS INVF US Growth ILU0042381250US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Gr(TR Net of 30% withh tax)0,71.275.554.550NOYES??
MS INVF US Property ILU0073233875US DollarLuxembourgFTSE NAREIT Equity REITs TR USD0,75324.086.152NOYES??
MSMM European Small Cap BIE0004308122EuroIrelandMSMM ESCF Benchmark2,593.915.332NOYES??
Multifondo Europa A FIES0138614039EuroSpainSTOXX 600 NR EUR0,75115.656.643NOYES??
Multipartner Konwave Gold Eq USD BLU0175576296US DollarLuxembourgFTSE Gold Mines PR USD1,9175.136.566NONOYESNO
MultiSelect Welt-Aktien ILU0098504490EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,2580.733.959NOYES??
MW Japan A Shares USD IncIE00BWCH4002US DollarIreland1244.105.063YESNO??
Natixis Actions Euro Micro CapsFR0010042176EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2,3991.448.000YESNO??
Natixis Actions Euro RDFR0010033142EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,44629.151.000NONONOYES
Natixis Actions Europe ex Euro R A/IFR0007047311EuroFranceMSCI Europe Ex EMU NR EUR1,2106.155.000NONONOYES
Natixis Actions Europe Secteurs RFR0000977530EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8178.656.997NONOYESNO
Natixis Actions S&M Cap France A A/IFR0000003170EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,79141.475.999NOYES??
Natixis Europe Smaller Cos Fd I/A EURLU0095827381EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,2174.879.088NONOYESNO
Natixis Stratégie Min Variance EuropeFR0000003188EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,150.429.000NOYES??
NatWest IF North American S2GB0008276072Pound SterlingUnited Kingdom0,8116.698.553YESNO??
NatWest UK Equity Index Ser 2GB0008274812Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 350 TR GBP0,8593.887.558NOYES??
NB European Equity RLU0091443829EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR254.235.252NOYES??
NB MomentumLU0058464982EuroLuxembourgEurostoxx and S&P 5002101.477.435NOYES??
NEF Emerging Market Equity R AccLU0102238812EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked2,1210.638.444YESNO??
NEF Euro Equity R AccLU0102238655EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,7281.376.816YESNO??
NEF Global Equity R AccLU0102238572EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,982.410.472YESNO??
Neptune European Opportunities B Acc GBPGB0032310012Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR1,25343.213.326NONOYESNO
Neptune Global Alpha C Acc GBPGB0031190555Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT0,7590.292.453NOYES??
Neptune Global Equity B Acc GBPGB0030679160Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP1,25251.686.474NOYES??
Neptune Income B Inc GBPGB0032325101Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,1231.373.251NOYES??
Neptune Japan Opportunities B Acc GBPGB0032076159Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1,1308.774.551NOYES??
Neptune Russia & Greater Russ A Acc GBPGB00B04H0T52Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Russia Large NR USD1,75234.014.068NONOYESNO
Newton Cont European GBP IncGB0006778681Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Europe ex UK TR GBP1,5172.877.055NOYES??
Newton Global Equity GBP IncGB0006779986Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,52.777.573.674NONOYESNO
Newton Multi-Asset Growth GBP IncGB0006780984Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,51.874.142.431NOYES??
Newton Oriental GBP IncGB0006781289Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW AP Ex JPN TR GBP1,5267.985.948NONOYESNO
Newton UK Income GBP IncGB0006779218Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.953.196.737NOYES??
Newton UK Opportunities GBP IncGB0031189888Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5514.824.170NOYES??
NFU Mutual Global Growth AGB0032467374Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE All World NR GBP1178.742.382NOYES??
NFU Mutual UK Growth AGB0032466525Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1401.947.922NOYES??
Nielsen Global ValueDK0010291269Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD3201.303.227NONOYESNO
Nikko AM Asia-Pacific Ex-Japan X USDLU0063291016US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Pacific Free PR USD0,7556.231.175NONOYESNO
Nippon Portfolio AAT0000955596Japanese YenAustriaTopix TR JPY2,7523.353.306NOYES??
NLB Skladi Svetovni razviti trgiSI0021400997EuroSloveniaN/A1,7556.891.124YESNO??
NN (B) Invest Belgian High Dividend CapBE0125503822EuroBelgiumEuronext BEL 20 NR EUR1,271.936.074NOYES??
NN (B) Invest Belgium CapBE0124921827EuroBelgiumEuronext BEL 20 NR EUR1,293.928.347NOYES??
NN (L) Asia Income P Cap USDLU0051129079US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5155.029.021NONOYESNO
NN (L) Banking & Insurance P Dis USDLU0119198710US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Financials NR USD1,5138.675.574NONONOYES
NN (L) Consumer Goods P Dis USDLU0119215662US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Consumer Disc NR USD1,580.477.177NONOYESNO
NN (L) Energy P Cap USDLU0119201019US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Energy 10/40 NR USD1,5111.504.839NONONOYES
NN (L) Euro Equity P Cap EURLU0095527585EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,3419.546.154NONONOYES
NN (L) Euro High Div P Dis EURLU0127786605EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5785.952.298NONOYESNO
NN (L) European Equity X Cap EURLU0113304017EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8216.891.804NONOYESNO
NN (L) European High Div P Cap EURLU0205350837EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5362.623.645NONOYESNO
NN (L) European Real Estt P Dis EURLU0119205275EuroLuxembourg10/40 GPR 250 Europe 20% UK(Net)1,5262.077.417NOYES??
NN (L) Food & Beverages P Cap USDLU0119207214US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Consumer Staples NR USD1,5373.140.080NONONOYES
NN (L) Global Equity P Dis EURLU0119219813EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,3318.911.785NONOYESNO
NN (L) Global High Div P Cap EURLU0146257711EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,5970.684.572NONOYESNO
NN (L) Global Sustainable Eq P Cap EURLU0119216553EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,5655.711.260NONOYESNO
NN (L) Greater China Equity X Cap USDLU0121204944US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD2136.470.142NONONOYES
NN (L) Health Care P Dis USDLU0119209269US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,5231.631.314NONONOYES
NN (L) Industrials P Dis EURLU0152718333EuroLuxembourgMSCI World/Industrials 10/40 NR EUR1,575.770.802NOYES??
NN (L) Information Tech P Dis USDLU0119200557US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/IT 10/40 NR USD1,5162.222.288NONOYESNO
NN (L) Intl Czech Eq P Cap CZKLU0082087353Czech KorunaLuxembourgPrague Stock Exchange PX 52.000% + Romania (BET) PI 10.000% + Warsaw WIG30 TR 28.000% + Budapest Stock Exchange Bux TR 10.000%2258.305.724NOYES??
NN (L) Japan Equity P Dis JPYLU0082087866Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,3300.584.086NONONOYES
NN (L) Latin America Eq P Dis USDLU0051128931US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America 10/40 NR USD1,584.903.849NONONOYES
NN (L) Materials P Dis USDLU0119199957US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Materials NR USD1,553.814.203NONONOYES
NN (L) Prestige & Luxe P Cap EURLU0119214772EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,563.465.830YESNO??
NN (L) Telecom P Dis USDLU0119217874US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Telecom 10/40 NR USD1,590.925.643NONOYESNO
NN (L) US Enh Cr Cncntr Eq P Cap USDLU0082087940US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,3245.201.223NONONOYES
NN AkcjiPLINGTF00067ZlotyPolandWIBID O/N 5.000% + WSE WIG 95.000%4198.112.695NOYES??
NN Daily Consumer Goods Fund PNL0000289767EuroNetherlandsMSCI World/Consumer Staples 10/40 NR USD0,752.316.611NOYES??
NN Duurzaam Aandelen Fonds PNL0006311789EuroNetherlandsMSCI World NR LCL0,7181.587.542NONOYESNO
NN Europe Small Caps Fund PNL0006311730EuroNetherlandsMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR0,784.511.112NONOYESNO
NN Financials Fund PNL0000286169EuroNetherlandsMSCI World 10/40 Financials Net0,752.655.713NOYES??
NN Global Emerging Markets Fund PNL0006311771EuroNetherlandsMSCI EM PR USD0,7239.590.275NONOYESNO
NN Health Care Fund PNL0000292274EuroNetherlandsMSCI World/Health Care 10/40 NR USD0,7287.474.916NONONOYES
NN Hoog Dividend Aandelen Fonds PNL0000289858EuroNetherlandsMSCI World NR EUR0,7649.068.654NONOYESNO
NN Information Technology Fund PNL0006311821EuroNetherlandsMSCI World/IT 10/40 NR USD0,7315.508.432NONOYESNO
NN Srednich i Malych SpólekPLINGTF00075ZlotyPolandWIBID O/N 5.000% + WSE MWIG 40 60.000% + WSE SWIG 80 35.000%467.084.796NOYES??
nordasia.comDE0009792176EuroGermanyNikkei 300 PR JPY1,2165.250.542NOYES??
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity BP USDLU0064675985US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,581.522.446NONONOYES
Nordea 1 - European Value BP EURLU0064319337EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,51.241.928.756NONOYESNO
Nordea 1 - Nordic Equity BP EURLU0064675639EuroLuxembourgMSCI Nordic 10/40 NR EUR1,5219.728.293NOYES??
Nordea 1 - North American Value BP USDLU0076314649US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 Composite TR USD1,5304.842.745NONOYESNO
Nordea 1 - Norwegian Equity BP EURLU0173784223EuroLuxembourgOSE FXLT Mutual Fund Index Linked/TOTX1,578.039.176NOYES??
Nordea AlfaSE0000427874Swedish KronaSwedenSIX60 Caped1,411.743.016.610NOYES??
Nordea AsianLU0087941463Swedish KronaLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex JPN IMI NR USD1,6256.774.865NOYES??
Nordea Eurooppa KFI0008802194EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5202.724.240NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest AktierDK0010250158Danish KroneDenmarkOMXC Cap TR DKK 25.000% + MSCI World NR USD 65.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 10.000%1,5305.918.929NOYES??
Nordea Invest Aktier IIDK0015357065Danish KroneDenmarkOMXC Cap TR DKK 25.000% + MSCI World NR USD 65.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 10.000%1,5138.132.160NOYES??
Nordea Invest DanmarkDK0010265859Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK1,5298.032.565NOYES??
Nordea Invest Emerging MarketsDK0010308170Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD1,5457.701.824NONONOYES
Nordea Invest Engros Europæiske AktierDK0015888424Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD1,530.912.151NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Engros Int. AktierDK0015873319Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD1,
Nordea Invest EuropaDK0010265693Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD1,5359.974.815NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Europa Small CapDK0015960983Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD1,543.235.457NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest FjernøstenDK0010197839Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5173.187.832NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Global Small CapDK0016050974Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World Small Cap NR USD1,522.611.575NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Global StarsDK0010301324Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,556.966.919NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Globale UdbytteAktierDK0010265503Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD1,5418.397.293NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest JapanDK0010112432Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Japan NR USD1,5124.321.864NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest Nordic Small CapDK0015974695Danish KroneDenmarkCarnegie Small CSX Return Nordic GR EUR1,536.327.882NOYES??
Nordea Invest ØsteuropaDK0015919591Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR USD1,532.801.283NONOYESNO
Nordea Invest USADK0010265776Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD1,5577.833.070NONOYESNO
Nordea Japani TFI0008801709EuroFinlandMSCI Japan NR EUR1129.810.911NONOYESNO
Nordea Kaukoitä KFI0008803523EuroFinlandMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD1,6156.447.253NOYES??
Nordea LatinamerikafondSE0000444101Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Latin America 10/40 NR USD1,75127.301.700NOYES??
Nordea Maailma KFI0008800420EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1923.074.723NONOYESNO
Nordea Nordic Small Cap TFI0008801584EuroFinlandCarnegie Small CSX Return Nordic GR EUR1,6472.083.487NOYES??
Nordea OlympiaSE0000427882Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked141.892.452YESNO??
Nordea Pohjois-Amerikka TFI0008805593EuroFinlandS&P 500 NR EUR1281.914.193NONOYESNO
Nordea Pohjoismaat TFI0008801550EuroFinlandVINX Benchmark Cap NR EUR1,6164.875.295NOYES??
Nordea Pro Eurooppa KFI0008800974EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR0,75145.953.267NONOYESNO
Nordea Pro Stable Return KFI0008800990EuroFinlandNot Benchmarked0,8690.048.794YESNO??
Nordea Stratega 100SE0001279480Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK 20.000% + MSCI World NR USD 80.000%1,7816.341.231NOYES??
Nordea Suomi TFI0008801444EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,4411.899.206NONONOYES
Nordea Swedish Stars icke-utdSE0000625238Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked1,4932.301.466YESNO??
NordenFR0000299356EuroFranceMSCI Nordic Countries NR EUR21.044.490.000NONONOYES
Nordic Equities StrategySE0001057928Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Nordic Countries Growth NR USD1,576.786.759NONOYESNO
Noris-FondsDE0008492356EuroGermanyFSE DAX PR EUR 51.000% + MSCI World NR USD 49.000%1,25217.888.947NOYES??
NÜRNBERGER Euroland ADE0008471228EuroGermanyEURO STOXX NR EUR1,7224.980.225NOYES??
Nykredit Invest Danske AktierDK0010297118Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2,5141.921.863NOYES??
Nykredit Invest Engros Nye AktiemarkederDK0015911507Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD1,523.859.359NONOYESNO
Nykredit Invest Globale Aktier SRIDK0016286230Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD2,579.410.256NONOYESNO
Oasis Crescent Global Equity A USD IncIE0032587655US DollarIrelandAvg Shari'ah Gbl Equity Peer Grp2192.764.682NOYES??
Oasis Global Equity A USD IncIE0032601464US DollarIrelandAvg Gbl Equity Peer Group275.489.406NOYES??
Objectif Actions Américaines AFR0007074695EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR1,2158.638.000NONOYESNO
Objectif Actions Euro AFR0010259945EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,1198.329.000NOYES??
Objectif Alpha Europe AFR0000294613EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,1123.138.000NOYES??
Objectif Investissement Respons CFR0000003998EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR1,3148.691.343NOYES??
Objectif Japon AFR0000004012EuroFranceTopix TR JPY1,65164.751.001NOYES??
Objectif Small Caps Euro A A/IFR0000174310EuroFranceEuromoney Smlr Euroland TR EUR1,85695.773.000NOYES??
Objectif Small Caps France AFR0010262436EuroFranceEuromoney Smlr France TR EUR1,6195.204.000NOYES??
Ocea Actions Rendement Euro DFR0000445652EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,7555.810.341NONOYESNO
Oddo Active Equities CI-EURFR0007044680EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR1,5304.029.535NONOYESNO
Oddo Avenir CR-EURFR0000989899EuroFranceMSCI France SMID NR EUR 90.000% + EONIA Capitalisé Jour TR EUR 10.000%1,8817.552.029NOYES??
Oddo Avenir Euro CR-EURFR0000990095EuroFranceMSCI EMU SMID NR EUR2247.325.545NONOYESNO
Oddo Avenir Europe CR-EURFR0000974149EuroFranceMSCI Europe SMID NR EUR21.966.417.731NONOYESNO
Oddo Génération DR-EURFR0010576736EuroFranceMSCI EMU NR EUR2542.333.084NONOYESNO
Oddo Immobilier CR-EURFR0000989915EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eurozone TR EUR1,8268.644.658NOYES??
Oddo Investissement CR-EURFR0000446692EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR2173.945.299NOYES??
Oddo US Mid Cap CR-EURFR0000988669EuroFranceS&P MidCap 400 TR1,8221.954.226NONOYESNO
Oddo Valeurs Rendement CR-EURFR0000989758EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR1,879.046.233NOYES??
Odey Pan European EUR R AccIE0032284907EuroIrelandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,577.941.074NONOYESNO
Ofi Actions France C/DFR0000427452EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR0,9115.503.506NOYES??
Ofi Euro Actions ISR CFR0000971160EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 GR EUR1,08355.889.059NOYES??
Ofi Leader - Sélection Carbone et ISR IFR0000981441EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,3114.396.001NOYES??
Ofi Ming R A/IFR0007043781EuroFranceMSCI Golden Dragon NR EUR1,854.497.000NONOYESNO
Ofi MultiSelect Europe SRI ILU0185497350EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR USD1,5145.270.794NOYES??
Ofi MultiSelect US Equity I USDLU0185496204US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,6134.830.124NONOYESNO
Öhman Global GrowthSE0000493546Swedish KronaSwedenNot Benchmarked1,8155.254.420YESNO??
Öhman Global Sustainable BrandsSE0000533945Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR EUR1,851.935.777NONOYESNO
Öhman Hjärt-LungfondSE0000493520Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK 60.000% + MSCI World NR EUR 40.000%1,6244.358.427NOYES??
Öhman Småbolagsfond ASE0000432775Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,5272.146.248NOYES??
Öhman SverigefondSE0000493512Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,233.207.433NOYES??
Öhman Sverigefond 2 ASE0000432767Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Stockholm Benchmark Cp GR SEK1,25133.616.734NOYES??
Öhman Sweden Micro CapSE0000432809Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,5229.300.815NOYES??
Öhman Utlandsfond ASE0000432791Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD1,25179.846.464NONOYESNO
ÖkoWorld ÖkoVision Classic CLU0061928585EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,76597.082.662NONOYESNO
Old Mutual Asia Pacific A GBP AccGB00B1XG7F56Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,5138.323.213NOYES??
Old Mutual China Equity A USD AccIE0005272640US DollarIrelandMSCI Zhong Hua 10/40 NR EUR1,556.106.445NOYES??
Old Mutual Equity 1 A GBP AccGB00B0364W40Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1145.454.051NOYES??
Old Mutual Equity 2 A GBP AccGB0032385303Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1112.429.717NOYES??
Old Mutual European Eq ex UK A GBP AccGB00B1XG7G63Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,5104.486.510NONOYESNO
Old Mutual Global Equity A GBP AccGB00B1XG7H70Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR USD1,5548.975.453NOYES??
Old Mutual Japanese Equity A JPY AccIE0005264654Japanese YenIrelandTopix TR JPY1,538.021.797NOYES??
Old Mutual North American Eq A GBP AccGB00B1XG7P54Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI North America NR USD1,52.019.721.095NOYES??
Old Mutual North American Eq B USD AccIE0031385994US DollarIrelandMSCI North America NR GBP1,5366.398.252NOYES??
Old Mutual Pacific Equity A USD AccIE0005264431US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN GR USD1,5153.704.494NONOYESNO
Old Mutual UK Alpha R GBP AccGB0032544065Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,752.463.395.302NOYES??
Old Mutual UK Equity A GBP IncGB00B1XG7R78Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5468.681.386NOYES??
Old Mutual UK Equity Income A GBP IncGB00B1XG7668Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5247.923.246NOYES??
Old Mutual UK Mid Cap A GBP AccGB00B1XG7999Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,52.596.373.086NOYES??
Old Mutual UK Smlr Coms A GBP AccGB00B1XG7C26Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,751.020.392.380NONOYESNO
Old Mutual US Dividend B USD AccIE0031387594US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Value TR USD1,5376.320.170NOYES??
Old Mutual Value Global Eq Hybrd AccIE0032749651US DollarIrelandMSCI EAFE GR EUR1101.698.478NONOYESNO
Old Mutual World Equity A USD AccIE0005263466US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR USD1,5155.574.239NOYES??
OMW/Fidelity European PenGB0008092297Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,586.922.463NONOYESNO
OMW/Fidelity European SP PenGB0033294785Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,586.922.463NONOYESNO
OMW/Henderson Eur Sel Oppor PenGB0008165861Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,569.166.476NONOYESNO
OMW/Henderson Eur Sel Oppor SP PenGB0033328963Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,569.166.476NONOYESNO
OP FoodDE0008486655EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked1,5199.523.278YESNO??
OP-Delta AFI0008802293EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR2429.057.191NONONOYES
OP-Eurooppa Osake AFI0008806369EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8202.220.263NONOYESNO
OP-Ilmasto BFI0008802434EuroFinlandNot Benchmarked1,886.245.543YESNO??
OP-Japani AFI0008807417EuroFinlandTopix TR JPY1,95273.869.046NOYES??
OP-Kiina AFI0008805965EuroFinlandMSCI Golden Dragon PR USD2,5111.873.856NOYES??
OP-Kiinteistö AFI0008807573EuroFinlandGPR General Quoted Europe TOP 751,877.907.550NOYES??
OP-Maailma AFI0008807516EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1,696.863.830NOYES??
OP-Maailma II /INSTITUUTIO AFI0008802442EuroFinlandMSCI World NR EUR1112.843.700NOYES??
OP-Suomi Arvo AFI0008800206EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,6217.877.856NONONOYES
OP-Suomi Pienyhtiöt AFI0008805403EuroFinlandCarnegie Small CSX Return Finland2159.610.790NOYES??
OP-Venäjä AFI0008807094EuroFinlandMSCI Russia 10-40 NR EUR2,5164.339.640NOYES??
Orbis SICAV Global Equity InvLU0334985271EuroLuxembourgFTSE World TR EUR2,5785.000.000NOYES??
Orbis SICAV Japan Equity (Yen)LU0160128079Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY2,51.818.620.787NOYES??
Oudart Opportunités France PFR0010166140EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR2,1563.690.000NOYES??
OYSTER European Mid & Small Cap C EUR PRLU0178554332EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR1,7568.494.874NOYES??
OYSTER European Opps C EUR PFLU0096450555EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,75865.055.942NOYES??
OYSTER Italian Opportunities C EUR PRLU0069164738EuroLuxembourgFTSE Italia AllShare TR EUR1,7593.851.459NOYES??
OYSTER World Opportunities C USD HPLU0069163508US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,75153.016.743NONOYESNO
Palatine Europe Small CapFR0000978454EuroFranceEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK NR EUR270.165.724NOYES??
Palatine France Mid CapFR0000437576EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR1,2593.820.110NOYES??
Pan-Holding A Share (accumulation)LU0063251903EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,368.727.961NONOYESNO
Partners Group Invest Priv Eq EUR ILU0196152606EuroLuxembourgMSCI World GR EUR2,2180.996.042NONOYESNO
Parvest Equity Australia C CLU0111482476Australian DollarLuxembourgS&P/ASX 200 TR AUD1,539.615.989NONONOYES
Parvest Equity Europe Mid Cap C CLU0066794719EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Mid 200 NR USD1,593.852.148NOYES??
Parvest Equity Europe Value C CLU0177332227EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5189.141.722NONOYESNO
Parvest Equity Japan C CLU0012181748Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,5457.004.530NOYES??
Parvest Equity Japan Small Cap C CLU0069970746Japanese YenLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Small Cap TR JPY1,75758.794.302NOYES??
Parvest Equity Latin America C CLU0075933415US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America 10/40 NR USD1,7587.993.340NONONOYES
Parvest Equity USA C CLU0012181318US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 NR USD1,5352.395.411NONOYESNO
Parvest Sust Eq Hi Div Euro C CLU0111491469EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1,5744.597.449NONOYESNO
Perkins US Strategic Value A USD AccIE0001256803US DollarIrelandRussell 3000 Value TR USD1,5166.695.862NOYES??
PHARMA/wHEALTH R (USD)LU0047275846US DollarLuxembourgNot Benchmarked299.228.483YESNO??
Pictet - Emerging Europe P EURLU0130728842EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10-40 NR USD2,489.284.152NOYES??
Pictet-Asian Equities Ex Japan I USDLU0111012836US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR LCL1,2220.462.545NONOYESNO
Pictet-Biotech P USDLU0090689299US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD2,
Pictet-Digital P USDLU0101692670US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR2,4760.554.146NONOYESNO
Pictet-Emerging Markets P USDLU0130729220US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR2,5306.822.051NONOYESNO
Pictet-European Equity Sel P EURLU0130731986EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,868.946.576NONOYESNO
Pictet-European Sustainable Eqs P EURLU0144509717EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1,2186.173.453NONOYESNO
Pictet-Greater China I USDLU0168448610US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,2136.437.871NONONOYES
Pictet-Health I USDLU0188500879US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,2493.684.543NONOYESNO
Pictet-Indian Equities P USDLU0070964530US DollarLuxembourgMSCI India 10-40 NR USD2,4223.337.988NONONOYES
Pictet-Japanese Equity Opps P JPYLU0095053426Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,81.677.454.174NOYES??
Pictet-Japanese Equity Sel I JPYLU0080998981Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR USD0,9305.056.420NONOYESNO
Pictet-Small Cap Europe P EURLU0130732364EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR2,4266.506.957NONOYESNO
Pictet-Water I EURLU0104884605EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,23.833.433.254NONOYESNO
PIMCO GIS StocksPlus Inst AccIE0002459539US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD2,5777.173.303NOYES??
PineBridge American Equity YIE0000018873US DollarIrelandS&P 500 NR USD169.750.450NONONOYES
PineBridge Asia ex Japan Equity YIE0049168572US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1181.380.450NONOYESNO
PineBridge Asia ex Japan Small Cap Eq YIE0003895277US DollarIrelandMSCI AC AP Ex JPN Small NR USD1116.150.100NONOYESNO
PineBridge Europe Small Cap Equity YIE0000022883US DollarIrelandHSBC Smaller Europe Incl UK EUR182.002.300NOYES??
PineBridge Global Focus Equity YIE0004896431US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI NR USD1136.893.150NONOYESNO
PineBridge Greater China Equity AIE0032431581US DollarIrelandMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,362.375.550NONONOYES
PineBridge Japan New Horizon Equity YIE0003893017US DollarIrelandMSCI Japan NR USD179.568.400NONOYESNO
PineBridge Japan Small Cap Equity YIE0030395846US DollarIrelandMSCI Japan Small Cap NR USD1123.094.950NONOYESNO
PineBridge Latin America Equity YIE0008548988US DollarIrelandMSCI EM Latin America NR USD166.712.650NONONOYES
Pioneer Azionario America AIT0001029880EuroItalyMSCI North America NR USD2361.010.704NONOYESNO
Pioneer Azionario Area Pacifico AIT0001242319EuroItalyMSCI AC Asia Pacific Free294.184.541NOYES??
Pioneer Azionario Crescita AIT0001073425EuroItalyCOMIT Performance R 10/401,85211.451.467NOYES??
Pioneer Azionario Europa AIT0000386869EuroItalyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,85416.435.281NONOYESNO
Pioneer Azionario Paesi Emergenti AIT0001037941EuroItalyMSCI Emerging Markets Free2140.712.237NOYES??
Pioneer Azionario Val Eurp a dist. AIT0001029864EuroItalyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,85197.758.339NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds (A) Austria Stock AAT0000857412EuroAustriaWiener Borse ATX Prime PR EUR1,5222.542.195NOYES??
Pioneer Fds (A) Eastern Eur Stock AAT0000932942EuroAustriaMSCI EM Europe 10-40 PR EUR277.853.597NOYES??
Pioneer Fds (A) Gold Stock AAT0000857040EuroAustriaNYSE Arca Gold Miners PR USD1,552.999.498NOYES??
Pioneer Fds (A) Healthcare Stock AAT0000754270EuroAustriaMSCI World/Health Care PR USD1,566.995.879NOYES??
Pioneer Fds (A) Komfort Invest Prog TAT0000801097EuroAustriaMSCI World NR EUR1,8175.531.865NOYES??
Pioneer Fds (A) Select Europe Stock AAT0000856042EuroAustriaMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5189.348.586NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds Asia (ex-Jap) Eq E EUR NDLU0111929716EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,576.274.582NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds China Eq E EUR NDLU0133657840EuroLuxembourgMSCI China 10/40 NR USD1,5284.345.352NOYES??
Pioneer Fds Core European Eq E EUR NDLU0085424579EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5188.427.869NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds Emerg Eur+Med Eq E EUR NDLU0085425469EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe&Middle East 10/40 NR EUR1,5189.528.342NOYES??
Pioneer Fds Emerg Mkts Eq E EUR NDLU0111920509EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,5412.659.274NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds Euroland Equity E EUR NDLU0111919162EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR USD1,51.667.960.834NOYES??
Pioneer Fds European Potential A EUR NDLU0271656307EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,
Pioneer Fds European Research E EUR NDLU0111921226EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5646.648.752NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds Global Ecology A EUR NDLU0271656133EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,51.004.834.702NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds Global Select A EUR NDLU0271651761EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,
Pioneer Fds Italian Equity E EUR NDLU0085424223EuroLuxembourgCOMIT Gble R 10/401,557.719.198NOYES??
Pioneer Fds Japanese Equity E EUR NDLU0111923941EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR USD1,5398.687.129NONONOYES
Pioneer Fds Top European Plyrs E EUR NDLU0111921499EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1,51.332.701.076NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds US MC Value E EUR NDLU0133618602EuroLuxembourgRussell Mid Cap Value TR USD1,5447.700.564NOYES??
Pioneer Fds US Pioneer E EUR NDLU0133646132EuroLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,51.365.978.457NONOYESNO
Pioneer Fds US Research E EUR NDLU0085424652EuroLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,51.114.730.440NONOYESNO
Pioneer Inv Chance A EUR NDLU0047059042EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,964.190.458NOYES??
Pioneer Inv German Equity A NDDE0009752303EuroGermanyFSE CDAX TR EUR2130.046.173NOYES??
Pioneer Inv Top WorldDE0009779736EuroGermanyMSCI ACWI PR EUR195.377.330NONOYESNO
Planetarium - Fundamental European ALU0149827361EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 50 GR EUR1,559.291.216NOYES??
Pluvalca Allcaps AFR0000422842EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR2,3963.404.108NOYES??
Pluvalca France Small Caps AFR0000422859EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR2,39289.742.338NOYES??
Polar Capital Global TechnologyIE0030772275US DollarIrelandDJ Global Technology TR USD1,5842.773.354NOYES??
Polar Capital Japan USD AccIE0030772507US DollarIrelandTopix TR USD1,51.022.388.615NOYES??
Portzamparc France Opportunités CFR0007394762EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1,7578.190.746NOYES??
Portzamparc PME CFR0000989543EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR2172.614.051NOYES??
Postbank Dynamik-VisionLU0130393993EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe 600 TR EUR1,1127.814.315NOYES??
Postbank Europa PDE0009770289EuroGermanyEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,25118.748.483NOYES??
Premier Ethical C IncGB0004073002Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE4Good UK Benchmark TR GBP0,75150.341.643NOYES??
Premier Income C IncGB0003884722Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75433.644.171NOYES??
Premier Monthly Income CGB0003886875Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75260.609.973NOYES??
Premier Optimum Income A IncGB0006641384Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked1,589.872.802YESNO??
Premier UK Growth C Net IncGB0031639221Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75132.217.375NOYES??
Prévoir Gestion Actions CFR0007035159EuroFranceEURO STOXX 3001,79168.790.932NOYES??
Principal European Equity A Inc USDIE0000712996US DollarIrelandMSCI Europe NR USD283.338.355NONOYESNO
Principal US Equity A Acc USDIE0033958335US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD297.876.509NONOYESNO
Pro Fonds (Lux) Emerging Markets BLU0048423833EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR269.747.359NONOYESNO
Pru/M&G Recovery Cap PenGB0005537088Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5121.152.880NOYES??
PruFRIA/M&G Recovery PenGB0031938334Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5121.152.880NOYES??
Purisima Global Total Return AGB0031428351Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR GBP1,252.319.988.474NOYES??
PZU FIO Akcji KRAKOWIAK AZlotyPolandWSE WIG 20 90.000% + BofAML US Treasury Bills 0-3 Mon TR USD 10.000%4156.063.553NOYES??
Quality Mejores Ideas FIES0110119031EuroSpainMSCI World PR EUR1,35327.971.275NOYES??
R Conviction Europe C EURFR0010784835EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,5117.595.023NOYES??
R Conviction France CFR0010784348EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,553.995.982NOYES??
R Conviction USA CFR0011212547EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR1,580.123.666NONOYESNO
R Midcap Euro C EURFR0010126995EuroFranceMSCI EMU Small Cap GR EUR1,777.853.046NONOYESNO
R Opal Biens Réels CFR0010035592EuroFranceNot Benchmarked250.963.348YESNO??
R Opal Europe SpécialFR0007075155EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR2,356.582.325NOYES??
Raiffeisen Fonds EuroAc ALU0049810731EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,0575.793.472NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen Fonds Global Invest Equity BLU0097319205Swiss FrancLuxembourgcustomized1,3129.379.087NOYES??
Raiffeisen Fonds SwissAc ALU0049809303Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI TR CHF0,85234.682.086NONONOYES
Raiffeisen-Active-Aktien AAT0000796446EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD1,362.416.271NOYES??
Raiffeisen-EmergingMkts-Aktien R AAT0000796404EuroAustriaMSCI EM NR EUR2232.885.513NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-Energie-Aktien AAT0000688668EuroAustriaMSCI World/Energy NR USD 66.670% + MSCI World/Utilities NR USD 33.330%296.560.983NOYES??
Raiffeisen-Eurasien-Aktien R AAT0000745856EuroAustriaOthers 13.000% + MSCI China NR USD 25.000% + MSCI India NR USD 25.000% + MSCI Indonesia NR USD 6.000% + MSCI Malaysia NR USD 11.000% + MSCI Russia NR USD 20.000%2443.328.084NOYES??
Raiffeisen-Europa-Aktien R AAT0000986377EuroAustriaMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5367.539.202NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-Europa-SmallCap R AAT0000638986EuroAustriaMSCI EMU Small Cap NR USD274.573.113NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien R AAT0000859525EuroAustriaMSCI World NR USD1,5487.494.587NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien AAT0000714274EuroAustriaMSCI World/Health Care NR USD272.023.209NONONOYES
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsf-Aktien R AAT0000677901EuroAustriaDJ Sustain World Ex ATGAF NR EUR1,7565.028.864NOYES??
Raiffeisen-Österreich-Aktien R AAT0000859293EuroAustriaWiener Borse ATX PR EUR1,5112.959.857NOYES??
Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Aktien R AAT0000936513EuroAustriaMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR USD2317.203.331NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-Pazifik-Aktien R AAT0000764154EuroAustriaMSCI Pacific NR USD1,5171.174.422NONOYESNO
Raiffeisen-US-Aktien R AAT0000764741EuroAustriaMSCI USA NR USD1,5358.191.050NONOYESNO
RAM (Lux) Sys Emg Mkts Equities BLU0160155395US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,22.498.954.722NONOYESNO
RAM (Lux) Sys European Equities BLU0160155981EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,2304.529.642NONOYESNO
Rathbone Blue Chip Income And Gr R IncGB0005066948Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,588.539.151NOYES??
Rathbone Global Opportunities R AccGB0030349095Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP1,51.051.676.541NOYES??
Rathbone Income R IncGB0001229045Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.528.896.929NOYES??
RBS Equity Income 1GB0033517276Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Equity Income1,2575.147.914NOYES??
RBS Growth 1GB0033520098Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,25253.920.644NOYES??
RBS Japan Specialist Eq Prog Ser 3 NAVIE0031920675Japanese YenIrelandFTSE Japan TR JPY288.600.307NOYES??
RBS Pacific Basin Equity Ser 3IE0031920782US DollarIrelandMSCI AC Pacific Ex Japan NR USD248.113.013NOYES??
Real Estate EMU BBE6271654228EuroBelgiumFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eur capped 10%1,5161.989.793NOYES??
Reaumur Actions A/IFR0010074690EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR11.027.412.000NOYES??
Renaissance Europe CFR0000295230EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,751.915.604.725YESNO??
RH&F Global Life Sciences A USD AccLU0115986761US DollarLuxembourgNASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD1,449.007.823NOYES??
Richelieu Croissance PME CFR0010092197EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Small NR EUR2,39123.653.000NOYES??
Richelieu Europe Quality CFR0000989410EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR2,3956.314.451NOYES??
Richelieu France CFR0007373469EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2,3970.553.267NOYES??
Richelieu Spécial CFR0007045737EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR2,39128.841.988NOYES??
RLP/Fidelity Special Sit PenGB0031692212Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,586.253.138NOYES??
RobecoNL0000289783EuroNetherlandsMSCI World NR EUR12.705.891.879NONOYESNO
Robeco Asia Pacific Equities D EURLU0084617165EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD1,5617.591.898NONOYESNO
Robeco BP Global Premium Eqs B EURLU0203975197EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,252.022.439.661NONOYESNO
Robeco Chinese Equities D EUR AccLU0187077309EuroLuxembourgMSCI China NR USD1,5316.434.085NONOYESNO
Robeco Emerging Markets Equities D EURLU0187076913EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM NR EUR1,5725.402.304NONOYESNO
Robeco Global Consumer Trends Eqs D EURLU0187079347EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,51.326.238.961NONOYESNO
Robeco Hollands BezitNL0000286615EuroNetherlandsEuronext AEX TR EUR 50.000% + Euronext AMX GR EUR 50.000%1223.166.590NOYES??
Robeco New World Financial Eqs D EURLU0187077481EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Financials NR USD1,5254.368.423NONOYESNO
Robeco Property Equities D EURLU0187079180EuroLuxembourgS&P Developed Property TR EUR1,5332.948.411NONONOYES
RobecoSAM Smart Energy EUR BLU0175571735EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5264.864.584NONOYESNO
RobecoSAM Smart Materials EUR BLU0175575991EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,5296.562.795NONOYESNO
RobecoSAM Sustainable European Eqs D EURLU0187077218EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,25474.765.070NONOYESNO
RobecoSAM Sustainable Water EUR BLU0133061175EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,5752.583.004NONOYESNO
Roche-Brune Europe Actions PFR0010237503EuroFranceSTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR2192.628.032NOYES??
RolincoNL0000289817EuroNetherlandsMSCI ACWI NR USD1600.040.541NOYES??
Royal London European GrowthGB0009537407Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5267.930.664NONOYESNO
Royal London European Growth Fund AGB00B52DGB49Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,25733.427.194NONOYESNO
Royal London Sustainable Leaders A IncGB0001615102Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5508.596.261NOYES??
Royal London UK Equity AGB00B66DT185Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,25580.883.162NOYES??
Royal London UK Equity Income AGB00B67N8655Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,251.819.953.792NOYES??
Royal London UK GrowthGB0001597979Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.291.671.449NOYES??
Royal London UK Growth Fund AGB00B63H3D38Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,25661.128.335NOYES??
Royal London US GrowthGB0030038359Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 1000 TR USD1,5233.752.934NONOYESNO
RT VIF Versicherung Intl Fds AAT0000858907EuroAustriaN/A1,561.762.799YESNO??
Rural Euro Renta Variable FIES0174367039EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,2563.390.326NOYES??
Rural Renta Variable España FIES0175734039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,25118.491.811NOYES??
Russell Asia Pacific Ex Japan AIE0003506973US DollarIrelandRussell Asia Pacific xJPN TR USD1246.683.887NOYES??
Russell Cont EUR Eq AIE0007356250EuroIrelandRussell Dev Eurp ex-UK Large Net0,8454.780.668NOYES??
Russell Emerg Mkts Eq AIE0003507054US DollarIrelandRussell Emerging Mkts NR EUR1,33.698.271.541NOYES??
Russell Japan Equity AIE0003506866Japanese YenIrelandJEF Benchmark0,9613.474.857NOYES??
Russell Multi-Asset 90 A AccIE00B02WN829US DollarIrelandRMMF Global 90 Multi Mgr Fund Benchmark2,592.307.452NOYES??
Russell Pan European Equity BIE0002393431EuroIrelandRussell Developed Europe LC NR EUR2,5515.688.763NOYES??
Russell US Equity AIE0002190993US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 TR EUR0,8695.820.320NONONOYES
Russell US Quant CIE0031179298EuroIrelandRussell 1000 TR EUR2,5217.047.365NONONOYES
Russell US Small Cap Eq RetailIE0003512690US DollarIrelandRussell 2000 TR EUR2,8132.331.021NOYES??
Russell World Equity BIE0034343834US DollarIrelandRussell Global TR EUR0,91.416.300.715NOYES??
RWS-AktienfondsDE0009763300EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,6222.383.988NOYES??
S&W MagnumGB0008186230Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked194.517.366YESNO??
Säästöpankki Eurooppa AFI0008806591EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,8155.784.760NONOYESNO
Säästöpankki Kotimaa AFI0008806617EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,8207.175.571NONONOYES
Sabadell España Bolsa Base FIES0174404030EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,75128.172.462NOYES??
Sabadell España Dividendo Base FIES0111092039EuroSpainN/A2,168.238.446YESNO??
Sabadell Estados Unidos Bolsa Base FIES0138983038EuroSpainNot Benchmarked2,25182.014.286YESNO??
Sabadell Euroacción Base FIES0111098036EuroSpainNot Benchmarked1,75309.442.575YESNO??
Sabadell Europa Bolsa Base FIES0174416034EuroSpainNot Benchmarked1,75130.801.619YESNO??
Sabadell Japón Bolsa Base FIES0174402034EuroSpainN/A2,2598.432.691YESNO??
Sanlam Global Financial BIE0034378103US DollarIrelandMSCI World/Financials NR USD189.565.305NONOYESNO
Sanlam World Equity AIE00B01J9H59US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR USD2816.345.486NONONOYES
Santander Acciones Españolas A FIES0138823036EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,15716.440.160NOYES??
Santander Acciones Euro A FIES0114063037EuroSpainEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2,15429.874.406NOYES??
Santander Acções Europa FIMAPTYSADLM0008EuroPortugalNot Benchmarked2,0857.948.690YESNO??
Santander Acções Portugal FIMAPTYSAFLM0006EuroPortugalNot Benchmarked1,9578.836.946YESNO??
Santander Dividendo Europa A FIES0109360034EuroSpainSTOXX Europe Large 200 NR EUR1,9822.295.924NOYES??
Santander Equity Income RIGB0004909577Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,9169.296.799NOYES??
Santander European Dividend BLU0082927285EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Large 200 NR EUR1,5145.147.772NOYES??
Santander North American Equity BLU0082926121US DollarLuxembourgDJ Industrial Average TR USD1,548.160.243NONONOYES
Santander Premium Europe Ex UK Eqs AGB0002789047Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1118.917.900NONOYESNO
Santander Premium Japan Equity AGB0002791233Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Japan TR GBP165.669.149NONONOYES
Santander Premium UK Equities AGB0002795101Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1518.739.980NOYES??
Santander Premium US Equities AGB0002824448Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE USA TR GBP1137.205.911NONONOYES
Santander RV España A FIES0114039037EuroSpainSpain IBEX 352,1567.368.293NOYES??
Santander Selección RV Norteamérica FIES0121761037EuroSpainS&P 500 NR EUR2,25253.358.391NOYES??
Santander Small Caps España A FIES0175224031EuroSpainN/A2297.925.360YESNO??
Santander Small Caps Europa FIES0107987036EuroSpainDJ Stoxx Small 2002,1195.206.372NOYES??
Santander UK Growth RA AccGB0000353259Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,85949.547.084NOYES??
Sarasin IE Global Eq Opps GBP A AccIE00B59Z3G76Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI ACWI NR USD1,576.643.210NONOYESNO
Sarasin IE Global Eq Opps USD A AccIE00B65V8058US DollarIrelandMSCI ACWI NR USD1,571.695.136NONOYESNO
Sarasin IE Global Real Est Eq GBP A AccIE00B572T065Pound SterlingIrelandS&P Developed BMI TR USD1,5161.714.994NONOYESNO
Sarasin Thematic Global Equity A AccGB0009341214Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR LCL1,5274.200.438NONOYESNO
Schoellerbank Aktienfonds Value AAT0000913942EuroAustriaMSCI Daily TR Net World USD1,2168.298.203NOYES??
Schoellerbank Aktienfonds währungsges AAT0000612684EuroAustriaMSCI Daily TR Net World Local0,82124.457.620NOYES??
Schroder Asian Income AccGB0007809600Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Pacific Ex Japan NR USD1,51.142.647.796NONOYESNO
Schroder European Alpha Plus AccGB0033302877Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5346.351.764NONOYESNO
Schroder European I IncGB0007648016Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP0,75601.699.906NONOYESNO
Schroder European Opportunities C AccGB0007221772Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1577.593.422NONOYESNO
Schroder European Sm Cos AccGB0007648891Pound SterlingUnited KingdomEuromoney Smlr Europe Ex UK TR EUR1,5154.070.992NOYES??
Schroder Global Emerging Markets A IncGB0007906356Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR USD1,5896.352.408NONONOYES
Schroder Global Healthcare A AccGB0003880183Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI/Health Care GR EUR1,5265.738.092NONONOYES
Schroder Income IncGB0007648909Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.825.392.911NOYES??
Schroder ISF Asian Opp A IncLU0048388663US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan GR USD1,53.242.948.480NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Emerg Asia CLU0181496059US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Asia NR USD1856.222.901NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Emerg Europe C AccLU0106820292EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe 10/40 NR EUR1528.417.046NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Emerging Markets A IncLU0049853897US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,52.163.503.480NONONOYES
Schroder ISF Eur Smaller Coms A IncLU0053902499EuroLuxembourgEuromoney Smlr Europe Incl UK TR USD1,5255.575.812NOYES??
Schroder ISF Euro Equity C IncLU0091116201EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR0,753.044.602.714NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF European Eq Yld A AccLU0106236267EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5168.192.313NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF European Large Cap C € IncLU0062908172EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,75132.066.664NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Greater China C AccLU0140637140US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1639.174.283NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Hong Kong Eq CLU0149536715Hong Kong DollarLuxembourgHSBC 10.000% + FTSE AW HK 90.000%12.443.015.907NOYES??
Schroder ISF Italian Eq A IncLU0067016716EuroLuxembourgFTSE Italia AllShare TR EUR1,25276.399.516NOYES??
Schroder ISF Japanese Equity A IncLU0012050562Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,252.784.011.535NOYES??
Schroder ISF Japanese Sm Comp C AccLU0106243982Japanese YenLuxembourgRussell/Nomura Small Cap TR USD1261.665.760NOYES??
Schroder ISF Korean Eq C AccLU0195148621US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Korea NR USD193.197.074NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Latin Amer ALU0086394185US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America 10/40 NR USD1,5199.177.001NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF Swiss Eq C IncLU0063576010Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI TR CHF0,75189.264.727NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF UK Equity A IncLU0045667853Pound SterlingLuxembourgFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,25227.669.237NOYES??
Schroder ISF US Large Cap ALU0006306889US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,251.712.012.000NONOYESNO
Schroder ISF US Smaller Comp A IncLU0012050646US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2000 TR USD1,5339.688.038NOYES??
Schroder Recovery A IncGB0007809824Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,51.029.959.959NOYES??
Schroder Tokyo IncGB0007650533Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTOPIX TR GBP1,52.605.103.958NOYES??
Schroder UK Alpha Plus AccGB0031440133Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,
Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Coms A AccGB0031092942Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5521.121.570NOYES??
Schroder UK Equity IncGB0007648677Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5665.139.353NOYES??
Schroder UK Mid 250 A AccGB0008528696Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,51.350.714.497NOYES??
Schroder UK Opportunities A AccGB0031092728Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5411.942.344NOYES??
Schroder UK Smaller Companies A IncGB0007649311Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP1,5688.369.789NOYES??
Schroder US Mid Cap IncGB0030347057Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2500 TR Lagged GBP1,52.002.336.357NOYES??
Schroder US Smaller Companies AccGB0007810152Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 TR Lagged GBP1,5876.340.074NOYES??
Scot Wid MM International Eq PGB00B02G7M66Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Ex UK TR GBP0,932.896.113.322NOYES??
Scot Wid MM UK Equity Focus P IncGB00B02G8M32Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,951.186.961.008NOYES??
Scot Wid MM UK Equity Growth PGB00B02G8L25Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,82193.101.405NOYES??
Scot Wid MM UK Equity Income P IncGB00B02G8K18Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,851.474.633.815NOYES??
Scot Wid/Artemis UK Growth 1 PenGB0030834286Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5100.417.091NOYES??
Scot Wid/Artemis UK Growth 2 PenGB0030834393Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5100.417.091NOYES??
Scot Wid/Artemis UK Smaller Cos 1 PenGB0030834625Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,562.088.078NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Artemis UK Smaller Cos 2 PenGB0030834401Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1,562.088.078NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/BlackRock UK 1 PenGB0030864382Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,578.344.626NOYES??
Scot Wid/BlackRock UK 2 PenGB0030864275Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,578.344.626NOYES??
Scot Wid/Fidelity 50:50 Spec Sits 1 PenGB0030837966Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5147.785.311NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity 50:50 Spec Sits 2 PenGB0030837859Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5147.785.311NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity American 1 PenGB0030839905Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,580.247.310NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity American 2 PenGB0030839780Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,580.247.310NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity European 1 PenGB0030838717Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,5147.571.624NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity European 2 PenGB0030838600Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD1,5147.571.624NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity South East Asia 1 PenGB0030838154Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5217.866.923NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Fidelity South East Asia 2 PenGB0030838048Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5217.866.923NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Jupiter UK Growth 1 PenGB00B032DL44Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,577.484.713NOYES??
Scot Wid/Jupiter UK Growth 2 PenGB00B032DM50Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,577.484.713NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Global Equity 1 PenGB0030865025Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,584.104.735NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Newton Global Equity 2 PenGB0030864945Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR USD1,584.104.735NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Newton Higher Income 1 PenGB0030857147Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,574.341.989NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Higher Income 2 PenGB0030857030Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,574.341.989NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Managed 1 PenGB0007472334Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,51.304.037.777NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Managed 2 PenGB0009363093Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,51.304.037.777NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Managed 3 PenGB0030338650Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,51.304.037.777NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Managed LifeGB0007470403Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,579.109.168NOYES??
Scot Wid/Newton Oriental 1 PenGB0030865249Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW AP Ex JPN TR GBP1,5106.081.461NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Newton Oriental 2 PenGB0030865132Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AW AP Ex JPN TR GBP1,5106.081.461NONOYESNO
Scot Wid/Schroder UK Alpha Plus 1 PenGB0034021971Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,592.597.960NOYES??
Scot Wid/Schroder UK Alpha Plus 2 PenGB0034022052Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,592.597.960NOYES??
Scot Wid/Schroder UK Mid 250 1 PenGB00B032F635Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,5134.006.869NOYES??
Scot Wid/Schroder UK Mid 250 2 PenGB00B032F742Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,5134.006.869NOYES??
Scot Wid/Schroder US Smaller Cos 1 PenGB0030856511Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 TR Lagged GBP1,5126.504.888NOYES??
Scot Wid/Schroder US Smaller Cos 2 PenGB0030856404Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 2000 TR Lagged GBP1,5126.504.888NOYES??
Scottish Mutual European AccGB0007833675Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR EUR165.799.633NOYES??
Scottish Mutual Intl Growth AccGB0007862922Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World TR GBP166.319.821NOYES??
Scottish Mutual UK Equity AccGB0007839144Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP174.931.516NOYES??
Scottish Widows American Growth AGB0031631715Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP2,585.836.635NONONOYES
Scottish Widows Environmental Investor AGB0031632010Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP2,5218.005.359NOYES??
Scottish Widows Ethical AGB0032200213Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP2,5112.328.366NOYES??
Scottish Widows Europe Select Growth AGB0031610784Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP2,5237.588.538NONOYESNO
Scottish Widows European Growth AGB0031610909Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD2,5105.483.824NONOYESNO
Scottish Widows Global Growth AGB0031609786Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI World NR USD2,5237.269.598NONOYESNO
Scottish Widows UK Equity Income A AccGB0031643561Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP2,5698.178.351NOYES??
Scottish Widows UK Growth BGB0031632127Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP2,53.224.624.062NOYES??
SE/Lazard Managed Eq PenGB0032305251Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Ex UK TR GBP 50.000% + FTSE AllSh TR GBP 50.000%169.665.122NOYES??
SE/Newton UK Income PenGB0002403565Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,572.505.186NOYES??
SEB AktienfondsDE0008473471EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR0,9738.056.968NOYES??
SEB AktiesparfondSE0000984130Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Stockholm Benchmark GR SEK 25.000% + MSCI ACWI NR USD 75.000%1,41.382.731.401NOYES??
SEB Asia ex Japan CLU0011900676US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,75118.263.927NONOYESNO
SEB Asia Small Caps ex Japan CLU0086813762Swedish KronaLuxembourgMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD1,75179.930.341NONOYESNO
SEB Asienfond ex-JapanSE0000984148Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,75292.506.494NONOYESNO
SEB Concept Biotechnology DLU0118405827EuroLuxembourgNASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD1,5322.358.793NOYES??
SEB Dynamisk AktiefondSE0000775348Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI ACWI NR USD1,25418.812.128NONOYESNO
SEB Eastern Europe ex Russia CLU0070133888EuroLuxembourgMSCI Conv Europe Custom 10/40 NR EUR1,75129.023.244NOYES??
SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap CLU0086828794EuroLuxembourgNot Benchmarked1,75113.547.653YESNO??
SEB Emerging Markets CLU0037256269US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,7551.969.783NONOYESNO
SEB Emerging MarketsfondSE0000984155Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM NR USD1,75322.808.735NONOYESNO
SEB EuroCompaniesDE0009769208EuroGermanyEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,355.508.065NOYES??
SEB EuropafondSE0000984171Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe NR USD1,4171.478.927NONOYESNO
SEB Europafond Småbolag ULSwedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,75598.898.557NONOYESNO
SEB EuropafondsDE0008474388EuroGermanyEURO STOXX PR EUR0,9155.107.605NOYES??
SEB Europe CLU0030166507EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,75465.969.089NONOYESNO
SEB European Eq Small Caps DLU0099984899EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,5182.039.477NONOYESNO
SEB European Equity AFI0008802665EuroFinlandMSCI Europe NR EUR1,3241.381.848NONOYESNO
SEB FastighetsfondSE0000433096Swedish KronaSwedenFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global REITs NR USD1,563.028.215NOYES??
SEB Finland Small Cap AFI0008802566EuroFinlandCarnegie SmallFinland2,553.975.656NOYES??
SEB Finlandia AFI0008802541EuroFinlandNASDAQ OMX Helsinki Cap GR EUR1,3220.857.471NONONOYES
SEB Global CLU0030158231US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,752.411.356.490NONOYESNO
SEB Global Chance/Risk CLU0122113094EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,75711.783.143NONOYESNO
SEB Hållbarhetsfond GlobalSE0000434151Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD1,5439.625.397NONOYESNO
SEB JapanfondSE0000577462Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Japan NR USD1,5149.411.365NONOYESNO
SEB LäkemedelsfondSE0000984122Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,5939.060.173NONONOYES
SEB Latinamerikafond ULSwedish KronaSwedenMSCI Latin America 10/40 NR USD1,7562.112.370NOYES??
SEB Nordamerika Små och Medelstora BolagSE0000434268Swedish KronaSwedenRussell 2500 NR USD1,75287.605.673NOYES??
SEB NordamerikafondSE0000984163Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI North America NR USD1,5312.172.261NONOYESNO
SEB Nordamerikafond SmåbolagSE0000432601Swedish KronaSwedenRussell 2000 TR USD1,75186.281.509NOYES??
SEB NordenfondSE0000984189Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,3593.821.606NOYES??
SEB Nordic CLU0030165871EuroLuxembourgNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,75132.280.081NOYES??
SEB Östersjöfond/WWFSE0000691750Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,530.806.055NOYES??
SEB ÖsteuropafondSE0000433203Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Europe 10-40 NR USD1,7596.280.817NOYES??
SEB SchweizfondSE0000577504Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Switzerland 10/40 NR EUR1,4139.979.694NOYES??
SEB Stiftelsefond SverigeSE0000433278Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,5306.150.189NOYES??
SEB Stiftelsefond UtlandSE0000691776Swedish KronaSwedenSocially Responsible Wld on MSCI1,4165.439.491NOYES??
SEB Sustainability Fund CLU0047322432Swedish KronaLuxembourgSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,25107.184.536NOYES??
SEB Sverige ExpanderadSE0000984197Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,
SEB SverigefondSE0000775298Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,31.521.528.755NOYES??
SEB Sverigefond SmåbolagSE0000577389Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,5667.434.225NOYES??
SEB Sverigefond Småbolag C/RSE0000434201Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,5440.782.959NOYES??
SEB TeknologifondSE0000984114Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI ACWI/Information Technology NR USD1,5476.585.163NONONOYES
SEB US All Cap C USDLU0030166176US DollarLuxembourgRussell 3000 NR USD1,5462.898.722NOYES??
SEBinvest Danske AktierDK0010260629Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK2,5294.714.324NOYES??
SEBinvest Europa Højt UdbytteDK0016002496Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2,595.246.215NONOYESNO
SEBinvest Europa Small CapDK0016283211Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD2,5181.706.761NOYES??
SEBinvest Japan HybridDK0016283484Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Japan NR USD2,524.184.471NONOYESNO
SEI GMF Emerg Mkts Eq Inv AccIE0001466691US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR EUR1,45842.145.243NONOYESNO
SEI GMF Pac Bsn Ex-Jpn Eq Inv AccIE0000617179US DollarIrelandMSCI Pacific ex Japan PR USD1,3298.266.799NONONOYES
SEI GMF UK Equity Instl USD AccIE0000602312US DollarIrelandS&P/ASX All Ordinaries PR1,8138.696.470NONOYESNO
SEI GMF US Large Coms Inv USD AccIE0001466360US DollarIrelandRussell 1000 Growth PR USD1,151.029.869.112NOYES??
Sextant PEA AFR0010286005EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR2,4292.896.565NOYES??
SG Actions Euro Value CFR0007079199EuroFranceEURO STOXX Large NR EUR2,4140.607.979NOYES??
SG Actions Europe Largecap DFR0010289009EuroFranceSTOXX Europe Large 200 NR EUR2,4133.087.262NOYES??
SG Actions Europe Midcap IFR0000448847EuroFranceFTSE Euromid TR EUR2,480.316.307NOYES??
SG Actions France Croissance CFR0000424467EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR2,4199.480.523NOYES??
SG Actions Immobilier CFR0010285874EuroFranceFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe TR EUR2,4134.931.911NOYES??
SG Actions Luxe CFR0000988503EuroFranceMSCI World/Text Apparel&Lux NR USD2,4243.138.872NONOYESNO
SG Actions Monde Sélection CFR0010278416EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR2,468.083.416NONOYESNO
SG Actions Monde Techno CFR0000431538EuroFranceMSCI World/IT Services NR USD2,455.274.190NONOYESNO
SG Actions US Sélection CFR0000988495EuroFranceRussell 3000 Value TR EUR2,3984.282.249NOYES??
SGKB (LUX) Schweiz (CHF) BLU0181587956Swiss FrancLuxembourgSIX SPI TR CHF264.508.496NONONOYES
Share Gold USDLU0145217120US DollarLuxembourgFTSE Gold Mines PR USD1,551.994.059NONOYESNO
Siemens Euroinvest AktienDE0009772582EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 50 NR EUR1,25163.570.022NOYES??
Sifter Fund - Global ILU0168577939EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,482.768.973NONOYESNO
Simplicity IndienSE0001338740Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM India NR1,972.498.137NOYES??
Simplicity NordenSE0000988750Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Nordic 10/40 NR EUR1,657.896.399NOYES??
SJP Continental European Cap PenGB0007511040Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP2,05164.337.625NOYES??
SJP Continental European Inet PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP2,05105.603.657NOYES??
SJP Continental European LifeGB0007509309Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP2,0590.968.975NOYES??
SJP Continental European PenGB0007511156Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP2,05164.337.625NOYES??
SJP Ethical Cap PenGB0004435755Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC World TR GBP1,569.123.968NOYES??
SJP Ethical LifeGB0004435532Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC World TR GBP1,572.341.250NOYES??
SJP Ethical PenGB0004435862Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC World TR GBP1,569.123.968NOYES??
SJP North American Cap PenGB0007511263Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5508.489.199NONOYESNO
SJP North American LifeGB0007509416Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5172.744.254NONOYESNO
SJP North American PenGB0007511594Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR GBP1,5508.489.199NONOYESNO
Skandia AsiaSE0000810756Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Asia NR USD1,65313.240.177NOYES??
Skandia CancerfondenSE0000432759Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,435.891.569NOYES??
Skandia Småbolag SverigeSE0000810814Swedish KronaSwedenCarnegie Small Cap Return GR SEK1,4269.963.206NOYES??
Skandia SMART OffensivSE0000810723Swedish KronaSwedenSIXRX GR SEK 50.000% + MSCI World NR USD 35.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 15.000%1,4788.647.506NOYES??
Skandia SverigeSE0000810913Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,4425.883.155NOYES??
Skandia Time GlobalSE0001112715Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,4352.332.377NOYES??
Skandia USASE0000810798Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI USA NR USD1,4331.903.187NONONOYES
Skandia VärldenSE0001112723Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI ACWI NR USD1,4401.598.659NONOYESNO
Skandia VärldsnaturfondenSE0000432742Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,444.692.876NOYES??
Skandia-TOP-spekulativ TAT0000746524EuroAustriaMSCI World PR EUR1,557.757.939NOYES??
SLF (F) Equity Europe Minimum Vol CFR0010074914EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,75195.523.300NONOYESNO
SLI American Eqty Unconstrained Inst AccGB0004483094Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA North America0,75202.547.797NOYES??
SLI European Equities D AccLU0137280037EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR0,769.590.173NONOYESNO
SLI European Equity Growth Inst AccGB0004483102Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Europe ex UK0,75116.367.514NOYES??
SLI European TrustGB0008395948Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Europe (ex UK) Sector0,75476.832.155NOYES??
SLI Global Equities D AccLU0152742713US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD0,7265.593.249NONOYESNO
SLI Global Equity Uncons Inst AccGB0004482807Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Gbl sector0,8302.610.632NOYES??
SLI Japanese Equities D AccLU0137295654Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL0,7169.008.333NONONOYES
SLI Japanese Equity Growth Instl AccGB0004483219Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Japan Sector0,75281.206.489NOYES??
SLI Japanese TrustGB0008395161Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Japan Sector Avg0,75256.121.293NOYES??
SLI North American TrustGB0008396680Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA North America0,75959.209.102NOYES??
SLI Pacific Basin TrustGB0008396797Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Asia Pacific Ex Japan0,751.694.989.090NOYES??
SLI Pan-European TrustGB0008383423Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe GR EUR0,75132.357.535NONOYESNO
SLI UK Equity General Trust Instl IncGB0008395724Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies0,751.049.749.819NOYES??
SLI UK Equity Growth Inst AccGB0004333505Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies Sector0,75240.566.766NOYES??
SLI UK Equity High Alpha Ret IncGB0004330378Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies Sector1,3222.604.313NOYES??
SLI UK Equity High Income Ret IncGB0004330824Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Equity & Income Sector1,3715.711.960NOYES??
SLI UK Ethical Ret AccGB0004331012Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK All Companies Ethical Subsector1,3275.191.634NOYES??
SLI UK Opportunities Inst AccGB0032191487Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75123.011.287NOYES??
SLI UK Smaller Companies Inst AccGB0004333497Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Smaller Companies Sector0,81.331.144.962NOYES??
Smith & Williamson North American EqGB0007655698Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE USA TR GBP1,579.383.578NONOYESNO
Smith & Williamson UK Equity Inc AGB0008178799Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,562.803.910NOYES??
SOP Euroland Werte RDE0009778563EuroGermanyNot Benchmarked1,5117.019.607YESNO??
Spängler IQAM Quality Equity Europe R TAT0000857750EuroAustriaMSCI Europe PR EUR1,5102.485.423NONOYESNO
Spängler IQAM Quality Equity US R TAT0000857784US DollarAustriaS&P 500 Composite TR USD1,7555.453.242NONOYESNO
Sparinvest Cumulus Value KLDK0010014778Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD268.566.286NONOYESNO
Sparinvest Danske Aktier KLDK0010068006Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK255.918.363NOYES??
Sparinvest SICAV Global Value USD ILU0294897425US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD0,8283.391.233NONOYESNO
Sparinvest Value Aktier KLDK0010079631Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI World NR USD2924.628.816NONOYESNO
Sparinvest Value Emerging Markets KLDK0010304856Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM NR USD241.657.202NONOYESNO
Sparinvest Value USA KLDK0010204551Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD210.448.954NONOYESNO
Spiltan Aktiefond StabilSE0001015348Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,5142.010.386NOYES??
Spiltan Aktiefond SverigeSE0001015355Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,588.989.891NOYES??
SSP State Street US Equity I USDLU0185280533US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,352.093.110NONOYESNO
St James's Place Far East IncGB0007667552Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMCSI AC Asia Pacific TR GBP1,51.678.038.030NOYES??
St James's Place UK & General Prog IncGB0001012151Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE All Share TR GBP1,851.649.084.795NOYES??
Stan Life/Fidelity South East Asia 3 PenGB00B3L49V57Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5227.034.498NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Fidelity South East Asia 4 PenGB0031731705Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5227.034.498NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Fidelity South East Asia 8 PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,5227.034.498NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Fidelity Special Sits 3 PenGB00B3L49W64Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5175.050.449NOYES??
Stan Life/Fidelity Special Sits 4 PenGB0031731697Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5175.050.449NOYES??
Stan Life/Fidelity Special Sits 8 PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5175.050.449NOYES??
Stan Life/Henderson Euro Sel Opps 2 PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5149.750.245NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Henderson Euro Sel Opps 3 PenGB00B3L4B084Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5149.750.245NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Henderson Euro Sel Opps 4 PenGB0031731259Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5149.750.245NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Henderson Euro Sel Opps 8 PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1,5149.750.245NONOYESNO
Stan Life/Newton Managed 4 PenGB0031731473Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA FLEXIBLE INVESTMENT1,5262.046.706NOYES??
Stan Life/Schroder UK Mid 250 3 PenGB0034352236Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,5146.297.176NOYES??
Stan Life/Schroder UK Mid 250 4 PenGB00B55DVX82Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1,5146.297.176NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI Global Eq Unconstra 4 PenGB0031731929Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Gbl sector0,891.568.289NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI UK Opps S3 PenGB0034351485Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75109.270.685NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI UK Opps S4 PenGB00B55C8P69Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75109.270.685NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI UK Smaller Cos 3 PenGB00B3L4DV34Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Smaller Companies Sector0,8309.908.072NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI UK Smaller Cos 4 PenGB0031731812Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Smaller Companies Sector0,8309.908.072NOYES??
Stan Life/SLI UK Smaller Cos 8 PenPound SterlingUnited KingdomIA UK Smaller Companies Sector0,8309.908.072NOYES??
Standard Life Wealth Falcon AccGB0002904703Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Ex UK TR GBP 50.000% + FTSE AllSh TR GBP 50.000%1,5167.742.626NOYES??
StarCapital Priamos A EURLU0137341359EuroLuxembourgMSCI World PR EUR1,469.394.623NONOYESNO
StarCapital Starpoint A EURLU0114997082EuroLuxembourgMSCI World PR EUR1,4195.121.134NONOYESNO
Stewart Inv Asia Pac Ldrs B Acc GBPGB0033874768Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD0,8510.973.012.869NONOYESNO
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific B Acc GBPGB0030184088Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD11.000.640.341NONOYESNO
Stewart Investors Glb EM Ldrs B Acc GBPGB0033874545Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR EUR0,853.101.163.018NONOYESNO
Stewart Investors Glbl EmMkts B Acc GBPGB0030187438Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM NR EUR1756.429.841NONOYESNO
Stonehage Core UK Equity B IncGB0033402537Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,790.944.684NOYES??
Stonehage European All Cap Equity B IncGB0033403162Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex PR UK PR EUR0,893.293.605NONOYESNO
Stonehage Fleming Global Equities B IncGB0003421228Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI Europe Ex UK NR USD 16.000% + MSCI United Kingdom GR USD 45.000% + MSCI USA GR USD 22.000% + MSCI AC Far East NR USD 10.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 7.000%1169.182.514NOYES??
Stryx World Growth CHFIE00B5WHP863Swiss FrancIrelandN/A1,5262.761.852YESNO??
SVM UK Growth InstlGB0032084708Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75162.110.287NOYES??
SVM UK Opportunities InstlGB0032084815Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75151.837.846NOYES??
SVS Church House UK Managed Growth A IncGB0009199240Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,566.612.713NOYES??
Swedbank Robur Allemansfond KomplettSE0000538910Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM 50 NR USD 10.000% + NASDAQ OMX VINX-30 PR EUR 10.000% + MSCI Sweden NR SEK 30.000% + MSCI World NR USD 50.000%1,255.328.109.723NOYES??
Swedbank Robur AmerikafondSE0000539470Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI USA NR USD1,25861.063.566NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur AsienfondSE0000539447Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,42292.240.412NONONOYES
Swedbank Robur Ethica GlobalSE0000537680Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD1,25208.098.545NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur Ethica Global MEGASE0001003864Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD0,72481.535.131NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur Ethica SverigeSE0000709016Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,45489.673.475NOYES??
Swedbank Robur Ethica Sverige MEGASE0000987216Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK0,72193.320.493NOYES??
Swedbank Robur EuropafondSE0000539454Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe NR EUR1,25804.823.462NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur ExportfondSE0000602294Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Stockholm Benchmark GR SEK1,25572.109.774NOYES??
Swedbank Robur GlobalfondSE0000539439Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD1,25346.698.694NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur Globalfond MegaSE0000542839Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World NR USD0,751.180.265.416NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur IP AktiefondSE0000542979Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX VINX-30 PR EUR 10.000% + MSCI Sweden NR SEK 30.000% + MSCI World NR USD 50.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 10.000%1,251.930.869.708NOYES??
Swedbank Robur JapanfondSE0000539413Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Japan NR USD1,25298.853.407NONONOYES
Swedbank Robur KapitalinvestSE0000996241Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX VINX-30 PR EUR 10.000% + MSCI Sweden NR SEK 30.000% + MSCI World NR USD 50.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 10.000%1,252.481.708.794NOYES??
Swedbank Robur MedicaSE0000639445Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World/Health Care 10/40 NR USD1,25769.011.222NONONOYES
Swedbank Robur NordenfondSE0000537722Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ VINX Benchmark Cap NR SEK1,25560.824.702NOYES??
Swedbank Robur Ny TeknikSE0000709123Swedish KronaSwedenVINX Small Cap NR1,25559.637.822NOYES??
Swedbank Robur ÖsteuropafondSE0000539421Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI EM Europe 10-40 NR USD1,42398.290.977NOYES??
Swedbank Robur RåvarufondSE0000538969Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World Metal & Mining NR H-SEK 50.000% + MSCI World Energy NR H-SEK 50.000%1,45131.696.622NOYES??
Swedbank Robur RealinvestSE0000537763Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK 25.000% + MSCI World/Real Estate NR USD 75.000%1,25394.194.900NOYES??
Swedbank Robur RysslandsfondSE0000542805Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Rencap 10/40 Net2,42600.673.142NOYES??
Swedbank Robur Småbolagsfond EuropaSE0000542771Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,25704.714.185NONOYESNO
Swedbank Robur Småbolagsfond NordenSE0000537706Swedish KronaSwedenVINX Small Cap NR1,25907.895.889NOYES??
Swedbank Robur Småbolagsfond SverigeSE0000602302Swedish KronaSwedenNASDAQ OMX Small Cap Sweden GR SEK1,451.355.666.538NOYES??
Swedbank Robur SverigefondSE0000996233Swedish KronaSwedenSIX Portfolio Return GR SEK1,251.584.243.260NOYES??
Swedbank Robur TechnologySE0000538944Swedish KronaSwedenMSCI World/IT Services NR USD1,252.136.554.493NONOYESNO
Swiss Life (LUX) Equity Euro Zone EURLU0094707279EuroLuxembourgMSCI Euro NR EUR1,5131.206.707NONOYESNO
Swisscanto (LU) EF Global Innov Ldrs BLU0102842878EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,9553.713.356NONOYESNO
Swisscanto (LU) EF S/M Caps Japan BLU0123487463Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix Mid 400 PR JPY 50.000% + Topix Small PR JPY 50.000%1,95140.485.662NOYES??
Swisscanto (LU) PF Equity BLU0112806921Swiss FrancLuxembourgCB Swisscanto Portfolio Equity1,45250.179.504NOYES??
Swisscanto (LU) PF Green Invest Equity BLU0136171559EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD1,95162.762.881NONOYESNO
Sycomore European Growth AFR0007073119EuroFranceEURO STOXX GR EUR1,5131.901.140NOYES??
Sycomore Francecap AFR0007065743EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC All Tradable NR EUR1,5419.109.000NOYES??
Sydinvest BRIK KLDK0010303882Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI BRIC NR USD274.609.924NOYES??
Sydinvest Danmark A DKKDK0015298384Danish KroneDenmarkNASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Cap GR DKK263.915.596NOYES??
Sydinvest Europa Ligevægt & Value KLDK0015323406Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI Europe NR USD2103.027.456NONONOYES
Sydinvest Fjernøsten KLDK0010169549Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD2375.623.596NONOYESNO
Sydinvest Latinamerika KLDK0010169465Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI EM Latin America NR USD227.084.929NONOYESNO
Sydinvest USA Ligevægt & Value KLDK0010270776Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI USA NR USD257.915.275NONOYESNO
Sydinvest Verden Ligevægt & ValueDK0010101740Danish KroneDenmarkMSCI ACWI NR USD251.137.852NONOYESNO
Symphonia FortissimoIT0004764376EuroItalyNot Benchmarked1,859.681.723YESNO??
Symphonia Selezione ItaliaIT0001318150EuroItalyFTSE Italia All Share Capped TR 90.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 10.000%1,850.568.486NOYES??
Synergy Smaller Cies AFR0010376343EuroFranceMSCI EMU Small Cap GR EUR2226.844.193NONOYESNO
T Bailey Growth Inst AccGB0009346486Pound SterlingUnited KingdomIA Gbl Sector Avg0,75223.284.911NOYES??
T. Rowe Price Emg Mkts Eq I USDLU0133084979US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD11.363.773.314NONOYESNO
T. Rowe Price Glbl Foc Grth Eq A USDLU0143551892US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD1,6220.335.400NONOYESNO
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Eq A USDLU0133085943US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,5466.482.902NONOYESNO
T. Rowe Price US Smaller Co Eq A USDLU0133096635US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2500 TR USD1,6996.515.600NOYES??
Talento Global EquityIT0003686133EuroItalyMSCI Daily TR Net World USD1,582.391.831NOYES??
Templeton Asian Growth A Ydis USDLU0029875118US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD1,354.332.234.209NONOYESNO
Templeton China A Acc USDLU0052750758US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Golden Dragon GR USD1,6499.110.557NONOYESNO
Templeton Eastern Europe A Acc EURLU0078277505EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Europe NR EUR1,6281.035.793NONOYESNO
Templeton Emerging Markets A Ydis USDLU0029874905US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,6545.910.380NONOYESNO
Templeton Euroland A Acc EURLU0093666013EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR USD1221.242.439NONOYESNO
Templeton European A Ydis USDLU0029868097US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD1213.632.072NONOYESNO
Templeton Global (Euro) A Ydis EURLU0029873410EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR EUR1651.880.887NONOYESNO
Templeton Global A Ydis USDLU0029864427US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI NR USD11.037.429.040NONOYESNO
Templeton Global Smaller Coms A Ydis USDLU0029874061US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI Small NR USD1103.511.647NONOYESNO
Templeton Growth (Euro) I Acc EURLU0114763096EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD0,
Templeton Growth A AccGB0002733748Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,5262.617.533NONOYESNO
Templeton Latin America A Ydis USDLU0029865408US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM Latin America NR USD1,41.098.893.224NONOYESNO
Templeton Thailand A Acc USDLU0078275988US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Thailand NR USD1,6132.154.384NONOYESNO
Tempo Value AFR0010093922EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,7992.652.556NOYES??
terrAssisi Aktien I AMIDE0009847343EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,3566.647.458NONOYESNO
The Alger American Asset Growth A USLU0070176184US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Growth TR USD1,75538.202.641NOYES??
Thesis KES Diversified AccGB0000016948Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked0,8130.922.859YESNO??
Threadneedle (Lux) American WLU0043004323US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,15175.086.807NONOYESNO
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Focus WLU0042999655US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI GR USD1,4164.251.597NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Amer Inst Net GBPGB0001444586Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR USD16.162.747.073NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Amer Sel Inst Net GBPGB0001447597Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P 500 TR USD13.255.792.689NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Amer SmCos Inst NetGB0001530459Pound SterlingUnited KingdomS&P MidCap 400 TR11.170.388.102NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Asia Inst Net GBPGB0001441020Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN GR USD1595.138.340NONONOYES
Threadneedle European exUK Gr RGB0032859901Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR GBP1285.130.497NONOYESNO
Threadneedle European Inst Net GBPGB0001439941Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR EUR1813.683.691NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Eurp Sel Inst Net GBPGB0001445229Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE World Eur Ex UK TR EUR13.521.748.888NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Eurp Sm Cos Inst Net EURGB0030810245EuroUnited KingdomUK IMA Euro Smaller Companies TR EUR13.479.799.933NOYES??
Threadneedle Glbl Select Ret Net USDGB0002769312US DollarUnited KingdomMSCI ACWI GR USD1,53.760.154.398NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Global Equity A Net GBP AccGB0001448892Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked1,5403.986.245YESNO??
Threadneedle Japan Inst Net GBPGB0001448678Pound SterlingUnited KingdomTopix TR JPY1538.080.679NOYES??
Threadneedle Latin Amer Inst Net GBPGB0001531861Pound SterlingUnited KingdomMSCI EM Latin America 10/40 NR USD11.039.434.843NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Pan European Focus IN EURGB00B01HLJ59EuroUnited KingdomMSCI Europe GR USD1153.008.981NONOYESNO
Threadneedle Pan Eurp Inst Net EURGB0030810682EuroUnited KingdomMSCI Europe GR EUR1618.156.679NONOYESNO
Threadneedle UK Eq Inc Ret Net GBPGB0001448900Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,54.009.952.240NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Extnd Alpha Inst Net GBPGB0033027474Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75153.362.023NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Gr&Inc Inst Net GBPGB0001647246Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1449.414.436NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Growth RGB0008520966Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1186.402.783NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Inst Inst Net GBPGB0001451615Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,751.150.651.635NOYES??
Threadneedle UK InstlGB0001439610Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP12.113.819.246NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Mid 250 Inst Net GBPGB0033547711Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP1112.473.557NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Monthly Inc RN GBPGB0001529568Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5683.345.919NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Overseas Earnings IN IncGB0001451722Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5126.145.160NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Select Ret Net GBX IncGB0001530236Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,5253.314.763NOYES??
Threadneedle UK Sm Cos Inst Net GBPGB0001444479Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNumis SC Ex Invt Com TR GBP1192.249.922NONOYESNO
Threadneedle(Lux) Pan Eur Eq WLU0757432462EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,488.782.579NONOYESNO
TM OakGB0033201814Pound SterlingUnited KingdomNot Benchmarked1640.451.824YESNO??
Tocqueville Dividende CFR0010546929EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2,39128.322.378YESNO??
Tocqueville Odyssée CFR0010546960EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2,3959.431.101YESNO??
Tocqueville Ulysse CFR0010546903EuroFranceEURO STOXX NR EUR2,39182.069.221NOYES??
Tocqueville Value Amérique PFR0010547059EuroFranceS&P 500 NR EUR2,3964.728.714NONOYESNO
Tocqueville Value Europe PFR0010547067EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2,39277.603.341NONOYESNO
Trigon New Europe Fund AEE3600018602EuroEstoniaNot Benchmarked1,562.844.938YESNO??
Troy Trojan Income O AccGB00B01BP176Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP13.427.492.977NOYES??
Trusteam ROC Europe AFR0007066725EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR2147.907.680NOYES??
TT Intl Europe ex UK EquityIE00B00G9Z55Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR1210.288.901NONOYESNO
Tweedy, Browne Intl Value Fd (CHF) CLU0076398725Swiss FrancLuxembourgMSCI EAFE NR USD1,25251.018.393NONOYESNO
Tweedy, Browne Intl Value Fd (EUR) BLU0076398568EuroLuxembourgMSCI EAFE NR USD1,2584.686.526NONOYESNO
Tweedy, Browne Value Fund (USD) ALU0076398485US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,2560.700.616NONOYESNO
U.S. Special Equity R AAT0000994991US DollarAustriaRussell 2000 TR USD276.395.608NOYES??
UBAM AJO US Equity Value A USD AccLU0045841987US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,25335.417.850NONOYESNO
UBAM Europe Equity A EUR AccLU0045842449EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,5539.277.888NONOYESNO
UBAM SNAM Japan Equity Value A JPY AccLU0052780409Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,5461.286.290NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni EuroIT0003242424EuroItalyEURO STOXX NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000%2476.362.551NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni EuropaIT0001259974EuroItalySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000%2114.238.603NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni GlobaliIT0003242507EuroItalyMSCI World NR EUR 95.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000%2362.431.623NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni ItaliaIT0003242408EuroItalyCOMIT Performance R 95.000% + BofAML Euro Treasury Bill 5.000%2266.230.265NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni Mercati EmergIT0003242481EuroItalyMSCI Emerging Markets 95.000% + BofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000%2360.154.646NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni PacificoIT0003242465EuroItalyBofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000% + MSCI AC Pacific NR USD 95.000%2242.583.359NOYES??
UBI Pramerica Azioni UsaIT0003242440EuroItalyBofAML EMU Direct Governments TR EUR 5.000% + S&P 500 TR EUR 95.000%2326.262.239NOYES??
UBS (D) Aktienfonds Special I DeutschldDE0008488206EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,5120.006.444NOYES??
UBS (D) EF - Global OpportunityDE0008488214EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR2,04126.085.775NOYES??
UBS (D) EF - Small Caps GermanyDE0009751651EuroGermanyFSE SDAX TR EUR1,8160.113.581NOYES??
UBS (F) European Opp Uncnstrnd PEA EUR RFR0007016068EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR1,7589.508.414NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Asian Consum (USD) PLU0106959298US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia ex JPN Consumer&HC1,63137.430.896NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Australia (AUD) P-accLU0044681806Australian DollarLuxembourgMSCI Australia 10/401,2195.630.005NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Biotech (USD) P-accLU0069152568US DollarLuxembourgMSCI US Biotech 10/401,631.000.589.645NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Canada (CAD) P-accLU0043389872Canadian DollarLuxembourgMSCI Canada NR LCL1,264.949.232NONONOYES
UBS (Lux) EF China Oppo (USD) PLU0067412154US DollarLuxembourgMSCI CHINA (N)1,871.532.416.104NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Euro Countrs Oppo (EUR) PLU0085870433EuroLuxembourgMSCI EMU NR EUR1,44666.800.942NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF European Oppo (EUR) PLU0006391097EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,63738.717.009NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Gbl Multi Tech (USD) PLU0081259029US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Information Tech NR USD1,63159.083.952NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Glb Sust (USD) P-accLU0076532638US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,63296.223.399NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Glbl Sust Innovtr EUR PLU0130799603EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Small & Mid Caps1,63112.789.942NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Greater China (USD) PLU0072913022US DollarLuxembourgUBS Greater China1,87365.295.411NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Health Care (USD) PLU0085953304US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care NR USD1,63153.499.903NONONOYES
UBS (Lux) EF Japan (JPY) PLU0098994485Japanese YenLuxembourgTOPIX (Net)1,232.585.333NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF Mid Caps Europe (EUR) PLU0049842692EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Mid Cap NR USD1,54137.592.087NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Singapore (USD) PLU0067411776US DollarLuxembourgMSCI Singapore NR LCL1,4462.972.479NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) EF Small Caps USA (USD) PLU0038842364US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2000 Growth TR USD1,4475.971.899NOYES??
UBS (Lux) EF USA Multi Strategy (USD) PLU0098995292US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,4471.709.956NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) ES Small Caps Europe EUR P AccLU0198839143EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD1,54486.336.691NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) ES US Opp $ P AccLU0070848113US DollarLuxembourgMSCI USA NR USD1,63168.296.019NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) ES USA Growth $ P AccLU0198837287US DollarLuxembourgRussell 1000 Growth NR USD1,631.736.852.556NOYES??
UBS (Lux) KSS European Eqs (EUR) P-accLU0153925689EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,6396.229.123NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) KSS Global Eqs $ EUR P-accLU0161942635EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,6375.788.085NONOYESNO
UBS (Lux) SF Equity (CHF) P-accLU0071007289Swiss FrancLuxembourgUBS Cus Bench - Equity CHF1,54168.237.752NOYES??
UBS (Lux) SF Equity (EUR) P-accLU0073129206EuroLuxembourgUBS Cus Bench - Equity EUR1,5479.312.880NOYES??
UBS (Lux) SF Equity (USD) P-accLU0073129545US DollarLuxembourgUBS Cus Bench - Equity USD1,5449.624.724NOYES??
UBS Global Emerging Markets Equity J AccGB0031098741Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE All Emerging NR USD1,25652.117.328NOYES??
UBS US Equity B Acc InstlGB0032004433Pound SterlingUnited KingdomRussell 1000 TR USD1261.550.863NONOYESNO
UFF Croissance PME AFR0007037890EuroFranceMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,55113.279.361NOYES??
UFF Euro-Valeur AFR0007437090EuroFranceEURO STOXX Large NR EUR1,55503.395.092NOYES??
UFF Euro-Valeur X A/IFR0007387543EuroFranceEURO STOXX Large NR EUR1,3595.712.000NOYES??
Ulysses LT Funds European General ALU0207025593EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1263.815.797NONOYESNO
Uni21.Jahrhundert -net-DE0009757872EuroGermanyMSCI World NR USD2428.243.689NONOYESNO
UniAsiaLU0037079034EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan PR USD 25.000% + MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan PR LCL 75.000%1,2589.090.530NOYES??
UniAsiaPacific ALU0100937670EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD2372.369.600NONOYESNO
Unicorn UK Income B IncGB00B00Z1R87Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP0,75751.760.493NOYES??
UniDeutschlandDE0009750117EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR0,
UniDividendenAss ALU0186860408EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR USD 80.000% + MSCI World Ex Europe NR USD 20.000%21.173.976.858NOYES??
UniDynamicFonds: Europa ALU0085167236EuroLuxembourgEURO STOXX Mid PR EUR 50.000% + EURO STOXX Small PR EUR 50.000%2386.371.719NOYES??
UniDynamicFonds: Global ALU0089558679EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Growth PR LCL2210.922.661NONOYESNO
UniEM Fernost ALU0054735278EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Asia PR USD1,75125.757.865NONOYESNO
UniEM Global ALU0115904467EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM PR USD1,55350.331.992NONOYESNO
UniEM Osteuropa ALU0054734388EuroLuxembourgMSCI EM Eastern Europe 10/40 PR USD1,75108.229.904NONONOYES
UniEuroAktienDE0009757740EuroGermanyEURO STOXX NR EUR1,251.690.000.677NOYES??
UniEuropa ALU0047060487EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,25376.120.393NONONOYES
UniEuropa Mid&Small CapsLU0090772608EuroLuxembourgSTOXX Europe Mid 200 NR EUR 50.000% + STOXX Europe Small 200 NR EUR 50.000%2241.281.313NOYES??
UniEuropa -net-DE0009750232EuroGermanyMSCI Europe NR EUR1,75324.263.881NONONOYES
Unifond Renta Variable España FIES0138628039EuroSpainSpain IBEX 351,7551.078.285NOYES??
UniFondsDE0008491002EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,252.182.612.114NOYES??
UniFonds -net-DE0009750208EuroGermanyFSE DAX TR EUR1,75434.812.187NOYES??
UnigestionFR0000095200EuroFranceEURO STOXX 50 NR EUR1,256.106.256NOYES??
UniGlobalDE0008491051EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,254.967.430.938NONOYESNO
UniGlobal -net-DE0009750273EuroGermanyN/A1,751.139.522.754YESNO??
Uni-Hoche CFR0000930455EuroFranceEuronext Paris SBF 120 NR EUR1,2527.575.847NOYES??
UniJapanDE0009750125EuroGermanyMSCI Japan PR LCL1,2592.259.829NONOYESNO
UniMarktführer ALU0103244595EuroLuxembourgMSCI AC World PR1,75134.472.095NOYES??
UniNordamerikaDE0009750075EuroGermanyS&P 500 TR USD1,25162.484.740NONONOYES
Union Europe Value CFR0000991770EuroFranceNot Benchmarked1,79292.043.060YESNO??
Union France CFR0000986648EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 GR EUR1,2271.875.462NOYES??
Union Indiciel Amérique 500 CFR0010004085EuroFranceS&P 500 NR Hdg EUR1,79200.047.911NOYES??
Union Mid Cap CFR0000447328EuroFranceNot Benchmarked2,39366.514.934YESNO??
UniSector: BasicIndustries ALU0101442050EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Free PR USD1,7578.900.761NONOYESNO
UniSector: BioPharma ALU0101441086EuroLuxembourgMSCI World/Health Care PR USD1,75258.947.632NONONOYES
UniSector: HighTech ALU0101441672EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI/Information Technology PR USD1,7575.699.306NONONOYES
UniSelection: Global IDE0005326789EuroGermanyMSCI World NR EUR1,75136.570.014NOYES??
UniValueFonds: Europa ALU0126314995EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Value NR EUR2136.323.280NONONOYES
UniValueFonds: Global ALU0126315885EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Value NR USD2629.690.694NONOYESNO
Universal Invest Quality Growth A IncLU0124604140EuroLuxembourg0,977.145.055YESNO??
Unofi-France DFR0007460464EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2106.101.053NOYES??
UOB Greater ChinaIE0034210629US DollarIrelandMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD1,561.449.768NOYES??
UOB Paradigm A EURIE0033510623EuroIrelandNot Benchmarked1,572.900.214YESNO??
UOB US EquityIE00B04X6C86US DollarIrelandS&P 500 TR USD1,569.360.421NONOYESNO
Valeur Intrinsèque PFR0000979221EuroFranceMSCI World NR EUR2,25153.610.000NONOYESNO
ValfranceFR0000973711EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR270.465.003NOYES??
ValueInvest Blue Chip Value KLDK0010249226Danish KroneDenmarkNot Benchmarked3,598.263.514YESNO??
ValueInvest Global KLDK0010246396Danish KroneDenmarkNot Benchmarked3,5778.530.860YESNO??
ValueInvest Japan KLDK0010246479Danish KroneDenmarkNot Benchmarked3,521.234.248YESNO??
ValueInvest LUX Global A CapLU0135991064EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR USD0,75847.105.455NONOYESNO
ValueInvest LUX Japan A CapLU0135991148EuroLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR USD0,7598.172.831NONOYESNO
Vanguard US Discoveries Inv USDIE0034156459US DollarIrelandRussell Micro Cap Growth TR USD0,85144.475.339NONOYESNO
Vaughan Nelson US SC Value Fd I/A USDLU0183517142US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2000 Value TR USD1,2115.323.973NOYES??
VB Europa-Invest TAT0000855846EuroAustriaSTOXX Europe TMI Large NR EUR 30.000% + STOXX Europe TMI Mid NR EUR 30.000% + STOXX Europe TMI Small NR EUR 40.000%1,557.479.275NOYES??
VB Pacific-Invest TAT0000855838EuroAustriaFTSE Japan TR JPY 25.000% + FTSE AW Asia Pacific TR USD 75.000%1,550.328.154NOYES??
Vector Navigator C1LU0172125329EuroLuxembourgMSCI World All Countries1,5171.223.310NOYES??
Vega Europe Convictions RCFR0010626796EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR2193.449.408NONOYESNO
Vega France Convictions RDFR0007485081EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR2125.697.190NOYES??
Vega Grande Europe IFR0000449878EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR0,8124.500.513NOYES??
Vega Monde RC EURFR0000993446EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR1,2387.598.728NOYES??
Vendôme France PCFR0010111526EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1,6108.451.366NOYES??
Vendôme Sélection Europe PCFR0010111674EuroFranceMSCI Europe Mid Cap NR EUR1,6238.201.736NOYES??
Vendôme Sélection PCFR0007371729EuroFranceEuronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR1,6163.139.213NOYES??
Ve-RI Equities Europe (R)DE0009763201EuroGermanySTOXX Europe 600 NR EUR1,5238.459.675NOYES??
Veritas Asian A GBPIE00B02T6J57Pound SterlingIrelandMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1357.778.101NONOYESNO
Veritas Global Focus A USDIE0030741650US DollarIrelandMSCI World NR USD13.017.651.230NONOYESNO
Vitruvius European Equity B EURLU0103754361EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR2,567.116.825NONOYESNO
Vitruvius Japanese Equity B JPYLU0103754957Japanese YenLuxembourgNikkei 225 Average PR JPY2,5142.011.820NOYES??
Vitruvius US Equity B USDLU0103754015US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD2,582.148.395NONOYESNO
Vontobel Emerging Markets Eq BLU0040507039US DollarLuxembourgMSCI EM NR USD1,653.959.601.197NONOYESNO
Vontobel Europ Mid & Sm Cap Eq ALU0120692511EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1,65107.526.158NOYES??
Vontobel European Equity ALU0153585053EuroLuxembourgMSCI Europe NR EUR1,65603.629.860NONOYESNO
Vontobel Far East Equity ALU0084450369US DollarLuxembourgMSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD1,65628.117.674NONOYESNO
Vontobel Global Equity (ex-US) ALU0129603287US DollarLuxembourgMSCI ACWI Ex USA NR USD1,6558.510.357NONOYESNO
Vontobel Japanese Equity ALU0035748226Japanese YenLuxembourgMSCI Japan NR LCL1,2568.840.013NONOYESNO
Vontobel New Power ALU0138258404EuroLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR1,65230.851.951NONOYESNO
Vontobel Swiss Mid and Small Cap Eq ALU0129602552Swiss FrancLuxembourgSwiss Performance Extra TR1,65162.534.686NOYES??
Vontobel US Equity ALU0035763456US DollarLuxembourgS&P 500 TR USD1,651.483.278.533NONOYESNO
W&W Dachfonds GlobalPlusDE0005326334EuroGermanyMSCI World Free PR USD1,5227.925.592NOYES??
W&W Quality Select Aktien WeltDE0005326326EuroGermanyN/A1,582.444.378YESNO??
W&W South East Asian EquityIE0002096034EuroIrelandMSCI AC Far East Ex Japan NR USD2128.623.402NONOYESNO
Warburg Value BLU0208289271EuroLuxembourgMSCI ACWI GR USD1,25441.834.061NONOYESNO
Wellington Global HlthC Eq USD G Acc UhIE0003111113US DollarIrelandMSCI World/Health Care NR USD0,75560.253.764NONOYESNO
Wellington Global Research Eq USD S AccLU0069024304US DollarLuxembourgMSCI World NR EUR0,75230.479.281NONOYESNO
Willerequity Japan PLU0051287653Japanese YenLuxembourgTopix TR JPY1,517.825.969NOYES??
William Blair SICAV US SM Cp Gr I USDAccLU0181864389US DollarLuxembourgRussell 2500 Growth TR USD1,5759.050.108NOYES??
Worldselect One First SelectLU0198587825EuroLuxembourgBBgBarc Euro Agg Trsy 500MM 6.000% + Others 18.000% + BBgBarc US Agg Corporate TR 6.000% + JPM EMBI Global Diversified TR USD 3.000% + MSCI Europe NR USD 27.000% + MSCI USA NR USD 20.000% + MSCI EM NR USD 18.000% + MSCI Europe Small Cap NR USD 2.000%2,180.183.464NOYES??
WWK Select Chance BLU0126855997EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Free PR USD1,5136.975.147NOYES??
WWK Select Top Ten BLU0126856375EuroLuxembourgMSCI World Free PR USD1,5168.926.410NOYES??
XT USA TAT0000697081US DollarAustriaN/A183.371.611YESNO??
Zélis Actions EuropéennesFR0000979403EuroFranceMSCI Europe NR EUR0,857.890.449NOYES??
Zélis Actions MondeFR0000982852EuroFranceMSCI ACWI NR EUR0,8159.665.026NOYES??
Zurich Overseas Earnings AL LifeGB0004062997Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,576.763.223NOYES??
Zurich Overseas Earnings G4 AL LifeGB0000222538Pound SterlingUnited KingdomFTSE AllSh TR GBP1,586.694.086NOYES??